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  1. I have just been doing my maths. I have R20 and was due to get a new MSA for £660 ( inc VAT) in August. If I don’t do this I can take out a subscription which will cost me £676 so roughly the same money. Now I also have a Redshift licence which will cost me £205 to upgrade. So if I take out the new MAXON subscription with the Redshift licence that will cost me £945 whereas the old method would be £865 so an extra £80... Mind you I don’t know if there is VAT on the Redshift licence of £205 which would make it £246 but still slightly cheaper,
  2. I think sadly Mac is a waste of time for 3D these days unless the threatened Mac Pro is any good - but I guess that will be expensive. Also I like you point Hrvoje about the cost of investing in a PC with adequate GPUs. If you think about it a couple of GeForce RTX 2080Ti GPUs will set you back the price of a good workstation so if you are planning on four of them it gets a bit expensive…
  3. Can someone explain the discount coupon for Redshift to me - is it only if you buy a new Redshift licence or does it apply to the annual maintenance fee?
  4. I have an X-Particles 3.5 license and they are doing an offer today for half price upgrade. But I was also looking at Houdini and that seems more powerful :-) So I am in a dither whether to upgrade my X-Particles or go down the Houdini route and have very little time to decide. So I thought I would ask here what seasoned users would go for?
  5. So what’s gonna happen to ProRender and will future versions of Redshift support AMD GPUs?
  6. Thanks chaps for the tips and it seems that Vertex Helix method has kinda done the trick, I get a lovely object buffer on the hair although the hair changes colour…
  7. Anyone know of a whay to create object buffers for hair? It seems when I apply them to the object with hair and render an object buffer I only get a buffer for the object the hair is attached to and not the hair strands...
  8. Hi Hrvoje Many thanks for this it is just what i was looking for as a starting block for what I want to do. The other good thing about this is that I actually understand the code - which is a good sign :-)
  9. I am starting to learn a little Python and one of the first scripts that I want to create would be one that resets all controller handles on a character rig. So this would be like the reset button on the character component rig that is built into C4D. What this does is reset all the controllers to their original rotational, scale and positional coordinates. This is unlike the rest button which will only reset the object that you have selected. Anyone got such a script that I could look at and modify to suit what I am after?
  10. You sure about that :-) I have a devil of a game with the mirror weights. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't...
  11. Hi Dan I have sent you the model. It's the pelvis that isn't mirroring, everything else does :-)
  12. Why is it that the mirror weights tool sometimes does and sometimes doesn'the work when working with the character tool. For instance I managed to flip weights on some spline joints apart from one which refused to play...
  13. Oh yeah I am not a great frequenter of this site ;-)
  14. Oh! I thought it was one of those meshes that I sometimes get which is overkill on polys from another app. How did you know it Isoparms weren't switched on?
  15. That's a little gem I never knew about thanks Rectro! Tubo as for your model it looks way too heavy on the poly front. Here is a grab of a pair of trousers showing less polys and nice deformations around the knee. Notice how the trousers are modeled. One thing you should learn when modeling is to model with animation in mind - think how something will deform and where to put edge loops. This is one of the problems I find when people do models in Zbrush and then export them - all the polys are reasonably even and not much use to riggers or animators.
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