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  1. New female character work

    Are you going to rig her with the built in C4D Advanced Biped Rig or your own customised version?
  2. New female character work

    Are you planning to rig and animate this model Vector?
  3. ProRender Tips

    Really? I have tinkered with Pro Render and even using PBR materials I find that it is slower than using the standard renderer and it seems to crash a lot... Redshift and Octane seem much faster and more reliable. Anyone know when they are going to do an update to ProRender?
  4. Lovely modelling and texturing Kirpl, although I would tweak the texturing on the hull machine gun myself. Why have you stuck a flower in the end of the barrel in the picture above? Is this a flower power tank and Oddball is driving it :-)
  5. UV Selection Colours

    Hi Guys Thanks for the replies! All fixed now and I kinda figured it might be a bug. Still doesn't show the colours in the Live or Rectangular selection attributes but I am not going to touch that now. AB Motion, sorry for the confusion on the versions of C4D, I have R19 but I sometimes use older versions since some of my clients are not on the latest release. Indeed one of my customers is still using R14 which is a bit painful at times - especially since it doesn't have the Texture Manager.
  6. It seems that R17 has developed a bug in the UV selection colours. When I am in UV Edit mode and I select some UVs with the Live Selection Tool or the Rectangular Selection Tool all the colours for 'Ghosted Polygons, Inactive Polygons, Active Polygons, Inactive Points and Active Points' are all black... This is a nightmare when trying to do any UV work since you cannot seee what you have selected. I have deleted the preferences and the colours in the UV edit mode have gone back to default orange but all the selection colours are black in the Attributes window. Seems to have done this since installing R19. Anyone got any ideas?
  7. Hang on Miles you get the R7 1700s to score just under the 1950x chips? They score someting like 3200 in Cinebench whereas the 1700s are around the 1600 mark - are you talking when both machines are rendering together?
  8. Am I missing something or is it just the way BP works with PNGs. If I am working in BP and I import a PNG it puts the transparency in a seperate alpha which is annoying since I then have to try and paint out any background. If I copy and paste PNGs in Photoshop with transparency it keeps the transparency - is there a way to do this in BP?
  9. AMD & nVidia cards in same PC with Pro R

    Yes, I guess Windows would have a bit of fit with two manufacturers GPUs inside... Although it did say this on MAXON's website: ProRender scales up to use all the graphics cards in your system, whether you’ve got a MacPro with multiple Radeon cards or a Windows system with AMD and Nvidia cards So I thought I would ask :-)
  10. Just wondering whether you can have both a nVidia and an AMD gpu in the same PC and use them with Prorender?
  11. Matilda II infantry tank modeling

    Actually when I mentioned making a model out of parts like a real one would be I actually went out and bought a Tamiya 1/35th scale Panzer IVD to yse as reference since I found working from just photos lacking. This really helped. BTW Tamiya do a nice 1/35 and a 1/48 scale version of the yilly which are very nice reference. I should know I have made the 1/48th scale version :-)
  12. Is there any way to copy a UV Tag from one mesh to another when the meshes are identical? Normally I just duplicate the tag and apply it to the othr but the UVs seem to be all scrambled... When I say the meshes are identical they have the same shape and number of points, if the point numbers are different would that cause the problem? I have done this on other meshes but they are usually duplicate meshes. In this instance the meshes are duplicates but one lost it's UV map...
  13. Matilda II infantry tank modeling

    Nice! The texturing on this model really sells it! I must get around to one day UVing my tank and texturing it properly, been meaning to do it for years :-)
  14. Matilda II infantry tank modeling

    Here is my 3D Panzer IV tank. I originally made it back in 2009 but have since updated it. It's OK for game stuff but as for being a photo-realistic model it needs to be UV and properly textured. I might get around to it one day… In any case you can probably see that I modeled bits as separate items… In some places :-) Panzer IVD
  15. Matilda II infantry tank modeling

    King One thing I have noticed that you have been doing is modelling the whole turret from one block - well it looks a bit like that so forgive me if I am wrong! My approach to modelling has changed over the years and now I actually try an construct models like real-world items or in the case of tanks and planes like you would find in a plastic model kit. For instance I would model the commander's copula separately, the gun mantle, the gun mantle plate and the top plate of the turret. This also allows you to add Subdivision Surfaces and edge loops to the models without making meshes too complex. I hope that this makes sense. You model if progressing fine so far I would now just start breaking parts up then you can focus on these parts adding more detail. Keep chiseling away and comparing to what you have done and you will be amazed at the progress you are making.