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  1. Dear All, I have a Team render in which a character talking using blend shapes, simple uv textures, basic lighting and render settings. It is a bit long being 4500 frames. It renders very quick for like 90% of it then it hangs. I stopped the render then restarted it. Are there any tip to stop this from happening? Kind of frustrating not sure if I should just patch the frames of wait.
  2. A comping prog within C4D? Basic things like putting a lens flair on a light or object would be good. I think people like their compositors NUKE/Aftereffects too much for it to be a total compositing replacement. Or changing 2d text on the fly, rather than visiting after effects. The c4d integration is pretty good anyway.
  3. Where is the the mo-cap data from?
  4. Yes I tried to copy the fuse figure. But It isn't working. The fuse figure after all was originated from a different source. I have another problem now. Where the whole thing won't export without looking like a crumpled mess. EDIT: Scrumping was a scaling problem. Managed to fix. Blend shapes continue to stump me. Has anyone tried GLTF into a game engine? Best regards Jools
  5. Hi Dan thanks for the video. I followed your video and it worked from the point of view that after export it came into C4D with baked PLA tracks. I forgot to say that the final result will be needed for Unity 2019. I am not sure that the PLA will be recognised without some sort of plugin in unity that brings in PC2 or MC files. I noticed there is an .sphere.mc file. It is in a folder called Sphere.xml There are a few things that are confusing me. I noticed you did your pose morph differently to me. By directly manipulating to points with the grab tool. However I was using a blend shape to drive the distortion. I know that Fuse/Miximo characters have facial blend shapes. (target meshes) hidden that drive the deform. And they seem to work in Unity. I really just wanted to re-emulate this? Is this possible? Hope this makes sense?
  6. Thanks Dan, I will check this video tomorrow.
  7. I have a heart animation which I bought from turbo quid (this is part of the model untextured for copy-write reasons) The rig is already animated but I need to add a bulge at a certain stage. You see the one half of the heart bloats? I seems to work in C4D, but when I export to FBX only the bones are working. I have tried to bake the keys on the pose morph but when re-importing the FBX isn't saving the key frames on the pose morph. Surely this should work because, it is only really doing what a human face would do with pose morph. Maybe I am missing some settings in the FBX import or export. Need verification. Thank you best regards Julian https://we.tl/t-QmJHQLAVHm
  8. This is quite an old workflow for your version of C4D. The new C4D integration in after effects cuts out all the .aec stuff. In after effects there is the classic 3d renderer and C4D renderer. Then you can bring in the whole c4d file and extract all the models with external compositing tags. (From memory this)
  9. Could you disable the align to spline tag first then put the keys on the ball. Then re-enable?
  10. You not alone. I've been struggling for months and it never seems to get easier. But what I have learned is you can use the weight mapping brush to smooth, add, subtract the weight maps. And you can shift click on the weight map tag and smooth individual bones and control the parametric influence. There are a lot of thing switched on automatically which might stop the weight brush working. The tool is really sensitive so it is like 00.3 on the pressure or it will fly off out of control. It seems like a very difficult task to do. Would like more advice on this.
  11. The texture is set to UV, which may not work that well on this model. It might be better to use a cubic mapping then scale it down in texture mode. Also you have Luminance on which might be flattering the colour a bit. Bump mapping is a kind of 'fake effect' to get a quick texture. Try a normal map., (the purple style textures.) There is a free normal filter in photoshop. The one you are using looks like a parametric texture, which won't work that well if you have a UV texture set. Unless you are going to actually build a proper UV texture by unwrapping the model and paint on it in photoshop, i'd stick to basic mappings like cubic or flat.
  12. I must admit the bumb map seems to be working on the editable mesh as expected. You could try a normal map and see if it looks better?
  13. Is symmetry still clicked on in adjust?
  14. If the rigged character you have created in C4D is the same in every way as the miximo motion, you should be able to 'retarget tag' the keys or copy them. There is a lot that can go wrong if it isn't the same. For example the wrong joint orientation. If there is a new maximo feature in R21 certainly try to rig with that. Or just use the auto rig in miximo itself on the website.

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