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  1. The best way is to just start messing with examples in the C++ SDK. I made a couple of tutorials last year that will help you get started with the python and C++ examples.
  2. I had the same issue with my computer. For me the fans turned on, there was a single beep and it shut down. The issue was a faulty CPU. In my case though it was the 6950x. Intel reported that there were a bad batch of CPUs. I got a replacement CPU and have had no problems since.
  3. Introduction to Katana with Cinema 4D

    I have created a new topic in the Sculpting and Texturing club where I will post all the new videos for this tutorial series.
  4. I am creating a set of tutorials that uses C4D for the creation of the assets and Katana for all the Look Dev and final rendering using Pixar's Renderman. This is mainly to show people what Katana is and how it can be used. I don't expect anyone to actively be using Katana here at the Cafe, but its interesting to learn about how this tool works and how it is used in larger studios. Katana is a procedural workflow for creating the look dev of a scene. Its main power is that doesn't have to load in all the geometry into your scene when texturing and lighting. It will only load in just what you want to look at. Meaning you can load in a scene that describes and entire city in seconds, then texture, light and iterate your renders to quickly get the look you are after.
  5. Introduction to Katana with Cinema 4D

    No problem at all. I just think Katana is a really interesting workflow and thought others might like to know what it is.
  6. Introduction to Katana with Cinema 4D

    I made the video since people may not know what Katana is or how its actually used. And I do not expect anyone here will actually have a copy of Katana, or even want to have a copy at all. Mostly this is used in large studio pipelines, although some smaller studios are also now using it. The videos are just to show what it is and how it can be used. This post has absolutely nothing to do with the film project post. But to answer your questions, the idea for the film project is that it can look different for different shots. I don't actually expect anyone to have Katana, or even want to use it. But I personally am interested in creating a scene with it, so that is my direction of interest. Different shots can use different renderers and different workflows to help cater to those c4d users who have Octane, while others might have Arnold or Redshift or even use the Standard and Physical renderers. We could even make the movie a montage of different pieces. I think you are jumping the gun a bit since at the moment I am just looking to see who is interested. We are a long way off actually getting started. But for now there are some people interested in the idea, and thats good enough for me personally to start thinking and planning. No one else needs to do anything at all at this stage.
  7. I am going to be creating a bunch of tutorials to explain how Katana can be used for Look Dev. I will be using Cinema 4D to create all the 3d content in the tutorials and I will be using Pixar's Renderman for the renders (non-commercial version). This first video is a basic introduction to Katana that uses C4D to create an Alembic file. Then all materials, lights and cameras are applied in Katana. It is then rendered using Pixar's Renderman. In future videos I will go over texturing and how to do look dev for large scale scenes. If you have any questions then just ask. If you would like any specific tutorial videos then also just let me know.
  8. Lets make a movie using C4D: Indie4D

    To give people an idea of the timeline involved in such a project I had a look around for an existing article that tries to describe it. Interestingly this was one of the first ones I found and captures the process really nicely. Even though the movie that we intend to make may not contain live action or real life location shoots, the same process still needs to be considered in the overall production pipeline. http://www.andrew-whitehurst.net/pipeline.html
  9. Lets make a movie using C4D: Indie4D

    By 'showcase C4D' I am mean the later. To have a high-production quality movie where C4D is the primary tool for its creation. Its not about features in C4D. Its about using C4D to create as much of the content, animation and vfx as possible. The story comes first. This is also about the idea of making a movie. Which comes with a lot of different challenges. We can start with shorts, and need to in-fact to sort out the pipeline. But a short could be a single shot from a particular scene in the overall story. When creating a movie, C4D is a tool. It's like a toaster. It's our toaster, it's the toaster we like to use and it makes really good toast. I keep hearing people say that Maya makes better movie toast, and thats wrong, they both just toast bread so it's brown. And we still need the bread, toppings, knives and people to put it all together. What I am saying is that C4D is part of the solution, and we use it everywhere we can, but its not all going to be done in C4D. For instance someone might like to use Katana for a shot and render it using PRMan. All you need from C4D in that case is Alembic files of the assets. All of which can be created in C4D. This is going to be a slow process. It will take a long time. I will start gathering up more information in the coming months and flesh out the website with more information and content. Nothing will 'start' until early next year. But its good to get this idea out so we can start thinking about it.
  10. Lets make a movie using C4D: Indie4D

    Really great to see people are interested in the idea. At the moment there is no story. I am just gauging the interest level here on the cafe to see if people might be interested in such an idea. This will take a long time, as mentioned on the website it could take a couple of years. During that time I expect people to drop out of the project. In fact I expect people may pop in for a day/week and then leave. That is also fine. For now there is enough interest that I will go ahead and put together a website to help deal with the project. Since it's the project management and organisation part that I am most interested in creating. A place that allows for indie film makers to connect and collaborate on projects together. Trello will not work for this project since it is going to get very large and complicated, Trello is fine for smaller projects, but I have found for anything bigger it gets very messy. I will start planning things out and will look to have more information about how this would work next year. To begin with I will create a place that lets people say who they are, what interests they have in the project (writer, director, editor, 3d modeler, sound designer, look dev, animator etc...), what software they have or know (C4D, Katana, Renderman, Octane, X-Particles). We then need to define a story, design the visual look, break the story down into shots, define sets/props/characters etc... and only then can we start to actually do any work in C4D itself. Each scene could potentially use a different renderer, to utilise the existing hardware/software we each have. So teams working on a group of shots for a scene could have their own look. Or we may settle of a standard renderer such as Renderman, since the non-commercial version could be used for this project. I could also ask Pixar for some licences for this project. We need previz assets and final assets. So even if someone is only learning modelling, we can still use their creations for previz and look-dev, swapping out assets later on for the final high quality versions. So everyone is welcome to contribute. I personally am also interested in lookdev and would like to see how many people have, and know how to use, Katana. Particularly with a Renderman pipeline. We could then look at handling a few very large scale scenes. The Foundry may also be able to offer us a couple of licences when we get to the point that we need it. I can also handle setting up renderfarms on AWS and write custom software, tools, applications and setup a good pipeline. Thank you to everyone for your interest. More information will come next year. But if people have ideas for scripts then feel free to post here, or start a topic in the new Film Makers Club.
  11. Would everyone at the Cafe be interested in collaborating to create a movie using primarily just C4D? To start with I have created a website called http://www.indie4d.com to explain the idea. I would like to have a nice showcase for what C4D can do, similar to how the Blender crowd have created their tech demo movies. For myself, I would like to create the website that helps everyone collaborate and streamline the process for creating a film. It would allow people to connect, upload ideas for scripts, models, sound, character design etc... create lists of tasks and jobs for all the shot breakdowns, let people put their names to a job, basically keep track of everything including all the assets used for the creation of the movie. I also have a plugin that will allow everyone involved to be connected directly in C4D (like Skype), allowing you to directly communicate as well as drag and drop anything in c4d to your fellow movie maker friend (images, models, presets, stamps, objects from the OM...). This would also be hooked into the website to allow everyone to download content from the website directly into their scenes (model, textures, full scenes, music, light setups, layouts, presets etc...) If people would be interested in this idea then just let me know and I can start building the full website. This may work in well with the new Filmmakers club. Were everyone can discuss techniques about how to make films, and apply those skills to an actual film in the process.
  12. Hi everyone, I will be slowly getting back into defining this club after a brief break. I was very busy getting 4D Publish 1.7 done as well as working on client projects. The last 2 updates to 4D Publish were all about painting. But I also added in some sculpting tools as well. I am not trying to spam my own products here, but since sculpting and painting is one of my favourite things to work on, and the reason I started this club, there is no harm in showing you these tools. To begin with there is a new brush called the Sculpt Projection Brush. I built this mainly to preserve the shape of the eyes when sculpting by placing a sphere in where the eye socket is. But this has a lot of other uses as well. You can use any mesh as your object to project the sculpting onto. I also added in a new object to easily allow you to animate your Sculpt Layers, its called the Sculpt Animator. Then there were lots of editions to the painting tools. Which also now work with the Sculpting tools, using sculpted areas to mask out textures and more. And lastly I wanted everyone to be able to paint directly onto Reflectance Layers. Including having a much more intuitive UI for selecting what you are painting on. This was even more important now that R19 supports the PBR workflow. So now you can paint directly onto PBR materials. It works great, R19s OpenGL improvements make the painting experience silky smooth and it looks fantastic with the viewport enhancements. If you have R17 or R18 you can also paint on Reflectance Layers and it is also very fast, you just need to press an additional "Paint All" button on the Material View. I am developing these tools for people like yourselves who would like to sculpt and paint in Cinema 4D. So if you have any features that you would like to have you only have to ask. Everything can be found over on www.4dpublish.com Cheers, Kent
  13. Replies merging

    I encountered the same issue when trying to add videos to one of the clubs. I would vote for that feature to be turned off. If we wanted to add to the previous post we can do so by editing it.
  14. True Virtual Sculpting

    Yeah, a stand up desk. Much better for the back and posture.