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  1. Thanks, hobbyist. My problem also was solved with your settings. I'm surprised I couldn't find more users with the same issue. My hardware/OS setup is really common.
  2. Thanks, hobbyist! I'll update my drivers back to the most recent and see if I can figure out the correct settings.
  3. Thanks 3DKiwi. I did find a similar complaint by searching on Google for "ghosting of cursor" site:www.c4dcafe.com, but I get an error when I click the link. I'll keep looking.
  4. I have a weird Live Selection Tool problem that is related to enabling OpenGL in prefs (if disabled, problem goes away). The cursor leaves trails when selecting points/faces/edges. I've tried newest Nvidia drivers and rolling back to older ones and the problem persists. I don't have this problem on my Mac Pro with a GTX 570 card. Specs: - C4D R16 - Windows 10 Home 1903, 64-bit - AMD Ryzen 3900X, latest AMD chipset drivers and Bios - GTX 1050 Ti
  5. I would be more inclined to subscribe to C4D if: 1. The monthly $60. fee would drop to $50. (or less) and be billed monthly (like Adobe CC, which I do subscribe to). I actually figured that because all non-Studio editions were eliminated, the cost savings would allow you to sell C4D for less than $3,000. 2. Either rent to own or a similar scheme that would allow you to end a subscription and pay off the balance and leave with a perpetual license. 3. An indie/freelancer price. Large design firms and studios have much bigger software budgets than the freelancer does. This should b
  6. This Rick's response to my question on CGTalk: There is a discount in the first year of subscription for users of any prior C4D edition/release. Check with your sales rep for exact pricing. You’ll still have access to your older release of Cinema 4D in that case. So, I'm not sure if this means that your older software will still work after you cancel or if it will only work as long as you're paying for a subscription.
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