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  1. In the older versions of C4D there was a plugins folder, but I am not sure where to paste plexOBJExport.dylib in R20? Best regards. EDIT: And I have realised that it may not be compatible yet.
  2. I am trying to create a monitor camera effect in a visual, where a camera is placed on the circle and it relays what is seen onto the screen. However, there are some unexpected results between viewport and render. Unfortunately, I am having to finish the work in photoshop. Would be nice if I could achieve this the way I wanted. Best regards Jools
  3. You don't really use a skeleton with this type of thing. I don't know what game engine you use but in Unity5 there are 3rd party packages that deal with PLA. For example Megafires and PC2 importers. I remember that Cactus Dan FBX exporter could export MC and PC2 files. But unfortunately, the creator passed away. I don't know how you can create a PC2 format anymore. You could look at an alembic importer as well, in your game engine. Alembics seem to have that ability to store fancy cloth animation.
  4. You hold shift down and select all the selection tags. Then press the 'select polygons' button. Then you can just save another selection.
  5. joolsd

    Gear shape

    It might help if I mention it. I thought there were some 'cogwheel objects' in the content manager. However, I am not sure if they are sawtoothed at the top like the way you want it?
  6. Hi, I am just trying a few tutorials. I have tried to make the aircraft take off using a rough airframe, which I hope is like a real wing. Connectors and Motors. But for some reason, I can't get any speed into the plane. I am not sure if the friction is too high, or something. I would like to put an elevator or something like that which deflects the plane upward. I haven't don't that yet. But I would still expect it to fly a bit without that. Best regards. Julian wing_test.c4d
  7. joolsd

    Trim spline? Add point at intersection?

    Delete the points you don't need (where the blue is). Use the 'Connect and delete' option on the two splines. (Right click) Then join segment. But you may have to reverse the directions of the splines so that it joins at the right end. You may have to close the spline as well.
  8. joolsd

    Why use Unity 5?

    The dope sheet in Unity is terrible. I nearly had a nervous breakdown trying to animate in it. Unity is a harsh environment, not like a nice 3d program. Things like deformations often need a 3rd party plugin in to make PLA work. Although pose morphs should work through FBX format. FBX is generally the best format for the fundamentals. IE, UV mapping, diffuse textures, and basic animation. I have just started using R19 and I noticed that you now have 'physical based rendering' materials. Does this have any advantages with Unity 5? The texture system in Unity 5 is PBR based.
  9. I noticed the parent constraint, and I was considering using it. It probably would have done what I needed it to do.
  10. Thanks, I have seen some videos on priorities, I haven't seen this one. At the moment I have reconstitution_base.1 'expression 400'. Pack most 'expression 50' Cover_26G.1 'expression 449' Needle is 'expression 480' Is the order in the scene important. Is there a better way to set up the scene? EDIT I forgot to say the skeleton is '0'.
  11. Hi all, I have made a fairly complex character hand animation, where he picks up and uses medical syringes. Then the man takes the syringe cover off the needle and injects the boy. I have made an alcoholic wipe packet which tears off. And the guy pulls out a swab and wipes a injection target area on the boy. It isn't a realistic as I'd like (in the time) but it is kind of workings. I have set (the objects priority) on the (PSR constraint) do not have a delay on them. There is an annoying problem, in that to see the results and export the fbx, I have to scrub backwards very slowly to get the objects to sit in the correct position. I can export the file as an FBX and get objects to sit in the right positions, but sometimes the objects flip off the table where they are meant to be on. Is this some sort of render cycling issue? Are there any tips on this technique? This is my first serious use of the PSR tag. PS I have recently upgraded to R19. The animation works but seems a bit buggy, and potentially may bite me in the butt. If you have any good advice this would be appreciated? Best regards.
  12. Sorry yes, but it is not finding it. Document not found.
  13. Dear C4D-ers I am working on a complex hand animation, where you pick one thing up then take the cap off. Put the cap on the table. etc etc. It is a long animation with a lot of hand interactions. I won't attempt to explain everything it is long. I am using R17 at the moment, I am trying to use the PSR constraint tag, with 'maintain position' on to do this type of animation. However, I have bumped into this 'expression priory' problem. So there will be certain objects lagging behind where they are meant to be. I have seen on another thread that up-ing 'expression priority' settings can help and does with the first object. How are objects psr expressions numbered to get the best results? I don't fully understand the pattern of numbering? Or why a high number is better than a low number? My other question is that our media dep might upgrade to R19. Have a lot of these problems been solved with R19? I am new to this type of animation, so there is a degree of experience lacking I'm sure, but any advice would be appreciated? In particular will upgrading help or a longer but workable method with the R17? Best regards Jools
  14. I use steady bake, but you need CDs fbx exporter to create a pc2 or mc format which can be used with a script in Unity. I was hoping this CV smart export would bring in those type of animations in automatically?