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  1. Hi Igor Well if I get time I might give it a go but I have just forked out for an R23 subs, HelloLux tuts, Redshift renewal and XP particles maintenance and I have my eye on Forester so if I did adopt it I am not sure I could afford it right now…
  2. Tut, tut! Shouldn't have released it then should they It looks like there are a few other things in the new UV tools which don't seem to play quite right at the moment or at least don't seem to match the tutorial. Will I look forward to the SP - when will that be released?
  3. I just subscribed to R23 and I am liking it so far. I have been looking at the new UV tools and watching the new tutorial on Cineversity which looks cool. But it seems that this tut was done in a beta version of the software because when I try and use the interactive mapping tool it don't work... I click start interactive mapping and choose my mapping method but ther seems to be no way to turn interactive mapping off and there is no preview of the UVs whilst adjusting the projection. Am I doing something wrong or is the software at fault?
  4. Hi Peeps Been working on this again trying to improve the sound, lighting and camera moves and other bits… Looking forwards to seeing what you lot think? Graveyard Revisited I removed the mist since it killed the shadows and I think the DOF kinda gives a distant mist effect.
  5. GazzaMataz

    L' Artista Animation

    Smashing flick! Makes me wanna upgrade to R23 now
  6. OK peeps suggestions taken on board. I have tinkered with the lights and as Dave said the main area light in the scene is too large so I have switched it to an infinite light which brings back the shadows and I have also removed the mist since the DOF is burring the background which kind of has the same effect. So here are two images with this executed from the church scene and the tomb scene. I have also added wind to the trees but I find it increases the number of leaves on the trees when I do this... Something to rectify in Forester. I am liking this result better :-)
  7. @Dave thanks for your comments although I don't think I will be giving the skelly red eyes… And I don't want to do this using a toon shader, I know that is classic cartoon but I want this in 3D and to help me get better with Redshift Not sure what you mean about keeping the funny walk until the very end? I think you mean keep skelly walking and don't pull back from the tomb at the start of shot 03 (where skelly sees tomb) which makes sense. Everyone keeps saying add shadows they are there but they just don't seem to be strong enough. I cannot seem to increase the blackness of th
  8. Cerbera I agree completely on the sound I just threw it together and it is ‘rough’. I was only thinking this yesterday when reviewing the whole flick but posted anyway.
  9. Igor thanks for taking a look again. I am not after too realistic a result since this is meant to be a cartoon. I have started a more in depth course on Redshift so the lights might improve and some of the textures. I think skelly’s texture needs a bit of work, perhaps the ground. Bare in mind that I am not using GI - yet
  10. Well spent a bit more time on this working on the DOF, lights and camera moves - think it's an improvement Graveyard Revisited
  11. Hi Igor I have done a all the Redshift tuts on their site and quite a few from YouTube like Five31 and learnt a fair amount but am looking for something a bit more deeper perhaps. I will look at your one too
  12. Hi All Not sure if I have posted this here before but I wanted to know what Redshift training courses people would recommend - I have my eye on the one at Hello Lux…
  13. The skeleton was the easy part it’s all the lighting and camera work that’s the hardest. Think I might do one of those HelloLux Redshift training courses see if I can learn a thing or two to help improve this flick
  14. Hi Peeps This is a project I started back in 2000 when I first started learning C4D. I came back to it now and again over the years as my skills improved and recently I decided it would be great to revisit it once again using it as my first Redshift project (I have since used Redshift on other projects). It's obviously still not finished but I want to see peoples thought on areas they think could improve it. So far other people are saying it's too long and I should fiddle about with the cameras and shadows since the lighting doesn't look realistic - it's a cartoon! Grav
  15. I have been sending some of my spare time working on one of my own pet projects which involves using trees from the Forester plugin. I opened up my file and started looking to make improvements using Redshift… To my horror it didn't look anything like the render I did on Monday and I spent the whole afternoon trying to work out why comparing other scenes and files. For some reason C4D had turned off Linear Workflow but even then the scene wasn't lit quite the same. What even more annoying is that all of my trees had rearranged their leaves… And some of them I spent a fair bit of time on gettin
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