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  1. Hey! this works fantastic, but only when you choose one spline, is there a way to apply the script to all the splines selected? Thanks ******* I edit my comment because I just found a solution. My knowledge is very low but searching in google I hit with this link and merge it with your code. Here is the code in case someone need it some day :) import c4d def GetNextObject(op): if op==None: return None if op.GetDown(): return op.GetDown() while not op.GetNext() and op.GetUp(): op = op.GetUp() return op.GetNext() def IterateHierarchy(op): if op is None: return count = 0 while op: count += 1 doc.SetMode(c4d.Mpoints) bsSelected = op.GetPointS() bsSelected.DeselectAll() bsSelected.Select(0) c4d.EventAdd() op = GetNextObject(op) return count def main(): start_object = doc.GetFirstObject() count = IterateHierarchy(start_object) print "Iterated " + str(count) + " objects." if __name__=='__main__': main() (I think it could be done better maybe... don't know!) Cheers



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