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  1. joolsd

    Text generators

    Thank you for this. The pdf did download btw. This looks fairly complicated but I will give it a go. And thank you to @Jed
  2. joolsd

    Text generators

    Hi, I was wondering if there are any simple text generators, similar to after effects such as 'type on'. Which might work in R19. Like a expression or something I could do in Xpresso? I have to go back to R19 as this is only currently available. The hope is that I wouldn't need to do this in after effects. Thank you Best regards Jools
  3. With photoshop, you have to use the alphas like a layer mask to mask the layers you want. Or use the alpha in one of the many ways you can create a mask on a layer. In after effects you need to use the 'matte track options in AEF options to mask out the desired layer. To be honest you are better off using the Cineware rather than aec files. This means you can extract the cameras and lights and any tracking markers on objects which had 'external compositing' tags on them.
  4. OK thank you. Sorry, I only just now saw your reply.
  5. This thread could get very deep.
  6. Hello, is there any Edge loop re-sampling plugins? Which you could recommend for poly reduction. I thought I saw something like that but I can not remember the name of it? I have some quite detailed medical models which I modelled last year, but I have to re-create them for a mobile app , I have tried to delete edge loops manually, and to some extent that works. The poly reduction tools has really improved from the last few versions of C4D and actually preserves UV boundaries, but I am concerned about the untidy results, which might cause a problem in the future.
  7. I hate to say it, but you are on to something there. We are generalist so C4D suits a lot of what we do, but rigging is a struggle right now, I must admit.
  8. There was a lot more snobbery in those days. The computers were SGIs O2s or indigo, then later Windows. I have used Softimage 3D, XSI predecessor. There is a O2 in the loft now and there is nothing that C4D couldn't do now, that the programs could do (talent depending obviously). Now all the 3d programs are more on the same level, but you keep hearing that maya is a bit better for rigging and character creation, over C4D.
  9. Did you try the bake object option in C4D on those objects with PLA option selected before exporting?
  10. The answer to you question is, what is the 'easy' approach? Unfortunatly there is no button that does it in one go. A couple of summary options if it helps? 1. Looking at this video, the closest example in C4D is to find the pose morph tag, and click on that and animate and go in and animate the mouth shapes. You could hand animate them to a audio track. This is the brut force way of doing it, but is a bit laborious. But easy in a none technical sense. 2. Is to buy some sort of external facial capture software. And import your fully rigged model into tha
  11. They do have quite good mouth and facial shapes. If you are going via the mixamo website there is an option to save blend shapes.
  12. You could use CV-AR c4ds own in build face capture plug-in. This is in CV tools. But you need the new apple iPhonesX to use it. There are other external apps such as faceware. There is another called Dynamixyz.
  13. This defiantly world be a welcome improvement. As I find there is a lot of 'cross 3d platform' exchange in some work flows, and triangulated caps tend to not work that well in other programs especially when you have to manimulate the top even more . I had this issue the other day, where a circular looking table top needed a nice bevelled screen in it. I found I had to extract the edge loop at the top of the table , convert to spline. Then make that onto a single splined loft object and converting that to a quad face. The result hopefully better for creating a nicer bevelled screen using extru
  14. Is the guy in that tutorial using an older version of C4D maybe R18 or R19 with the old bone fall off system. You are using the new field system? Do you need some sort of displacer to get the new version to work?
  15. The alpha seemed to work ok for me. It might be the Ambient Occlusion that's creating the black. I noticed that sometimes display tags don't work that well.
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