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  1. I agree with you on the virus front on PCs Damien, although on the Mac you never ever had to worry much about them unless you had a PC connected to a Mac and then the Mac could act as the carrier :-P This all makes me wonder about the Mac's future. Sure I think some people will still buy iMacs but unless Apple come up with something powerful and up-gradable and reasonably priced I think it is the death of the MacPro and possibly the iMac. I think the prices have a lot to do with it. I mean they are still selling the MacPro vintage 2013 for £2,999 - I could build two PCs that are quicker for that. BTW the base MacPro benches at about 900 in Cinebench R15 if anyone is interested - bit poor in my opinion.
  2. Can someone explain the discount coupon for Redshift to me - is it only if you buy a new Redshift licence or does it apply to the annual maintenance fee?
  3. I have an X-Particles 3.5 license and they are doing an offer today for half price upgrade. But I was also looking at Houdini and that seems more powerful :-) So I am in a dither whether to upgrade my X-Particles or go down the Houdini route and have very little time to decide. So I thought I would ask here what seasoned users would go for?
  4. So what’s gonna happen to ProRender and will future versions of Redshift support AMD GPUs?
  5. Have a look at this website really useful when buying a PC CG Director https://www.cgdirector.com
  6. Thanks chaps for the tips and it seems that Vertex Helix method has kinda done the trick, I get a lovely object buffer on the hair although the hair changes colour…
  7. Anyone know of a whay to create object buffers for hair? It seems when I apply them to the object with hair and render an object buffer I only get a buffer for the object the hair is attached to and not the hair strands...
  8. I've been using Macs and PCs since 1991... So I have a bit of experience with them. And in that time PCs are better for 3D than Macs in my experience. I love the Mac OS which is why I have an iMac but that is just for everyday things. But I use two PCs for my main work which is predominantly 3D. Now in the past the Mac OS was much nicer and easier to use than Windows, but Windows NT came along and changed all that back then. Now we have Windows 10 which isn't quite as nice as Mac OS but stable and if you use the Windows Defender pretty much virus free as long as you are careful and don't go downloading cracked software or go visiting dodgey sites. PCs also work out cheaper to buy/build yourself that Macs and have a much better range of processors and GPUs to choose from. On the Laptop front though when looking at a lot of the laptops available on the high street I have noticed that the prices have remained the same but the specs have gone down and since you cannot build your own laptop I would stick to looking at Scan or Overclockers to see what they have . A good gaming laptop would be a good choice I will be checking out that Huawei one you mentioned.
  9. Hi Hrvoje Many thanks for this it is just what i was looking for as a starting block for what I want to do. The other good thing about this is that I actually understand the code - which is a good sign :-)
  10. I am starting to learn a little Python and one of the first scripts that I want to create would be one that resets all controller handles on a character rig. So this would be like the reset button on the character component rig that is built into C4D. What this does is reset all the controllers to their original rotational, scale and positional coordinates. This is unlike the rest button which will only reset the object that you have selected. Anyone got such a script that I could look at and modify to suit what I am after?
  11. You sure about that :-) I have a devil of a game with the mirror weights. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't...
  12. Will this reset the Position and Rotation of child objects too or just the selected item? I have tried and it doesn't seem to work for child objects…
  13. I will be getting a liquid cooler for the threadripper - that bit is easy. It’s cooling the gpus that’s the tricky bit but with cards getting faster and more powerful two of them there RX 2080ti cards should be nice without the need for extra cooling. The only problem I am facing at the moment is that my prefered supplier here in the UK cannot get any X399 motherboards at the moment...
  14. Hi Peeps Looking to build a Threadripper system with either the Asus X399 or the MSI X399 Pro Carbon Gaming boards. At the moment I mainly do CPU rendering (hence the Threadripper) but I am moving over to GPU rendering. The Asus board has 3 gpu slots the MSI has 4. I am leaning towards the MSI since it has four gpu slots which I can fill out at a latter date although will probably need water cooling). Anyone got any help on which is the better of the two?
  15. OK aside from cpu and gpu rendering performance what would be the best cpu for animation ie fps performance? Looking at the cinebench results the threadrippers seem to get 90-100 fps which is what I already get on my old banger... So I am assuming I would still be better off with an Intel chip with a higher clock speed?



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