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  1. how can Blender be free?

    From what I have heard Blender is free but you pay when you need to render, presumably using GPU or CPU… I have also heard quite few 3D artists leaving the likes of Maya and Max to adopt Blender. Being a freelancer I wuldn't like to do this since I get hired for my C4D skills, if I was my own studio that could change :-)
  2. MAXON Service Agreement

    OK I am thinking of getting the MSA before they release R20 sometime in September. If I do this now I should be eligible for a free upgrade from R19 which I currently use to R20 when it is released? I am also looking at some Cineversity tuts that I would really like to view, I have a Plural Sight subscription but it doesn't have the same tuts (it's gone a little bit down hill IMHO). Should I purchase now or wait till next month?
  3. Mirror Limbs using the Character tool?

    Ah sweet Bret - didn't know that one useful stuff! Especially since I have a few characters myself that have gone a tinky bit asymmetrical somehow… And Everfresh - yes I was forgetting that Cormaction had already adjusted the half the rig already. I was going to suggest that you could use nulls to align the other side but Bret had pointed out a sooper dooper way of doing it that I never knew about :-)
  4. Mirror Limbs using the Character tool?

    cormaction You can add the limbs on the other side. What you should have done though is create an Xref of your reptile in a new scene so that you have a master file that you can edit and make changes to, doing all the animation in the Xref scene file. All you need to do is go into the character, click on the object tab in the attributes manager select Animate in the Object Properties and below that you will see Reset Pose. Click on that then go to the build tab and add the missing limbs like Dan said. Then go back to Animate tab. You will also need to bind the new joints to the rig which I am sure you know how to do! IF it doesn't quite work then select all you animation keys and copy them, then hit the reset pose button add the limbs, bind them and then paste the key frames back in. A quickly way to do this is to double click the character object and all the frame should appear in the timeline. HTH. P.S. The mirror joints tool doesn't work on character components only for joints you create.
  5. Car Keyframing Solutions

    Whoops sorry Natevplas I was directing that at you and I meant it to be for bigyarus :-) Still think Xpresso is the best solution rather than dynamics.
  6. Car Keyframing Solutions

    Natevplas There is a very good tut on doing the wheels turning, steering and bouncing up and down of cars on Pluralsight and if you know a bit of Xpresso it's not so hard. Not sure that plugin Roll-It works anymore with the newer versions of C4D? Personally I try and avoid dynamic solutions on things like this since you loose a bit of control. It's a bit like letting the computer putting in-betweens in on animation they are never where you want them :-)
  7. Correctional PSD

    I don't think I am allowed to say anything other than a little beta bird told me - but it is on the way that's a definite!
  8. Correctional PSD

    Yeah I know same with Maya it's just one of those 3D things. Apparently a new version of R19 is due mid July early August 19.063 or something and it will fix having to do the baking :-) Thanks for your help Dan. Guess I'll have to redo all the PSD morphs although it's not like I have added geo.
  9. Correctional PSD

    Thanks Dan, I kinda figured this might be the case. Not quite a bug but it actually makes me think what was the point of adding this feature especially if it doesn't render during animation? So it's a bit like when you create a normal pose morph, if you alter the models topology later you will mesh everything up if you add extra geo. Puts me off of using C4D for character work…
  10. Correctional PSD

    Hi All I have been using the Correctional PSD morphs on a rigged character and they seem to work great until I add extra weighted joints to my mesh - in this case a jacket. When I add the new joints the PSD morphs stop working. When I add new PSD morphs they play nice. If I remove the extra jacket joints the old PSD morphs play nicely again… I have looked at the priorities and tinkered with them but they seem to have no effect since this is where I figured the problem might stem from. Anyone got any ideas?
  11. Hair & Depth of Field

    Thanks Cerbera, haven't updated my profile yet either - too busy! I have tinkered with DOF in AE but hardly ever use it so have now forgotten… Looked it up again though and not sure the results are what I am after. Think I might have to do a load of separate passes with background stuff on one layer and foreground on another and comp them together - bit of a pain. Although i have noticed a DOF pass in the Hair render settings but I know nothing - again shall have to look it up :-)
  12. Landing Gear Rigging

    Are you animating the chopper anyway? I wouldn't bother with dynamics or IK. Simply parent the wheel mech and animate the wheel before it touches and then once on the ground. You will probably need a breakdown key or two :-)
  13. Not sure if anyone has had this problem but hopefully there is a workaround. The problem I seem to be getting when using doff and characters with hair, I am getting halos around the hair styles even though they are within the dof range. All I can think of is using a doff pass to see if it gets rid of the problem.
  14. PNG's & Transparency

    I have found a fix for this, or perhaps not a fix cos it wasn't broke :0) All you need to do when copying and pasting a PNG from one image to another is move the alpha layer up onto the layer above so that it acts as a layer mask. Then copy and paste this into your other image and it keeps the transparency - simple!
  15. New female character work

    Are you going to rig her with the built in C4D Advanced Biped Rig or your own customised version?