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  1. I know how to create my own optimised texture from scratch, but I want to use what the artist put together in their scene. Let me just explain my process: I have a room with lots of objects. Cups, sinks, plates, pictures in a frame. Tables with fake C4D colour ramps that create a wood texture and so on. I want to connect and delete all the objects so that I have one mesh. Unity seems to like single meshes and not groups. The result of this is you have one mesh and all the individual textures are preserved in their own selection tags but on one mesh. When go > Object> Bake object. You get a UV but all split up into very messy splits. I am not sure how you make a better UV at this stage. I can go to BP UV edit, and change the mapping but I am not sure how you then carry that to you merged model?
  2. I have a room with lots of different textures in it. It is a purchased model. Is it possible to bake an object so that it has one optimized texture? At the moment it will bake into one texture, but it is split into hundreds of UV fragments and not really using the texture very efficiently, even at 4096px. I tried changing the mapping in the UV edit section (cubic). I would like one texture for VR export in Unity. Obviously better texture atlas-ing is preferred? Thanks.
  3. Hang on fbx export?

    Sorry for the late replies. Yes, I know now what the problem was now. I was trying to create a seamless loop. I was using soft tangets, but I think that wasn't the problem. I was using 'continuous velocity' on the end keyframes. When I took this off everything worked again. I use R17 at the moment. I can only assume the FBX didn't like the 'continuous velocity' on export. Thanks Jools
  4. Spent about hour trying to export this simple animation. Now it hangs on FBX export. I'm really under pressure to get projects finished. I was trying to smooth out f-curves? Any ideas please? Best regards Jools sample.c4d report.rtf
  5. Advice on Motion clips?

    Thank you for your reply, I'm sorry it has taken a while to reply back. I will take into consideration your notes. Best regards Jools
  6. I'm have a lot of trouble using motion clips. I have a few questions that may help me in the future. I am under a lot of pressure to meet a deadline so any advice would be appreciated. 1. When I see other people use motion clips I often see them create the clip then save it out as motion source. Then bring in back into C4D. I have managed to get two clips working well together but I can't get the last clips to work. With the last clip I can create it and it puts a layer of its own on the MC edit timeline and it works at this stage. However the moment I try and put in on the layers I am blending the animation doesn't work? 2.I have seen that there is and option on the clips 'move keyframes with clip' and I do use this but It still doesn't work. 3. It can get very busy in the scene. I am under the impression that the clips should work and make one main mesh work? 4. They are quite complex motion clips, with facial animation and skeleton retargeting. That said the motion clips are identical in hierarchy. I am wondering if I have too much going on in the clips?
  7. Thank you for this reply. Do you mean you have to grab the whole character including the blend shapes? The facial animation was originally on a T-posed figure. I had to re-target other mocap to the facial body animation? So that it uses both motion and the facial rig.
  8. Is it possible to move a character with baked key frames (without putting it into a null) I thought you could do this with 'animation mode' but I can not get that to work? I have one target character mesh, and I have different skeletons re-targeted to this one mesh. So that it does different animations at different times. The problem is that because the motion captured skeletons are in different locations, they are not lined up. The unity game engine guy would like them in the right position. I think he is hoping to use a blend tree in unity. I was considering using motion clips, however this is stopping the facial animation working on my character. I read somewhere that the pose morph tag won't work that well in a motion clip? I also heard that you can bake the pose morph expression in a motion clip. I did try this and it keep freezing C4D. Best regards Julian
  9. I have a character with facial pose morph on it's face in a T pose. I have retargeted my motion skeleton onto the facial rig. So great I have a walking talking man. But I am not sure how you make a motion clip from this to use with other identical clips. What do I select to create this motion clip? The target, the source? Or put everything in a GROUP and 'motion clip' everything? I have noticed also that the speech is dulled down and less powerful as a result of motion clips. The character hardly talks or opens his mouth compared to before I made a motion clip? How do you move a clip along the timeline. Does it take the key frames with it? I am fairly new to the concept of motion clips. Thank you in advance.
  10. Blend shapes fail on FBX

    I was hoping to bring the model back into Faceshift so we could use the mapping system in faceshift. This is just a still with no key frames. I have managed to use binary data from faceshift and use the faceshift xpresso to link motion to the rig and that works. But are very weak captures. Very poor definition of speech. I have yet to see anybody online use this technique that well, apart from FS themselves. And they are no longer supporting the product. There are about 3 workflows: 1. faceshift > C4D 2. C4D with faceshift networking between the two programs. 3. C4D > to faceshift, (assume you just need a rigged model with blend shapes working in a pose morph with correct, naming of objects?) I assume this is correct? The main concern is that the head is not working at all. Even if I was to use FS to C4D work flow. I wouldn't be able to export the model to Unity where it is needed. I have tried different FBX formats. I have successfully exported other models, with a similar if not exact setup.
  11. Hi all. I am looking for ideas or suggestions as to why the pose morph is not rendering? I have 48 blend shapes. I am starting to wonder if I am asking too much of the pose morph? After export, the head model completely disappears? Is this normal? I have tried many different FBX versions, different pose morph types. I'm starting to think this isn't possible? See the 'failed' and 'before' export. This is frustrating. :( Best regards Julian PS now use R17, I need to update my profile.
  12. Hi . I have been doing some facial rigging and this is involves some eye ball binding. In R17. The idea is that the eye will track motion data from a n external mo-cap source. It is one of those projects, where I am going to have to re-do stuff for development reasons. So I don't want any success to be a fluke. So with the eye ball i have a head rig. And I can get it to bind 50% of the time. I am ethier doing something very slightly different each time or there is a bug. I have tried to observe myself making it work, but I can't see what I am doing work when it doesn't work. Any ideas on the inconsistency? Best regards
  13. Thanks for the reply. I have looked at Daz as well, which is like Mixamo. Similar issues with slightly a slightly different set of blends.
  14. Hi all. I wondered if anybody had some advice on where to buy 3D character models of ordinary people. Except they must have facial blend shapes as well as rigged. We have a copy of Faceshift, which has been discontinued, but it can still be used. The capture is great on default faceshift models, but it is difficult to find custom models that conform or are close to the blends from faceshift. I tried re-linking a Maximo model to faceshift data (useing the faceshift C4D plugin). It works, but is a lot weaker because the right shapes are missing to produce a better quality animation. I don't really have much time to do custom morph/blends to make the speech look better, without the process becoming a labour of love. Any advice would be appeciated (where to purchase models). Best regards Jools MouthSmile_L MouthSmile_R EyeBlink_L EyeBlink_R JawOpen JawFwd JawL JawR Mouth_L Mouth_R LipsPucker LipsFunnel BrowsDown_L BrowsDown_R BrowsUp_L BrowsUp_R Puff LipsLowerClose LipsUpperClose EyeSquint_L EyeSquint_R
  15. colour reflecting onto BG

    Didn't quite understand the question. You could use a compositing tag and exclude the GI on this objects you wanted to preserve.