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  1. GaryAbrehart

    Cinebench Single CPU Scores

    Well I looked at the 8700 and the 8086 chips for that very reason but also noted that they are not ideal for GPU rendering since they are only 16 lane whereas the threadrippers are all 64 lane which would give better GPU performance. The i7 8700K/8086K have 16 PCIE-Lanes, meaning you could use only one GPU at full speed with these type of CPUs. If you want more than one GPU at full speed you would need a different CPU that supports more PCIE-Lanes like the AMD Threadripper CPUs, that have 64 PCIE-Lanes, the i9 7800X (28 PCIE-Lanes) or the i9 7900X Series CPUs that support 44 PCIE-Lanes.
  2. GaryAbrehart

    Cinebench Single CPU Scores

    Thanks for the tips guys! Here is the info that I read that started me off on this path and it was suggesting an Intel i7 8700K chips since it runs at 3.7 ghz. There is a newer one i7 8086K which is slightly faster 4.0ghz... CG Director
  3. GaryAbrehart

    Cinebench Single CPU Scores

    Hi HSrdelic, but are the more cores mostly used for rendering or do they improve other features of the app? Preview renders for instance?
  4. OK I have an ageing i7 980 CPU which is still fine for a lot of the work I do. It is complimented by dual nVidia 980ti GPUs working with redshift for GPU rendering and another HP dual Xeon cpu machine for normal rendering. But I was planning on getting a new motherboard and one of those there Threadripper 1950X which runs at 3.4 ghz. Now I though if I am going down the GPU route then I wouldn't need such an expensive CPU and since alot of the work I do is animation/modelling a machine with a faster clock speed would be a better choice and possibly cheaper. So I ran Cinebench and got a single core score of 104 for my i7 machine and 101 for my HP machine. So since a lot of processing in C4D is still single core any speed improvement would be a greater benefit to me. I think that I saw a Threadripper 195X0 score 154 in the CPU departement so that would be a 50% speed increase which is nice but anything faster would be nicer. The area that the faster CPU would benefit me would be in previews for character animation work. If the CPU were faster I wouldn't have to keep making previews which are quite time consuming. Anyone got any suggestions?
  5. GaryAbrehart

    Mirror Weights

    Hi Dan I have sent you the model. It's the pelvis that isn't mirroring, everything else does :-)
  6. GaryAbrehart

    Mirror Weights

    Why is it that the mirror weights tool sometimes does and sometimes doesn'the work when working with the character tool. For instance I managed to flip weights on some spline joints apart from one which refused to play...
  7. GaryAbrehart

    Fix deformations on knee

    Oh yeah I am not a great frequenter of this site ;-)
  8. GaryAbrehart

    Fix deformations on knee

    Oh! I thought it was one of those meshes that I sometimes get which is overkill on polys from another app. How did you know it Isoparms weren't switched on?
  9. GaryAbrehart

    Fix deformations on knee

    That's a little gem I never knew about thanks Rectro! Tubo as for your model it looks way too heavy on the poly front. Here is a grab of a pair of trousers showing less polys and nice deformations around the knee. Notice how the trousers are modeled. One thing you should learn when modeling is to model with animation in mind - think how something will deform and where to put edge loops. This is one of the problems I find when people do models in Zbrush and then export them - all the polys are reasonably even and not much use to riggers or animators.
  10. GaryAbrehart


    So it is fixed - should have worked in the first place! And now it will cost me a full upgrade to get the fix :-) This may seem like a minor fix but for those of use that use C4D character tools it is a major thing!
  11. GaryAbrehart


    Have they still not fixed the PSD morphs in R20? So this was a effectively a beta feature added to R19 that you have to bake all the animation out to get it to work… Sigh! Would like some of the character rigs to have been updated as well since a lot of them have features that don't quite work. Guess I'll have to go into the rig and fix them myself.
  12. GaryAbrehart

    how can Blender be free?

    Well I don't know much about Blender at all, the info I received was passed to me by someone who doesn't know Blender well (Lightwave user) from one of his freelancers so all a bit second-hand… It certainly does appeal to me considering all those high prices that we pay for licensed software though - might start learning a little :-)
  13. GaryAbrehart

    how can Blender be free?

    From what I have heard Blender is free but you pay when you need to render, presumably using GPU or CPU… I have also heard quite few 3D artists leaving the likes of Maya and Max to adopt Blender. Being a freelancer I wuldn't like to do this since I get hired for my C4D skills, if I was my own studio that could change :-)
  14. GaryAbrehart

    MAXON Service Agreement

    OK I am thinking of getting the MSA before they release R20 sometime in September. If I do this now I should be eligible for a free upgrade from R19 which I currently use to R20 when it is released? I am also looking at some Cineversity tuts that I would really like to view, I have a Plural Sight subscription but it doesn't have the same tuts (it's gone a little bit down hill IMHO). Should I purchase now or wait till next month?
  15. GaryAbrehart

    Mirror Limbs using the Character tool?

    Ah sweet Bret - didn't know that one useful stuff! Especially since I have a few characters myself that have gone a tinky bit asymmetrical somehow… And Everfresh - yes I was forgetting that Cormaction had already adjusted the half the rig already. I was going to suggest that you could use nulls to align the other side but Bret had pointed out a sooper dooper way of doing it that I never knew about :-)