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  1. Another solution might be to use dynamic cloth. And use the dresser tools to pin the vertex to the bridge. It is a different way and 'might' bake better.
  2. Also, the cone seems to have differing points on each loop which means it is truly triangulated.
  3. Does putting a new phong on it help? Sometimes these other 3D progs put their own phong tag on.?
  4. It could make the Phong shading look bad and give unrealistic results. IE you might not be sure where an edge is and it would look flat. Unless it was re-retopologised. Nature is kind of symmetrical so it is nice to have edge loops and quads. But it depends really on what is being created. A rock is different to a face. 
  5. With that model, the triangles may just the result of coming from another modelling program. As different programs draw polygons differently. If you were to run the un-triangulate would it go back to the fundamental polygons? I'd be more suspicious of an imported object if an edge had a rogue vertex just doing nothing.
  6. If you can somehow try and keep the files in one folder, I have found the best option is to use the 'texture manager '. You can link up every texture in one go, by holding shift down and selecting the lot in the list of textures. Under Standard/Window/texture Manager.
  7. I don't have PIM but I was wondering if it was better than miximo? Out of interest what those that MotionCloud option do?
  8. Could you just 'current state to object' with the two sides of the smile and use that as a blend shape?
  9. Is this with motion clips? You can right click on the motion clips and 'view in dope sheet' duplicate a few frames to make the clip longer. Or just duplicate the motion clip again.
  10. That's exactly what I did. Thank you for the replies.
  11. Hi there, I have a project with characters speaking. I can save out an mpg or mov fine and the sound works. However, I need the 'team render' to work and as far as I know, it only works with images sequences. (Is this right I may be wrong?) I am not sure if mov files work with team render. Alternatively, Is there a way of only saving the timeline wav file? So I can bring it into my video editor and put the image over it all synched up? Hope this makes sense? Best regards Julian
  12. Hi there, Where is the keyframe reduction tool, please? I heard it is in the animation timeline somewhere? Which menu is it under? Could somebody please post a screenshot? I need to reduce baked keyframes. Best regards Julian
  13. Admittedly I saw this is the first post I came across. I have tried to follow this. The worry is I am not sure how long it should take to Bake the keyframes, with a character with pose months on the face and eyelashes. I tried to do a 50 frame bake. It seemed to take all morning to do just this. I then tried 10 frames. That also took a long time. (maybe I'm being impatient) But I have a lot of clips to do. Part of the problem is that there is no indication of 'progress bar' to know if it is a method worth sticking with, or at least a time remaining to know whether to do something else whilst waiting. I have found a different technique that seems to work quicker, which is just to copy the keyframes and be a bit disciplined with markers. It's not as good as motion clips but seems to work.
  14. Hi there. Sorry for the quality of this post but I haven't got much time. I am trying to edit facial animation with motion clips. I think you have to bake the expressions. The process seems to take forever. There is no progress bar to let me know if there is an end in sight? Even with 10 frames as a test. Is it possible to edit pose morphs this way? Best regards Joolsd



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