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  1. Hi Dan Yes I did this but it didn't seem to work… I will give it another go. I am still using RS 2.6 too, was going to go for version 3.0 but I am coming to the end of a three month project and it might cock everything up if I switch.
  2. Hi Peeps I have seen people like myself using multiple GPUs for rendering but also using a lower spec card for just normal GPU duties. So what I was wondering is how does one do this and does it mean I can render and work at the same time?
  3. Thanks for the insight peeps, although I still find that when I have only one character in a scene I don't get the problem... As soon as there are more than one it starts this trick again. Now I find that just hitting the key several times seems to stop this jumping but it is annoying when you are trying to animate several characters ina scene >-(
  4. Hi Peeps Don't know if anyone else get this annoying problem or know why but I find that when I usually have more than one character in a scene and I use the E, R, T keys to toggle between Move, Rotate or Scale that the tool just jumps back to the tool it was on before… So for instance if I am using the Rotate Tool and I hit the E key it just jumps back to the Rotate Tool, even after several attempts… Anyone else get this?
  5. Hi Peeps Been using Redshift on a major project now for the past two months and loving it but I have noticed something that is slightly annoying and I am wondering if anyone else here has the same problem and a workaround? I am running RS on Window 10 with RS version 2.5.50 under C4D R20 using a 2080ti and a 980ti GPU. Now what the problem seems to be is that sometimes when I go to create a material or call the render dialogue box up the computer seems to stick for 10 seconds or so, not in other apps, and then it seem to come back to life again which is getting annoying. I am wondering of it is the fact that RS is doing some sort of calculation in the background. I see there is a new update 2.6.53 but I don't really want to update in the middle of a big project. Anyone getting the same problem?
  6. Hi chaps! Thanks for the replies I do think it is a Redshift thing since I have only just started using the Big Red for production work and that is when this problem seemed to arise. Although I didn't get tit with a few of my 'Test' project last year when using older versions of the renderer… I don't use many plugins, X-Particles, Reeper and HDRI Studio Rid is about it - oh and a little godsend xsHNSwitch
  7. I am currently using R20 on a Threadripper 1920 machine with two GPUs (2080ti & 980ti) and using Redshift and I have noticed that every now and then C4D seems to freeze not necessarily when rendering but say I create a material it hangs for a few seconds then comes back to life… I don't think it is PSU since it isn't drawing a huge amount of current - bit mystified…
  8. I wondered that when I first started using it back 1999… But I remember now it was the FOURTH dimension! Great for making a Tardis
  9. This is something I forgot about but am keen to try. When animating characters with SDS on them C4D crawls so I always have them turned off. I also find that when you have several characters in a scene C4D crawls. I am gonna see if this speeds things up. Also I noticed peeps are using Redshift 3.00 whereas the official 2.6.5 is the production version - is version 3 safe?
  10. Actually watch this video it is something I would recommend to all 3D artists
  11. I am not a Redshift expert more like a beginner but I have lit a few scenes in my time. What it looks like is you have your environment light for the background, a portal light for the window and then your sunlight. Think of the scene in terms of real world lighting. So in theory you would have the environment light and a sunlight shining through the window. That light would then bounce around the room and illuminate it somewhat. I'd be inclined to ditch the portal light or increase it's samples since it is fuzzy then take a look at the scene. If the room it still too dark for you then increase the amount of bounced light or cheat and add an area light using low intensity (simulating bounced light) facing into the room - give that a go. The sunlight through the window should still provide the light on the wall. You might even change the sunlight for a spotlight and add some god rays Thing to think about is if you take a picture of someone with the sun behind them they always come out dark and you usually have to overexpose the picture, kinda similar to what is happening here. HTH.
  12. No problem Kweso! What I like about this website is that it doesn't waffle on and give you the best options for the type of work or software that you use. You can also ask Alex question and he is very helpful
  13. Kweso Threadrippers are better option for multiple GPUs since they do use more lanes (64 I believe) which is why I went for one apart from the price. If you do more modelling and animating then the fastest CPU is a better option in which case an Intel at the moment although a Ryzen 9 is catching up. Head on over to this website which will give you a lot of help on the techy side of things: https://www.cgdirector.com/
  14. Try turning that Portal light off and then Secondary GI on. If it's your portal light creating the window highlight it's as you say too strong. If you have your environment light shining through the window it should cause the wall illumination and by having secondary GI it should bounce that light around inside the room which is what light does. Looks like you are using a low sample setting overall - is that correct?
  15. Sorry to jump in on this thread but I have the same sort of situation. I have a Threadripper 1920, a MSI board with four double spaced GPU slots, two 980ti GPUs and an 850w PSU. Now I have just started to do more Redshift rendering and want to increase the GPU power so I was originally going to buy two 2080ti to replace the 980ti but that is a bit expensive. So then I thought just get one 2080ti and change the power supply to 1200w which would be cheaper and give the same speed even if the RAM is less. I can always change the 980ti later on. I was going to get a blower card because the overheating worried me and I have no idea about water-cooling. I have an Obsidian 750 case which is very roomy with three 140mm fans (two at the front, one at the back) so quite good airflow. At the moment when rendering my 980ti don't normally go past 70 degrees. Any tips?
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