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  1. Hi everyone, I will be slowly getting back into defining this club after a brief break. I was very busy getting 4D Publish 1.7 done as well as working on client projects. The last 2 updates to 4D Publish were all about painting. But I also added in some sculpting tools as well. I am not trying to spam my own products here, but since sculpting and painting is one of my favourite things to work on, and the reason I started this club, there is no harm in showing you these tools. To begin with there is a new brush called the Sculpt Projection Brush. I built this mainly to preserve the shape of the eyes when sculpting by placing a sphere in where the eye socket is. But this has a lot of other uses as well. You can use any mesh as your object to project the sculpting onto. I also added in a new object to easily allow you to animate your Sculpt Layers, its called the Sculpt Animator. Then there were lots of editions to the painting tools. Which also now work with the Sculpting tools, using sculpted areas to mask out textures and more. And lastly I wanted everyone to be able to paint directly onto Reflectance Layers. Including having a much more intuitive UI for selecting what you are painting on. This was even more important now that R19 supports the PBR workflow. So now you can paint directly onto PBR materials. It works great, R19s OpenGL improvements make the painting experience silky smooth and it looks fantastic with the viewport enhancements. If you have R17 or R18 you can also paint on Reflectance Layers and it is also very fast, you just need to press an additional "Paint All" button on the Material View. I am developing these tools for people like yourselves who would like to sculpt and paint in Cinema 4D. So if you have any features that you would like to have you only have to ask. Everything can be found over on www.4dpublish.com Cheers, Kent
  2. Replies merging

    I encountered the same issue when trying to add videos to one of the clubs. I would vote for that feature to be turned off. If we wanted to add to the previous post we can do so by editing it.
  3. True Virtual Sculpting

    Yeah, a stand up desk. Much better for the back and posture.
  4. True Virtual Sculpting

    I think its a fun way to experiment and play with ideas. It will also give people, who previously have never created anything in 3D before, an easy entry point into being able to create their own models. Once they reach their limits in VR they will then move to a DCC app, so its a good stepping stone. There are things you can do in VR that are a lot more intuitive and very easy to do. Grab a model scale it, move it, rotate, duplicate, all with a single hand movement. Draw geometry just by clicking a controller and dragging out the polygons. Walk into your model and draw things exactly where they should be without having to zoom cameras around. Use pre-built geometry to quickly build up a scene. Its a great workflow for concept sketching. Including working collaboratively with people all around the world. Its a different form of creation. It will not replace sitting with a mouse or tablet (or standing as I do), the same way we will never be doing Minority Report style video editing on a giant screen in front of us waving our arms around for 8 hours at our day job. But it is fun, easy and very captivating when you are in VR. I am working in this area myself at the moment, and its a lot of fun.
  5. This may help. https://3dscanexpert.com/3d-scan-uv-texture-remap-c4d/
  6. How to create Specular material in R18

    Specular is handled in the Reflection Channel as a Layer.
  7. UDIM Workflow

    I will be making some new tutorial videos for how to work with UDIMs using 4D Publish. But the basics are that you select a set of UVs (or islands) and uv map them so they are in the 0-1 range. Then you can right click on the material in the 4D Publish Material View and select New UDIM. This will create a new material, with a selection tag for the selected UVs and move them into the next available UDIM uv space (2-3, 3-4, 4,5 etc...). Once you have mapped all your UVs to different materials (ie different UDIMS), then you can start to paint the textures. The Material View will automatically create a Color channel for you. Each material, selection tag and texture is named with the UDIM number. Using the Material View buttons to add extra channels will also ensure all the materials get a UDIM with the correct naming convention as well. If you have UV mapped your model in another program then you can import it using the Material View (Setup UDIMS for Object) and it will automatically create materials, selection tags and import textures if they are available, such as being painted in Mari. https://help.4dpublish.com/1077.html
  8. It was rewritten in R19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfZgFpp5VuA
  9. Saving Masks in the Sculpt?

    You can copy a mask to another layer. - Right click on your layer that has a mask and choose Copy Mask. - Create a new layer - Right click on the new layer and Paste the mask. - Rename the new layer so you know what it is "Masked Eyes". Now any time you need that mask just copy it from that layer and paste it onto whatever other layer you need to use it on. However this only works if the layers are at the same level. If you want to speed up the workflow even more you can assign keyboard shortcuts to Copy Mask and Paste Mask. And to keep things nice and clean, you can create a Folder and call it "Masks" and put all your mask layers into that folder.
  10. Give-Away of 4D Publish

    I believe Craig has been busy recently with other projects. Also I advised him to wait until 1.6 was released, which was today. This allows him to talk about any of the new features as well as the current ones.
  11. add thickness to landscape

    Use a Cloth Surface.
  12. String to Filepath of Texture Node

    You might want to ask over on the official MAXON SDK Support site: http://www.plugincafe.com/forum Or post up your code so we can see what your doing and what might be wrong.
  13. Have you tried asking on the official x-particles forums?
  14. Give-Away of 4D Publish

    Just thought I would jump in here and clarify one thing. Beeple did not use 4D Publish, rather I used his Zero Day scene and exported it to PDF as a test. This is what is shown on the behance page. You can download some sample PDF files from the 4D Publish page itself: https://www.4dpublish.com/3d-pdf Also Adobe Acrobat is not designed for massive scenes. You can still have hundreds of objects if you wish, but it might revert down to a wireframe or bounding box representation if its fps drops to low. The benefit of it is that its a viewer that everyone has on their computers. Any computer can open a PDF file using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. This means that a reasonable model will open on even the lowest spec computer. Making it perfect for technical manuals and product visualisations. Customers use them for placing products into PDF documents, designing floor layouts for booth and product display spaces, technical documentation with 3D models of parts of engines (sometimes brought in from CAD data directly). I will be making some better demo PDF files soon that showcase the new features such as object and camera animation as well as buttons to change views and trigger animations in the scene. I will now leave this back in the hands of Icecaveman.