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  1. Hi all, Im a newbie to using realflow and just looking for some beginner tips regarding the export process. Should i be caching the scene before exporting? I have GI applied to the scene, and a showerhead spraying water. Looks like the render will take approx 4 hours without caching (on a good but old pc laptop), should i 'Cache Simulation' or 'Cache Meshes' or both? I have tried caching before but strangely it has offset the position of the mesh upon rendering. Any advice would be great thanks :)
  2. Hi all, Im trying to apply an animated face as a texture to a rigged character. Im on a Mac, and when i export from After Effects as a Quicktime Lossless with Alpha and import the mov as a texture it produces a Question Mark and says (AVAssetReader startReading) failed. Anyone know what the problem is? Am confused, because doing exactly the same thing on my home PC using a AVI does exactly what i want. I want to avoid that workaround and have tried using a PNG sequence, but with this I cant get the full sequence working it just stays static on the first frame. This is despite clicking Calculate on the Animation tab of the Material manager and enabling Animate Preview on the Editor tab. Would be great if anyone knows how to fix? Thanks!
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