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  1. I have looked on the internet (trust me) on how to make steam in X-Particles and found a tut that uses Thinking Particles and PyroCluster which works fine until I want to render it in Redshift. Now I have watched tuts on xpExplosiaFX and Redshift Volumes but that is more for fireballs and fire all I want is a bit of steam… Anyone got any pointers?
  2. Thanks for the replies chaps - much apprecaited. That seam BTW, if it's the one I think you mean, isn't a seam but the overhang of the river bank. Might need to add a bit more grass on the edge to make it more apparent. Plus I don't want to tinker too much with the path since I don't want to go back and re-animate anything since I would then have to do all the cloth sims again and one thing I have learned from this project is cloth sims can be TIME CONSUMING If I were to do this from scratch I would do some things quite differently but for now I might just add a displacement map
  3. I was looking at getting Forester but then I noticed and forgot about Xfrog which has been around years. Xfrog is the cheaper of the two but it looks a little dated… So since I have dabbled with Forester I am wondering which is the better of the two? I guess I have to try Xfrog to see how that looks. I might sound a bit skinflint on the cost side, since they are both relatively cheap, but when you have a subscription for this and then that it all starts to add up and get expensive!
  4. Well here is the latest version with sound, a few splashes and the ending… Now I am looking at it I am wondering whether to add some 'God Ray' lighting through the trees... Perhaps a bird fluttering by? Robin & John Sound I think I might need to add a few more blinks… And John floating in the water…
  5. Looking good so far… There are bits I would take a look at like the chimney breast the edges seem too sharp. Also the wood panels on the house could do with end planks lines if you know what I mean they all seem too long. Love the unevenness of the fence. I also think your corn on the cob looks a bit too even - could do with loosing the symmetry. But these are just my opinions looking forward to seeing your characters
  6. Well here is a blast from the past my first ever C4D project that I did with R5. A nuclear submarine launching it's missiles, the flick was rendered at 320x240! Looks so old now. BTW I hope I have improved since then
  7. Blimey! You're making me feel old… I remember first buying it in 1999 with R5 was it? Used it mainly for product visuals and was impressed by the speedy render times. Has changed somewhat since those heady days. Let's hope C4D goes from strength to strength
  8. Think I have finally managed to sort the cloth out after reading the manual, watching some tuts and tinkering - it took a while! So I finally have the cloth looking correct and the toadstools are dotty Next will be perfecting the rendering which will be a lot easier - I hope… Robin & John
  9. Well I have asked around and it appears that this is a bug! If you close the app and relaunch it that will fix it or if you change the simulation quality from Complete to Normal that too will fix it. I am using MD 8.5 but this is also in MD 9.5. Hopefully it will be fixed in MD 10. Hope this helps anyone else out there using MD with C4D
  10. OK when tinkering around with the cloth sims in MD I get this effect a lot where the cloth goes out of sync with the avatar even though the FPS is correct. Sometimes it syncs sometimes it don't… I know that this is not C4D really but has anyone got any ideas?
  11. You might want to read this article which is helpful. Personally since I already have two 2080ti GPUs I won't be grabbing a new 3080 yet even though they are 40-50% faster since it looks like they are on the large side and the 3080ti when they come out will be more promising https://www.cgdirector.com/new-launches-rtx-3000-amd-rdna2-zen-3/
  12. @Capruzzese LOL! The render is definitely noisy since it is only a low res render with all the settings on low - thanks for the nice comments though What I am trying to achieve is better hair and cloth simulations as well as the look of it using Redshift. I have started adding some more plants using Forester and am trying to get the cloth using Marvelous Designer to look as good as possible. The hair is also a bit shiny to me but I am working on it…
  13. FERNS! That's what I need ferns! When I go cycling in my local wood there are ferns everywhere… and brambles - bloody things! Cut myself to pieces on them
  14. OK here is the latest version with improved boots (no cloth showing through) and clothing although there are a still a few little glitches. I am doing a Marvelous Designer course so hoping to find a way of improving the cloth, it doesn't help that these characters are jumping about a lot! Have also looked at improving the hair render quality but even though I am using Redshift nodes it still seems a bit like they have tons of hairspray on their hair… Looking forwards to any comments or tips Robin & John
  15. Well I have been working on this mostly the textures on the boots - took ages UVing them! Here is a quick grab showing boot improvements Next up is looking at getting the hair to work better in Redshift…


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