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  1. OK I have a conundrum. When I use Xref characters in a scene and then use TeamRender on 3 machines to render the scene containing them out I find that the two machines running the TeamRender client render fine. The host machine however either makes the characters dissapear or go back to their bind pose... I get the same problem when I change the host machine. If, however I use TeamRender Server which is a little more long-winded I find that I have no problems with the host machine and everything renders out fine. I know that Xrefs are not that robust (I have been using them for years and find them indespensible) but I wondered if anyone out the has the same problem or can shed any light on this problem?
  2. LOL! Yes I guess I did think this way back in 2009 when I actually worked on a character animation project - could I do this all day, all week, all month, all year around and I thought - no! So I guess that I am like you everfresh I like the diversity and should ignore people who say specialise unless I want to do just one thing constantly which as you say might mean taking a full time job anyway. Mind you I don't think I could ever take on a full time job again. I worked for several companies on a permanent basis and found that they were all rather dire… Had much more fun being a freelance operative
  3. Hi Everyone - Happy new year and decade! I want to pose this question/conundrum to everyone here to hear there thoughts since it keeps being thrown at me time and time again: should you be a specialist or a generalist? I have now been working as a freelance artist for the past 10 years and whilst I originally started out wanting to be a character animator (having studied at Animation Mentor) I have worked as a modeller, rigger, motion graphics artist, compositor, 2D animator and various others roles on projects ranging from film, TV shows, advertising, corporate presentation, music videos, fly-throughs, product visualisation and various other things. This has all been great but as I said I still get people saying you have too much diversity of work on your website and you should specialise. Well I tried this ten years ago doing just character animation and found that one minute I would be working and then doing nothing so I started accepting other types of work and this is how I have progressed. I think it's a similar thing in nature where you get creatures that specialise and then when their speciality no longer works they become extinct. Whereas those that can adapt seem to survive. I think the speciaility scenario is only valid for the big film studios who only hire character animators or compositors who do only that whereas the smaller studios tend to have people who are more generalist. Anyway I would love to hear people's thoughts/experiences on this conundrum. For now I just say I am a 3D artist with character animation skills.
  4. Just started looking into using Volume Builders for very simple object and cannot believe that they are slow to handle even when using simple parametric objects… It seems to require a lot of memory and when closing files takes an age while C4D clears all the memory. Anyone know of speedups?
  5. Got it! Thanks EAlexander :-+ It's not the place I would have looked under Lighting and Rendering 8-P
  6. Forgive me if I have missed somewhere on the forum where this exist already but I cannot seem to find a WIP/Finished Work section like there used to be to show off one's latest pieces... Does such a section exist?
  7. Hi Jed Thanks for this video too will take a look!
  8. Oh cheers m8! I will take a look…
  9. I am trying to figure a way of rigging a truck so that it articulates properly when aligned to a spline. Now I can do it parenting the container to the cabin and rotating the container manually when going around bends but I want this to work automatically without me doing any manual stuff. It need to be exported into something like Unity so I guess I would have to use joints and constraints but I don't think constraints would export into Unity… Bit stumped on this really so any ideas appreciated
  10. I'll have to send that diagram to a few of my clients - I would love to see their reactions
  11. Has this role been filled? I worked on some music videos a few years ago and we went to Pinewood Studios to get the MoCap created. Trouble was the studio only used Maya rigged characters and we where all C4D based. Wasn't too much of a problem though since we exported everything through Motion Builder and into C4D as FBX. Although now I would use Alembic as Iline suggested. I know that you can import from MoCap data directly into C4D too - wish I and know how to do that back then! @Iline I would always talk to Bret Bays - he wrote the Character object system for MAXON and he himself is excellent, and his scripts for weight painting are essential. Don't think it was Bret that wrote the Character Object System although he used it extensively in the short film 'The Ottoman'. Think it was a guy from Australia back in 2012/13 who worked for MAXON - that's what Brian Horgan told me
  12. OK I think that I have worked this out but I thought I might ask here in case I have got this all wrong. Using Advanced Renerer if I wanted to make a hole in something I would add a map to the alpha channel and it would make a hole in my geometry that the shader was applied to. Now when I convert such a material to a Redshift version in the material editor it adds a texture node to hold the alpha map which is connected to a colour splitter. However when I apply such a shader to my model it doesn't work. Now here's the bit that I am not sure about if I check 'Alpha Is Luminance' on the texture node it works. So in a nutshell is this the correct way to do this?
  13. @Everfresh Thanks for that info m8 much appreciated! That make the whole thing sound a bit more viable. I will take a look at PixelPlow, I have only ever used Rebus so it won't hurt to look else where and give them a try. Could say me time and money on the render front.
  14. Hi Cebera That's the conclusion that I am coming too! I am now going to start experimenting with Redshift to see if I can use that instead it might even speed up render times Sorry I cannot post an example due to NDA, would love to but I will get in trouble
  15. This is very annoying but I have been experienceing bubbling in my renders when using DOF with Advanced Renderer. I now always use grads for DOF which seems to get rid of the issue but it still seems to come back every now and then. It seems if a camera is moveing with a DOF target then in areas of high contrast noise certain parts of the image start to wobble/swell and contract. Is this due to the amount of DOF as a percentage or just one of those artifact things?
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