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  1. You could try a couple of things Use the phonetic mouth shapes that 2d animators use. (By making your own blend shapes. ) Or try a face cap solution like faceware/faceshift. Or even that CV-AR plugin that uses your iPhone.
  2. Interesting error here in R20 EDIT: I think I have fixed the problem. R20 seems to have changed its plugin system. So you now access plugins by creating your own folder in the preferences. I have turned this off and now the plugin isn't crashing and there is only one VRAY under the menu. I'm a bit confused as to why it is still working without the plugin clicked on in the preferences. Now working and opening in R20.
  3. Thanks for your reply anyway. Yes same version as myself. So the problem is my end.
  4. Thank you for the reply I will try what you suggest. It's funny because I used to get a notification when someone replies. So that is why it took a long time to respond. Here is a crash report. if anyone know what it means? Is there a better crash report that C4D does? Hmmm.. sounds like it is quite hard render to do anyway 28 hours! Btw I was only rendering a section. About 1100 to 2130. About half of the timeline. EDIT: upgraded C4D to the latest. Still Hangs, I just tried opening the file without textures. crash_report.rtf
  5. Of course. I'm not sure if I'm aloud to post work due to ND arrangements but all I can say is that it would be easy stuff to render with the standard/physical renderer in C4D. Its all basic shapes in terms of geometry, nothing really advanced. You could argue that the subdivision surface that a lot of shapes use is quite high being Sub edit 5 and Sub div 5. I tried dialling those down and I don't think it helped much. The vray lights look pretty default. Hope that helps? Thank you Best regards Jools render_settings_grabs.zip
  6. Thanks for the replies. I have only just noticed. Are you on Mojave OS out of interest? No it is not rendering. I tried a new render setting by getting a blank scene. Saving a new VRAY bridge. Copying and pasting into current scene as a render setting. Tried both bucket and progressive. It looks like my machine is too slow. I have started to learn a few things about the rendering speeds. It seems the max subdivisions is the most effective speed setting. 32 being ultra smooth around edges and 1 being block like. I can get a frame to render at 30 seconds, but it looks very rough. The creator of the scene had their on 32 max. Also I raised the threshold to 0.05 from 0.01. AA is generally the biggest killer. There is also the DMC sample settings which look like they are linked to the AA. I'm not sure how to use this I must admit. I have been looking at some online render farms which 'can supposedly' render 40 machines on one scene. There was a Russian one (Anima) which can do Vray R20. Seem like friendly support to. The Vray support has taken about 4 days to reply.
  7. I have received a project from another agency built in R18 which uses VRAY for C4D. I am using the most up to date download which is. 'vray_adv_37003_cinema4d_mavericks_x64' This is a 30 day trial, and we hope to buy it. I have tried to contact the support, but have not heard for a couple of days. I'm not sure if they help demo users. I have finished the editing almost but expect a few tweaks. The 2 main problems are: 1. When opening the project it won't open in R20 on my desktop without freezing, it's a (Mac Pro (late 2013) Mac OS High Sierria) Processor 3.5GHZ 6-Core Intel Xeon E5. 32 GB 1866 DDR3. It will open in R20 on my mac book laptop. So There could be some sort of obsolete hardware issue. But it will open on R19 on my desktop. 2. The scene is terribly slow to render. Taking 2 days on one machine. I have increased from 0.01 to 0.8 on the tolerance on in the AA settings on bucket sampling which is helping but it has a lot more noise. I have turned off 'Indirect illumination' as it doesn't seem to me doing much. I would like to get it working on R20 as all our machines 'Team render' clients are R20. And I could potentially use Team render. If there is something very obvious which can speed the render up I would be very grateful. Best regards Jools
  8. Ok thank you. it is the 'render subdivisions' Higher produces lower poly.
  9. Ok I do not see those options have Basic,Coord, Object, Phone. Under Object Hull Value, Editor Subdivisions. Exponent Fall off and accurate normals. Where is this option Please?
  10. I am just doing some testing for a future alembic based export. I can't seem to avoid subdivisions when exporting some metaballs. I thought maybe the normals had something to do with it? On something more complex the file size could end up being massive. Best regards Jools before.c4d after.c4d
  11. Or use the aerodynamics in a ridged body. It's a bit slow to use but looks good.
  12. Have you bake cached the dynamics before rendering?
  13. How important is the thickness of the cube? I found just making it thicker stopped bits going through. If the thickness is important you could just put a ghost thick cube in place.
  14. Ok, you tried the 'steps per frames' as well. Have you tried different shape modes, Automatic, Static Mesh etc etc?
  15. It is difficult to visualise without a scene. Have you tried increasing the size increment under Dynamic>Collision? Also, inspect the preferences of the dynamic steps per frame.
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