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  1. Just a note to say that this was the last of the Sneak Peek videos for 1.5. The product is nearing feature complete. It is still in Alpha stage and will be a few months before the official release. When released I will provide new videos to show some real-life use cases and workflows and will make sure no spheres are used during the making of any new videos. I hope you enjoyed these little peeks into the development cycle. Previously many people have said that they would like more transparency from developers, so this was my way of providing an early insight into what is coming and being worked on. For now its back to work for more fine tuning, ui cleaning and optimising. Still a lot more to come in future version. Best Regards, Ken
  2. Another sneak peek video. This video demonstrates drawing vector graphics directly into the viewport. You can then paint it directly onto your selected models, including a one click full projection.There is also a new paint brush that is independent of the sculpting system so everyone will be able to use the new painting tools no matter what version of Cinema 4D you have. These features will be in UV Paint Lite and Standard.
  3. If you have R17 or R18 then you can use all the Sculpting Brush textures for painting in Cinema 4D with UVPaint. It paints directly onto the selected layer in BodyPaint using a sculpting style Paint Brush. Just use the UVPaint Content Browser to find the texture. Single click to set as the stamp (ctrl+click for stencil) and then you can paint with the Paint Brush. You might want to checkout the videos for painting Stamps and Stencils. And a video that demonstrates how to use the content browser to set stamps and stencils.
  4. FYI: A new Texture Connectons workflow video was added to the first post.
  5. Here is an older post I wrote about this (originally written back in 2009 I think). http://tools4polygons.blogspot.co.nz/2015/12/multiple-uvs-and-lightmaps-in-c4d.html
  6. Hi everyone,I am adding in a MegaScan importer into UV Paint (will be part of the next 1.5 update). If there are any users out there that use Quixel MegaScans and have specific requirements for how you like to setup your materials in C4D then please let me know. I will then add extra features to customise the material when importing. Cheers, Kent
  7. Hi everyone, Here is a quick sneak peek video demonstrating some of the new features coming to the next release (1.5) of UV Paint. Features include New Vector Graphics System Draw Objects DICOM image support SVG image support And some new procedural objects Mega Scan Importer Texture Connection Tag and HDR Browser New Paint Brush that works with any version of Cinema 4D as well as BodyPaint. View Vector Images directly in the Viewport and paint them directly onto your models. New one click Projection Paint button for projecting images onto your model. Draw Vector Graphics directly into your c4d viewport. Kent
  8. Here are 4 more videos showing what is coming. Also due to the large number of features the next version number is going to be 1.5. We are already midway through this products cycle as well so it fits nicely. Apologies for the bad artwork. Unfortunately I have no time to produce any decent art work or real-life workflows at the moment. These will come after the 1.5 release. Animating Objects Multiple 3D Views Styling Shapes, Animating Shapes and Rendering Pages on C4D Materials. Texture Connection Tag and HDR Browser for easily setting up reflections
  9. Hi everyone, An update to 4D Publish will be coming in the next couple of months but I just wanted to share what is happening. This next update is focusing on interaction inside of PDF documents. You will be able to create buttons on your pages to change takes (including changes to visibility) and also change cameras, lighting and shading. Here is a vimeo video that goes over these new features. You will also be able to animate objects as well as cameras for a camera fly through of your scenes. Buttons will be able to trigger animations for a given set of keyframes for objects and cameras. Also multiple pdf pages and multiple 3D views on each page. These features will all be shown in future videos. These new features will allow you to create interactive PDFs for your clients. Architectural walk-through, product presentation where the objects pull apart or hide to show internals, Step by Step guides to build or repair something etc... The goal is to open up a new market for everyone who has C4D. Creating new experiences for clients and customers by bringing the power and ease of use of C4D directly into PDF documents to create interesting and engaging user experiences. I will update this thread with more videos and features as they become ready. If you purchase the current version today then you will get the new Version 1.2 when it becomes available. www.4dpublish.com Cheers, Kent
  10. Hi everyone,UVPaint 1.1 has been released. - New Material View to help manage and work with multiple Materials on a single object.- New Content View to make it easier to switch stamps and stencils when painting or sculpting.- UDIM support including loading in textures for each UDIM material.- Create layers and channels over multiple materials.- Flood Filling layers over mulitiple materials.- Texture extracton and remapping.- And lots more...Existing customers have been switched to now using UVPaint Standard.Also released is UVPaint Lite for users who have Visualise, Broadcast or Prime, allowing you to take advantage of the material view and in particular UDIM workflows.Demo version also available.http://www.gamelogicdesign.com/Prod...uctName=UVPaintBest Regards,Kent
  11. Hi Chad, I am working on an update to UVPaint at the moment and could incorporate a solution for you in the next release. I have a solution for importing materials that use UDIMs currently which you can view here. But I could add a similar feature that would do what you need. If you could send me an email (support at gamelogicdesign.com) with the file naming convention you are using for textures and models and I will look into adding a special dialog to do exactly what you need. I do realise you are not importing textures and you are really just re-assigning materials, but it would fit in nicely with the workflows that this plugin is made for. It could be made to import all your alembic files in one go and re-assign textures at the same time, or swap objects in/out of your scenes for you. Anything is possible. Just let me know what best fits your pipeline. Kent
  12. Get 30% OFF both 4D Publish and the Paint Brush plugin in this fantastic Cyber Monday Sale!Just use the following coupon to get started publishing 3D PDF files or painting with Stencils, Stamps and Symmetry.Coupon Code: CYBERMONDAYAvailable NOW until Monday night. Paint Brush 4D Publish
  13. Thanks guys. Let as many people you know of about this plugin. It only takes 2200 people to be able to purchase the required libraries and make it a reality. We can make it happen, but it needs your help and support. Even if you don't think you need it today, you might need to open a CAD file from a client tomorrow. Thanks, Kent
  14. Hi everyone, I have launched a kickstarter campaign to bring full support for IGES, Step and openNURBS (Rhino 3DM) to Cinema 4D. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1972680053/4d-nurbs A pledge of only $50 NZD ($35 USD) is enough to receive a copy of the 4D NURBS plugin. If you have ever had to deal with loading CAD files in C4D before and have had problems then please fund this project. Its only with your help and by you all spreading the word about this kick starter that this plugin will ever be made. Tell everyone you know that uses C4D. Even if you don't need to open a CAD file today, you might need to at some point in the future. And this plugin will benefit everyone. Best Regards, Kent
  15. You can fill selected polygons with color using the "Paint Brush" plugin. It fills a lot of the gaps that are currently missing from BodyPaint. http://www.gamelogicdesign.com/Products/TabView?productName=Paint Brush Checkout the Features section for "Flood Fill" and "Respect Polygon Selections".