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  1. This can be done very easily using the UV Paint plugin. There is a one click solution on the Material View to create the selection sets for each UDIM, create texture tags and materials for each UDIM, load in all the textures from a folder onto all the channels on the materials for each UDIM, and finally assign polygons to the selections tags for each material UDIM. Its as simple as selecting folder on disk and clicking Setup Selected.
  2. If you have R17 or R18 then you can use all the Sculpting Brush textures for painting in Cinema 4D with UVPaint. It paints directly onto the selected layer in BodyPaint using a sculpting style Paint Brush. Just use the UVPaint Content Browser to find the texture. Single click to set as the stamp (ctrl+click for stencil) and then you can paint with the Paint Brush. You might want to checkout the videos for painting Stamps and Stencils. And a video that demonstrates how to use the content browser to set stamps and stencils.
  3. Thanks guys. Let as many people you know of about this plugin. It only takes 2200 people to be able to purchase the required libraries and make it a reality. We can make it happen, but it needs your help and support. Even if you don't think you need it today, you might need to open a CAD file from a client tomorrow. Thanks, Kent
  4. Hi everyone, I have launched a kickstarter campaign to bring full support for IGES, Step and openNURBS (Rhino 3DM) to Cinema 4D. A pledge of only $50 NZD ($35 USD) is enough to receive a copy of the 4D NURBS plugin. If you have ever had to deal with loading CAD files in C4D before and have had problems then please fund this project. Its only with your help and by you all spreading the word about this kick starter that this plugin will ever be made. Tell everyone you know that uses C4D. Even if you don't need to open a CAD file today, you might need to at some point in the future. And this plugin will benefit everyone. Best Regards, Kent
  5. I think this was a bug in R15. Just tested in R17 with a cube going up to level 11 (25 million polygons) and it looks ok. Slow to sculpt, but the error you mentioned is not there.
  6. I can confirm here. Happens in R17 as well as R18. The UV Polygons option only starts working if I have changed to the BodyPaint layout. I can then change back to my startup layout and the UV Polygon mode then becomes active. Looks like a bug, report it to MAXON.
  7. The demo may not have seemed technically impressive or polished to a final marketing demo. But what it shows is the following... BodyPaint is being worked on OpenGL viewport is being worked on Faster real time projection painting is being developed. Which works in a way that Mari does. IE paint in 2D on the screen and see it projected and updated in real time on the model. And add to that what was in the blog post UV Tools are being worked on. It has a new software rendering system as a fall back for older graphics cards. Companies and artists are in the loop and all your feedback and requests have been taken on board and action has been taken. And I have seen questions like "does this mean the new core is already in". Yes it is in. The new core has been in since R16. What you are seeing is the new core being utilized by other parts of C4D. Slowly being upgraded, in some cases possibly thrown out and redone from scratch on top of the new core without breaking any current scenes, workflows or rendering pathways. Very hard to do and they are doing a great job. I see questions about using the Sculpting workflow. If they do that, currently sculpting is only part of Studio and BodyPaint3D, so not everyone will benefit. I personally think they should go after Mari, but with a tool set that is more intuitive to C4D users. So that will require a full UI overhaul. But in the mean time they can deliver slices of the technology to you incrementally, like this tech preview shows. And as a service update is fantastic. They have been hiring people for modeling, uv mapping, gpu computing etc... over the past few years. Their jobs page is now empty of all programmer jobs. They are full up. They are planning for the next 5 years of releases and their coders are all going full steam ahead with the new core. Looking forward to Siggraph to see all the demos. Maybe even a live preview of this new painting technology.
  8. Its a limitation of the sculpting system. The brush adjust its size depending on the overall size of the object being sculpted. This allows you to sculpt on extremely large objects and very very small objects. You should put a request into MAXON to ask for a global brush size that doesn't change. IE define a brush size in world space that stays the same size no matter what the object size is. My advice would be to combine the two objects into one then sculpt on it. And if you need to have them separate then break them apart again when done.
  9. Welcome SMartian. I think it would be better if you posted a picture of your work rather than a link to facebook. Look forward to checking out your work.
  10. This video, or others like it, may help:
  11. I have not used C4D Lite before myself so I may be wrong on this but... C4D Lite is meant to be used within After Affects. So the workflow is to load your c4d file into a composition in After Effects and then you simply render out your after effects scene as a .mov or mp4.
  12. I have really enjoyed reading all your comments in this thread IceCaveman. I am not sure what this thread is really about anymore now anyway. It has veered well off course from its original target. I have also laid out my thoughts on the future development on this thread, but that was buried a long time ago many pages away. I see the future being very bright for MAXON. We will all know in a couple of months what the real deal is going to be. I am not worried at the moment though since I still have so much more to dig into in C4D that its going to take me many years before I hit every nook and cranny anyway (both as a user and as a developer). And this is after 7 years of digging. I look forward to any new tools, workflow and API enhancements that come next. But even if its just speed improvements then I am happy. And the new core will lead to improvements in every area of C4D. For others my main hope is that TR becomes solid as a rock.
  13. Version 1.1 is now available. Includes the following new features Multibyte Character Set support for filenames and file paths. Password protection Custom Templates For more information you can download the full documentation from the website Note that website has not yet been updated and doesn't list these features.
  14. I actually think its more beneficial to have some plugins developed by Cineversity instead of including them in C4D. Cineversity is not restricted to the same yearly release cycle that C4D is. They are able to move quickly and create targeted plugins directly for the artists, and can release them often throughout the year. And that includes any bug fixes. A fix for an individual plugin could be made and be out in a matter of days vs waiting for a service update for C4D. On top of that they also create tutorials for the plugins and provide support via their own forum. And now its not restricted to premium members, if you are an MSA subscriber then you get them all for free.
  15. I recently paid for my MSA and I am looking forward to see what the devs have cooked up for R18. I personally see any software as just another tool. Just like my drill I use to hang up paintings, or my toaster to make breakfast. If that tool does the job then I don't need to upgrade it. If I find that I need something and the new version has support for it then I will upgrade. My job pays for my tools. Not just C4D upgrades, but maybe that nice new toaster that does 4 slices instead of 2. I can justify upgrading C4D since I use it in my job to actually make a living. Whereas I suffer through the torment of having to use my toaster twice in the morning so it sadly will not be upgraded. I do see the price point being quite a large layout for many people, particularly hobbyists. But I think my hobby as a photographer or musician is much more expensive than anything related to any of the 3D work I do. I make zero dollars from my hobbies, but If I was doing 3D as a hobby I would imagine I could do a bit of odd jobs here and their to cover the cost of upgrading. So for myself I have to upgrade. If I don't upgrade I can't work with any clients that have R18. But I intend to charge all those clients enough so that I can pay for upgrades for next year and also make more toast for breakfast.