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  1. WOW, you are a wizard, HSrdelic! I would never have imagined this solution! It works wonderfully. THANK YOU SO MUCH (again)
  2. Hi again! I have been testing your suggestion, HSrdelic, but a strange problem arises. If I create a VertexMap with LinearField, and then a material making use of that Vmap for the Luminance, all goes fine, as you can see on this image (where Plain Effector is disabled and PolyFx has not effect yet): But once I activate the PlainEffector for the PolyFX, making use of the same LinearField, then I get this strange result in the render (attached is the C4D file): A close up: As you see, there is a kind of linear gradient inside of each polygon (?!) And no matter I test different things (like change the Material Projection from UV to other, just to try), the thing does not work better. And the most strange thing, lot of times I arrive to this kind s**t on my render, instead of previous result, for the same settings (?!?): I’m pretty sure that I’m forgiving some trivial but important thing, but after a couple of hours I can not get it :-( Any help will be appreciated! BIG THANKS!
  3. Thank you so much for your reply, HSrdelic! Now I am away of my computer… Tomorrow will try your suggestion! BIG THANKS!
  4. Hi guys! Is possible to get color variation using PolyFX in the same way that we can get it using Cloners? The attached image is self-explanatory, I think: with Cloner we can control color variation, side by side with deformation, using a Plain Effector with a Linear Field. But I don’t know how to get a similar effect with PolyFX. What I really need: I want to render an extra pass where my polys render WHITE on that areas where the PolyFX deformation apply at 100% and BLACK on that areas where the PolyFX apply at 0% Is this possible? Thanks for your help! :-) PD. Attached is the C4D project corresponding to this image. PolyFX_color_variation.zip
  5. Yeah! Your script was fantastic to create the solar arcs for my Lux Aeterna animation. Thank you so much for this, Mabad! :-)
  7. Thanks for your reply, Bezo! And yes, I also noticed (using the example from HSrdelic) that you get different results depending on the mode on instances (instances/render instances/multiinstances). The correct one for the HSrdelic example is the default, “instance”, I think…
  8. WOW! “Cloner Blend Mode”! I never would have guessed. Cinema 4D never ceases to amaze me. Thank you so much, once again, HSrdelic! This tip opens a lot of new possibilities to me
  9. Hi guys! I have this scenario where I would like to modulate a bunch of “clones” with an Effector, but NOT affecting the typical PSR settings. Usually, with the Cloner+Effector+Field combo, we can modulate all those settings on the “Parameter” tab (you know: Position, Scale, Rotation, Color, Weight Transform… etc) But what if you would need to modulate a different setting from the original object? Please, see the attached picture. On that example I have modulated the Scale Y in the Effector’s Parameter. But, as you can see, the capsule becomes stretched. And this is not what I would need. I would like to modulate the HEIGHT of all those capsules, in a way that all those top & bottom caps would maintain as perfect semispheres. As another example: imagine you have a bunch of cloned DISCS and you would like to modulate the Inner & Outer Radius on a cloned group using a Linear Field… I have the suspicion that this is not possible, because, in fact, all those desired “clones” would not be really CLONES coming from an unique source (once you change the height on a Capsule or the in/out radius on a Disc, you get a different object…) But how knows? Maybe I’m ignoring something here? I would like to know! Thanks for your help! :-)
  10. I have just discovered that I can use the Correction Deformer, which can be Strength-animated, and then this deformation can be modulated along Cloners using the Time Offset with any Effector. This will completely solve my issue! :-D Anyway, if someone could confirm (or not) if Pose Morphs can be combined in some way with Cloners to get something like the screenshot, it would be great. Thanks in any case!
  11. Hi guys! I’m here trying to do this thing were a Cloner replicates a bunch of objects, and I need that the Morph living on each copy appears modulated by my Effectors Attached is an animated GIF showing an object with PLA animation + Cloner --- And THIS WORKS. Great! --- BUT as soon as I try an alternate method by using a Pose Morph Points Tag (instead of PLA animation) combined with a PlainEffector+Linear Field or maybe with a Step Effector… this doesn’t work at all. I can not get this to work, to the point that I’m almost sure this is not possible in C4D. But maybe I’m wrong? Is possible to Clone a Morphed Object in a way that our clones shows the morphs attenuated by effectors? BIG THANKS!
  12. Thanks for the extra note on that COFFEE script, C4DS! :-)
  13. Wow, you are fast! THANK YOU SO MUCH, C4DS. It works like a charm :-) And looking at you code (and comparing with the original COFFEE) I thing I will be able to translate some other short similar scripts. I'm a complete novice with C4D scripting… Very grateful :-) PD. The Stage object allows to animate which camera is active on each segment of an animation. — Imagine you have 3 cameras, A-B-C, and each one of these cameras is animated — Cam_A will render from 000 to 099 — Cam_B will render from 100 to 199 — Cam_C will render from 200 to 299 With Stage object you can animate the automatic change from Cam_A to Cam_B from 099 to 100. And later, the change from Cam_B to Cam_C from 199 to 200 Once you add a Stage object to a scene and animate the active cameras (no matter you have 1, 2 o 30 cameras) this Stage object takes control of what you see on viewport (and what is rendered) if that Stage is enabled. And with this script you can quickly switch from those Custom Cameras POV to the Regular Default Perspective camera, go and back (you need to rename the Stage object to “CamSwitch” . I use the CMD-0 shortcut for that. Hope this explanation is good enough :-) Best regards.
  14. Hi guys! I’m here trying to convert this small COFFEE script to Python, without luck… :-/ Could you give me a helping hand? It’s an interesting script to toggle between Default Perspective and the linked camera(s) on Stage Object. Specially useful for when you have, say, 10 different animated cameras (linked to a single animated Stage Object) and you need to frequently switch between those cameras view and the Default Perspective. Here is the COFFEE script by B.Horgan: // CamSwitch.CSC // CamSwitch V1 B.Horgan 2010 - works with Stage Object to toggle between editor and and linked cameras in stage object // (just switches the stage on and off and refreshes the view ) // NB - rename the Stage Object to 'CamSwitch' for the script to work var switcher,state; switcher=doc->FindObject("CamSwitch");//Find the Stage object (searching by name) if(switcher)//if the stage object exists - { state = switcher#ID_BASEOBJECT_GENERATOR_FLAG; if (state==0) { switcher#ID_BASEOBJECT_GENERATOR_FLAG=1; CallCommand(12147);//redraw view to activate linked camera in Stage Object } else { switcher#ID_BASEOBJECT_GENERATOR_FLAG=0; CallCommand(12202); // Switch to the editor camera } } } Thank you so much in advance! :-)



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