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  1. Hi, Rant incoming! :) As a long time Studio user (10 years) I'm not impressed with this move at all. I'm about as impressed as I was when Adobe did it and I dumped them immediately. Has MAXON HQ has lost the plot? Forcing your users into a subscription model is a really ugly thing (ransom basically) and taking your perpetual license away that you have invested in for years is just a d_ck move. The one thing that has really irked me is that as a Studio user if I want to upgrade my MSA before Aug 31st it's going to cost me £300 more than a Prime MSA user to get the same R21 version. Correct me if I'm wrong but that's the way it seems. The next year when I'm forced into subscription I essentially have my perpetual R21 license taken away that I just paid for. Here's another worrying thing. The MAXON Service Agreement entitles you to any new perpetual releases within the term of your MSA contract. This does not include access to subscription-only releases. So if I don't have a subscription your going to limit my updates to R21 under MSA? What now? Isn't that kind of a bullying tactic? I hope I'm wrong about this. Anyone have any info on that? MAXON seems to think it's in the position that Adobe was in (no competition) when it pulled this move. Unfortunately for MAXON C4D has a lot of competition, competition that is way ahead of the game too. The fact that one of the most fundamental aspects of the 3D workflow (UV mapping) has hardly been touched for 10 years says a lot. Seriously, the only new modelling tool in 4 years has been the Pen Tool!! Jeez! In 4 years when the new UV stuff appears they'll be selling it like some new miracle invention! :) It's all too little too late for me and I'm fed up with it. R21 seems to just be an exercise in locking you in to the subscription loop. Why can't users have a choice? The MSA isn't any different to subscription for MAXON so why can't they keep that as an option for users that want to retain a perpetual license. I'll tell you why... because there's no fear you can't access your work if you have a perpetual license. Subscription is no cheaper for long time users (it's actually increased) so for us it isn't '3D for the World'!! That's Blender folks!! New users now just enter above MSA prices and don't have to fork out £3500 like we did. A monthly cost looks cheaper on paper but it isn't. Do the math on your MSA price vs subscription. Sure you'll get a year discount on it but after that? Another thing that bothers me is the 'influencers' (barf) shouting the new subscription model is the saviour of 3D when they all probably have NFRs and don't pay anything. *shakes fist* LOL I know MAXON has the mograph game sewn up and rightly so. It's the best in show for that and you can't knock it. It's what they live off. My interests don't fall into that sphere though. Modelling is my primary objective in C4D and I've invested a lot of time (and money) getting to a point with C4D's toolset (hell, I even wrote MILG11 to help other people try and get there too) and that toolset is now behind the curve for the price. I'm probably just going to dump MAXON and move to Blender 2.8 which with the right addons is pretty great for modelling. This also has its problems as Blender 2.8 supports neither OpenCL or Metal on Mac 10.14 with Cycles and might never! I'd rather deal with that though than be bullied into a subscription model by MAXON though. I have a feeling most of the casual users and hobbyists might jump ship this time and that's a lot of users I'd imagine. Looks like 3DKiwi had the right idea! :) I'd really love to stay with C4D because of one thing... I know it inside out. Perhaps I should get over that! :) Feels like I'm off to a funeral. :( Tob
  2. Hi, Toby here (MILG11 bloke). Just saw this and thought I'd write a few thoughts on this. The topic of a UV MILG tutorial has come up many, many times. The problem is that the UV tools in C4D are archaic having been neglected for years. They are not unusable but compared to other software they are quite pathetic. Both John and myself have said we'd like to wait for improvements till we tackle that topic. Sadly I can't see that happening for a few years. Speak to MAXON about that! :/ Plans are in the works for something new but I can't say what that is at the moment ;) Tob
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