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  1. I guess I may be alone in this camp... but this release doesn't really excite me much at all. It does for others obviously - but not for myself which is ok. I loved the r18 release so win some lose some. Not here to spew hatred on it. Some nice new additions for sure. Having a modifier key to place everything inside a sweep is awesome - but kinda a 'duh should'a had that years ago' kinda thing. But it's definitely very welcomed. Rather have it than not haha. Most of the other new tools are nice (voronoi fracture and the poly reduction). Curious to find out all the little gems that get tossed in each update that don't get real press. Not interested at all in prorender at this time. And not to hijack into another renderer conversation but ... I love cycles - It's integration I think is still unparalleled compared to any of the other options for rendering in cinema4d. The nodes are amazing and you can get some incredible results. My main gripe is speed however. The machine seems to chug whenever I'm using the IPR which is a bit surprising. I have a pretty good setup too. It's not unbearable but it's certainly not as fast as interacting with Octane, Arnold (yes even on cpu), or Redshift. It also doesn't have good enough multipass either. Object buffers are limited to one sample per pass. So that's a huge issue. No light linking either which is common in gpu renderers (but not redshift). It does bewilder me a bit with how deep you can go with the nodes - which I like but also confusing. I kinda wish that it was THE killer renderer - but it's unfortunately not there yet. Redshift is pretty much where it's at at the moment unless you're doing nothing but X-particles. It's crazy how far it's coming along. Can do all the cheats you need to do if ya need to do it. It's not perfect neither - render quality is kinda poop in my honest opinion. Not that it can't produce equally satisfying images. But it does take dialing a lot of nobs and optimizing. Not really what I love to be doing all day personally. That being said - I'll probably be using that once it releases... ... or if octane gets their shiz together with better multipass / light linking... ... or until Arnold GPU happens... #EndOfMyConstantStateOfInnerRenderConflicts
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