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  1. Thanks also for your comment, DasFrodo. Just another quick note to inform that I updated my blog with an article where I talk about the production of INFINITE PATTERNS, and I include the complete script, with images, exactly as I had two years ago. I hope you like it. El guion de Infinite Patterns (original Spanish) Unlike the rest of the page, posts on my blog are in Spanish. You can use an automatic translator. It’s not perfect, but… The script of Infinite Patterns (Google Translated to English)
  2. Wow! Thank you so much, again, for your kind comments, guys! You made my day
  3. Hi again, folks Big thanks for your kind comments! If you want to take a look to the CONCEPTS BEHIND INFINITE PATTERNS, it’s already available on my website
  4. Hi guys & girls, I want to share my latest animation, INFINITE PATTERNS: Watch in Vimeo · Watch in YouTube And here is the “Behind the Scenes” video with lot of screencaptures from Cinema 4D and Modo INFINITE PATTERNS - BEHIND THE SCENES I hope you enjoy it. Full screen and audio up, please And if you want to take a look to the CONCEPTS BEHIND INFINITE PATTERNS, it’s also available on my website I want to take this opportunity to show my gratitude to many of the regular users of these forums that have helped me solve i
  5. Oh, yeah! Glad to help. Thanks for your quick answer, Igor :-)
  6. Hi guys! Some areas (like “XPresso / Python Scripting”) appear empty, without topics, even if it says that 2,488 topics are available… I suppose this is a WIP and you are completely aware of this, right?
  7. WOW, you are a wizard, HSrdelic! I would never have imagined this solution! It works wonderfully. THANK YOU SO MUCH (again)
  8. Hi again! I have been testing your suggestion, HSrdelic, but a strange problem arises. If I create a VertexMap with LinearField, and then a material making use of that Vmap for the Luminance, all goes fine, as you can see on this image (where Plain Effector is disabled and PolyFx has not effect yet): But once I activate the PlainEffector for the PolyFX, making use of the same LinearField, then I get this strange result in the render (attached is the C4D file): A close up: As you see, there is a kind of linear gradien
  9. Thank you so much for your reply, HSrdelic! Now I am away of my computer… Tomorrow will try your suggestion! BIG THANKS!
  10. Hi guys! Is possible to get color variation using PolyFX in the same way that we can get it using Cloners? The attached image is self-explanatory, I think: with Cloner we can control color variation, side by side with deformation, using a Plain Effector with a Linear Field. But I don’t know how to get a similar effect with PolyFX. What I really need: I want to render an extra pass where my polys render WHITE on that areas where the PolyFX deformation apply at 100% and BLACK on that areas where the PolyFX apply at 0% Is this possible?
  11. Yeah! Your script was fantastic to create the solar arcs for my Lux Aeterna animation. Thank you so much for this, Mabad! :-)
  12. Thanks for your reply, Bezo! And yes, I also noticed (using the example from HSrdelic) that you get different results depending on the mode on instances (instances/render instances/multiinstances). The correct one for the HSrdelic example is the default, “instance”, I think…
  13. WOW! “Cloner Blend Mode”! I never would have guessed. Cinema 4D never ceases to amaze me. Thank you so much, once again, HSrdelic! This tip opens a lot of new possibilities to me
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