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  1. That's exactly what I did. Thank you for the replays.
  2. Hi there, I have a project with characters speaking. I can save out an mpg or mov fine and the sound works. However, I need the 'team render' to work and as far as I know, it only works with images sequences. (Is this right I may be wrong?) I am not sure if mov files work with team render. Alternatively, Is there a way of only saving the timeline wav file? So I can bring it into my video editor and put the image over it all synched up? Hope this makes sense? Best regards Julian
  3. Hi there, Where is the keyframe reduction tool, please? I heard it is in the animation timeline somewhere? Which menu is it under? Could somebody please post a screenshot? I need to reduce baked keyframes. Best regards Julian
  4. Admittedly I saw this is the first post I came across. I have tried to follow this. The worry is I am not sure how long it should take to Bake the keyframes, with a character with pose months on the face and eyelashes. I tried to do a 50 frame bake. It seemed to take all morning to do just this. I then tried 10 frames. That also took a long time. (maybe I'm being impatient) But I have a lot of clips to do. Part of the problem is that there is no indication of 'progress bar' to know if it is a method worth sticking with, or at least a time remaining to know whether to do something else whilst waiting. I have found a different technique that seems to work quicker, which is just to copy the keyframes and be a bit disciplined with markers. It's not as good as motion clips but seems to work.
  5. Hi there. Sorry for the quality of this post but I haven't got much time. I am trying to edit facial animation with motion clips. I think you have to bake the expressions. The process seems to take forever. There is no progress bar to let me know if there is an end in sight? Even with 10 frames as a test. Is it possible to edit pose morphs this way? Best regards Joolsd
  6. Ok apologies for the late respones. This sounds great. It is a balance at the moment between doing a very simple rebind, however if I do a lot of weight painting the pose morph method would be much better.
  7. HI Yes, I thought that is what you meant as well. But do you have to re-link them under the advanced tag?
  8. Ok great, I will give that ago on the next go.
  9. This looks great, but I'm not sure how I'd use it in my context. I already have my blend shapes but the data 'keyframe data' is not captured on the new model. The figures face shapes have to be captured on an identical model, then copied to a new identical model with the same existing blend shapes. Will have a look at the two suggestions later.
  10. The poses are driven as individual tracks with key frames on the pose morph tag. For example 'Jaw_Open', 'Eye_left_blink' etc etc. All the face shapes acting together. Do you mean in the animation dope sheet sorry please clarify this? Thank you for your reply.
  11. HI, Is there a quick way to copy and paste pose morph facial animation from an identical model to another? We have a face animation solution which involves bringing in an un-rigged figure as an fbx. I see that you can paste individual tracks but there is no 'paste identical' even when laying down empty tracks in the un-animated model? Re-connecting blend shapes or pasting tracks seems like a very slow process. I really want to avoid having to re-bind a model every time? Thanks you Jools
  12. I don't think the auto rigger on mixamo can handle complex shapes like this. Have you tried the auto rigger on C4D?
  13. Thanks for the reply. It did work as a PLA importing it back into C4D. But unfortunately, Unity the app I'm using won't look at PLA in an FBX. Only with a PLA script can alembic or pc2 be used. I would have liked to of used the normal weight mapping and bones, but C4D fbx files seem very unstable. One way or another the retargeting tag isn't producing the expected results in the C4D viewport. See post below. Best regards Jools
  14. I have managed to merge a 2 rig animation into one Alembic model test model. However, the files are large and I need it for Unity. I was hoping that a simple export to FBX might do the trick however it is not recognising the alembic motion. I think all I need is the skin movement unless I am mistaken? Thank you Jools
  15. I think the retargeting may be the problem. EDIT: I have found that just copying the keys from the source figure to the target mess works best. Then just using a PSR contrait tag on the hips. The retartget tag is very unforgiving and is transfering too many attributes that I don't need.
  16. Hi, I am fairly new to character rigging. I have been working in C4D and corrected so bad edges with the paint tool. I was hoping that my exported model might look something like what is in C4D but the result is truly awful. Is there any advice anyone could offer to make, or explanation as to why C4Ds FBX is not usable? The image attached is the same model, just exported. Al versions of FBX have the same result. Thank you in advance. EDIT here is the model so you can get a better idea. Thank you. Jools https://wetransfer.com/downloads/85cde6e1e0dd5d8e0627e052a7eebffd20190204155126/0295bdab225165aaae8ef69cd68fd82f20190204155126/046265?utm_campaign=WT_email_tracking&utm_content=general&utm_medium=download_button&utm_source=notify_recipient_email
  17. Ok I think I know the problem. The box I was shading is occupying the same space as the boolean object in the same position. (a bit like z-fighting) When I scale down the box the problem goes away.
  18. Thanks for the replies. I was using standard renderer all along. I was considering using PR but the same problems. I think it might be particular to this scene. As tried it in another scene and it seems ok.
  19. Dear All, I am not sure why the glass hologram boxes which I have used a glass material (Glas 002) has noise on it? I am using GI with 'interia preview' on but I don't think it is a problem. I have gone into the material looking for roughness and noise. But still there. Thank you Best regards Jools
  20. Thank you Dan for putting the time into this. I didn't realise you could keep the eye as one object as you did in the video. I split the eye into two objects and centred to pivot. I managed to get them to work in the same way. But I may go back and try and keep it as the one object again. Best regards Julian
  21. Ok Thank you Dan, I will need to look at this later. I will let you know how I get on. Best regards Julian
  22. Ok here is a sample. I have seen this problem before. https://we.tl/t-9gaYmlQ5lq Best regards Jools
  23. When you say pivot point you mean the yellow round circle at the end? It has this if that is what you mean?
  24. I just tried this but hasn't worked. :( What are the best bind settings to use? How is it best to select the joints, with shift (with the objects) and then ctrl selecting the target object on a mac?



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