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  1. Well, I eventually found the culprit and it is a sound driver that comes with the Realtek audio drivers package. It is called NahimicService.exe (from Volute) and had two similar services NahimicSvc32.exe and NahimicSvc64.exe running with it. After using end task on these processes, C4D opened fine with the workspace/viewport on the 2nd monitor. These files appear to be tied into both overall sound, as well as directional sound in apps such as SonicRadar III and some MSI apps. Uninstalling the Volute audio device under software devices with 'delete drivers' did allow it to reinstall, and you can disable the device to prevent it being used. I found that the main NahimicService.exe process did not seem to affect C4D, so have left it running because I do want good sound from the PC. But one could also uninstall all of the Realtek drivers and apps and let Windows Update find and install just the necessary sound drivers. My theory is that somehow the Nahimic package was activating both its 32 and 64 bit drivers, and that caused the issue, because I no longer see the NahimicSvc32.exe file in the directory.
  2. R19.068 and R20.026 lock up right away every time I open it if the viewport is on my 2nd monitor in the start-up layout. I've tried AV, drivers, unplugging and replugging monitors in various orders, and all sorts of things. I didn't know that it was the 2nd monitor workspace for a long while, but found this was the case by using a whatishang app that essentially shows the hang comes from a call - win32u.dll!NtUserEnumDisplayMonitors+0x14, and testing proves this true. I can run with the viewport on another monitor without issue, it is just the opening freeze that happens if the workspace tries to load the viewport on another monitor. If I disable hardware OpenGL and start up again, it does not freeze. Does anyone know why this may be? Any ideas to resolve it? I have a pretty nice box (1080Ti, latest drivers, SSD, 8700K CPU) so it is plenty adequate for the task. I am letting Windows 10 Pro Defender handle security, so no 3rd-party AV's involved.
  3. Thanks for the comments. So I take it that the claim that 'Cinema 4D's lights do not scale down properly for small products and scenes" would be completely incorrect? Even for projects not destined for hyper-realism, I try to maintain workflow practices, such as keeping measurements to scale, that would support realistic renders, and would like to continue with this unless there is a really good practical reason no to.
  4. I have tried to work to real-world scale for some time now, since it makes working with models sourced from CAD as well as custom models easier to compare to real-world measurements. Many of my 3D product models are relatively small, i.e. between 6 inches and 6 feet. I was under the impression that scene elements such as lighting in Cinema 4D were independent of scene scale, but recently read (in a discussion elsewhere) that Cinema 4D's lights do not scale down to small product size. This claim wasn't refuted by the respected, knowledgeable OP in his reply to the comment. Am I missing something, i.e. would I get better lighting and render results if I scaled up small scenes?
  5. Sounds good. Some input on how much time/knowledge is needed or how involved it is to convert materials to the new node system, and whether these materials need to be further modified for e.g. ProRender. Also, would be helpful to know whether the new material structure is a step toward learning and using a third-party GPU renderer?
  6. I want to try R19.024 again and see whether the issues go away. I've submitted a support ticket to MAXON asking for the file.
  7. Hmm. I have reinstalled, but the internal update function does not offer 19.024, nor does the website. Does anyone know where I might get that update file? Whether it is Cinema 4D or not, I started having problems right after the last update, and now the process keeps getting stuck in memory and the task has to be ended manually. At least this way I can see if it really is the update.
  8. Makes sense. Maybe I will roll back the update for now.
  9. Has anyone else had Cinema 4D crash repeatedly on closing (Windows 10)? It definitely began after the latest update. It doesn't usually crash while working, but after closing a file, and then quitting the program, it crashes and asks for a report at the next start-up. Sometimes instead of the crash, a Cinema 4D process just stays running per the task manager, and C4D will not open until I kill the process. It takes a longer time to think as it closes a project (spinning cursor). I have tried several projects, and it happens more on complex ones. Are there any plug-ins, or maybe an issue with older workspaces/templates? I can of course look at other things, but would appreciate any input e.g. if this were a known issue.
  10. I have done that, thanks, along with several other tablet and pen input options. Mainly wanted to know if others experienced this too, and it probably did start with Windows 10. It may be better, but will know better when I actually use it rather than test it. :)
  11. Has anyone else had mouse-click issues with Cinema 4D on Windows 10? My mouse issue is that when I e.g. press the render button, Cinema 4D drops down the render menu instead of rendering unless I click it hyper-fast i.e. the very slightest longer click drops the right-click menu. It is like the definition of a 'long click' has been shortened. Has anyone else found that the right-click/long-click menus are popping up too easily?
  12. Console gave me this error when I tried to send a job through that does not have any ProRender profiles. (Error) Render-Job failed: Several plugins used in this project are missing. Saving may cause loss of plugin data! Plugin 'ProRender' (ID 1037639) There are no other plugins missing, and the other machine is up-to-date, and ProRender does work on it when editing (though it did have a 'no openCL' issue until the Nvidia driver was updated). After a lot of trial and error, I found that deleting all of the render profiles was the only way to stop this. That and being sure that your cameras including the default camera have NOT been 'ProRender enabled', even if ProRender is not the profile in use. R17 keeps complaining about the ProRender plugin being missing, and again, the only way I could get rid of the error message was to delete all render profiles. I really think ProRender should not be marked as 'a plugin in use' unless there is a ProRender render profile. Even the fact that the default camera or another camera has been set to 'ProRender enabled' and then had the render profile changed really should not cause Team Render and releases before R19 to error out as if one is actively using ProRender. Otherwise, still need to give ProRender a try, when I get some new graphics cards.
  13. Cinema 4D Animator/Generalist for remote work We are a small, specialist animation and visualization studio located in the southeastern US (a few hours from Atlanta). We are looking for an experienced freelancer with a flair for animation to supplement our work on an as-needed basis. We primarily use Cinema 4D, and need the applicant to do so as well. The work is often general animation, texturing, as well as some particles / flows (X-Particles if appropriate). The projects or parts of projects range in size from a day to several weeks or more. Remote work is fine, but the applicant must be self-motivated and able to work to deadlines. We work closely with our freelancers, are very accessible to answer project questions, and meet as needed through VOIP calls. Please contact me via private message.
  14. Cannot see embedded image - claims insufficient permissions TY
  15. Hi , Can you upload rBoole plugin please , I cant find any link of this plugin.

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      Do you still need this, I can upload it?  Missed your message somehow.



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