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  1. Thanks for the comments. So I take it that the claim that 'Cinema 4D's lights do not scale down properly for small products and scenes" would be completely incorrect? Even for projects not destined for hyper-realism, I try to maintain workflow practices, such as keeping measurements to scale, that would support realistic renders, and would like to continue with this unless there is a really good practical reason no to.
  2. I have tried to work to real-world scale for some time now, since it makes working with models sourced from CAD as well as custom models easier to compare to real-world measurements. Many of my 3D product models are relatively small, i.e. between 6 inches and 6 feet. I was under the impression that scene elements such as lighting in Cinema 4D were independent of scene scale, but recently read (in a discussion elsewhere) that Cinema 4D's lights do not scale down to small product size. This claim wasn't refuted by the respected, knowledgeable OP in his reply to the comment. Am I missing something, i.e. would I get better lighting and render results if I scaled up small scenes?
  3. Sounds good. Some input on how much time/knowledge is needed or how involved it is to convert materials to the new node system, and whether these materials need to be further modified for e.g. ProRender. Also, would be helpful to know whether the new material structure is a step toward learning and using a third-party GPU renderer?
  4. Hi , Can you upload rBoole plugin please , I cant find any link of this plugin.

    1. Seano


      Do you still need this, I can upload it?  Missed your message somehow.

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