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  1. @HrvojeAh that's nice ha. My forum game is obviously way off haha. So this is a resolved issue coming in a r23 update that has yet come out ya mean?
  2. yea sorry i know its a tech demo but this made the most sense to me haha and thanks i looked in the manual just... not well enough i guess! i dont know whats connection is wrong but just chalk it up to needing to learn more or it just simply bein beta
  3. I couldn't quite seem to find what was causing this or where in the help manual this means. But I'm assuming it's BAD haha. Hrjove - if you're reading this - I did your rolling cube tutorial but was trying to use this method with a legacy node. I simply grouped all of your nodes into a group node called Roll on Ground. I'm sourcing a custom mesh (can't show) and sourcing a null to drive the matrices in the viewport. If i try to cache this to alembic it crashes cinema. I assuem it's cause of these red nodes but i've no idea why this wouldn't work Any help


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