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  1. 3D Footballer character model

    Thanks :)
  2. 3D Footballer character model

    Hi Guys, I'm in need of a rigged footballer for a commercial project. The stuff on turbo squid isn't quite up to the standard I need really, think FIFA, Pro Evo contemporary strips that I can adjust and add more detail etc. Any recommendations on other 3D market places, links, your own work greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hey Guys, I've been playing around with the exciting new takes system in R17. Swapping materials between takes works absolutely fine. However when trying to do this with the addition of a selection tag it seems to stop working. Example of what I'm trying to do... Take 01 - Text with red texture. Take 02 - Text with black texture and and a selection tag to make the rounding (R1 selection) white. Once I've gone through these steps and return to Take 01 it's just white (example grabs below). Any ideas ? Thanks