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  1. Just thought I would mention that you can still edit the UVs of the base mesh while it is being sculpted. The changes will be propagated through to the higher subdivision levels.
  2. kbar

    VR Sculpting...

    Is it worth me doing another poll on this? If there are enough C4D users out there that now have a vive/rift I could write a sculpting tool that lets you use the C4D sculpting tools in VR. Could also add volumetric sculpting tools as well. If not this year then perhaps next year will see more adoption and this kind of development might make sense to do as a business. Hard for me to compete with the other free sculpting VR tools though.
  3. As far as I know there is still no way to do this in C4D natively, which is why I made this plugin: https://www.plugins4d.com/sculpt-projection-brush
  4. I had to go through the signup process again to find it. Here is the link for those interested. https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/terms/
  5. How can we read it again? I can't find any link to it anywhere on the website.
  6. Recently when logging in I was presented with a Terms and Conditions agreement that I had to accept. Could you please add this to the bottom of the website. It should be accessible at all times. Also you should probably add a Privacy Policy as well. Thanks, Kent
  7. Yes it was added to R19. You can find it in the Create->Modeling->LOD. Its also right in the main tool bar at the top of C4D. I would just do a quick check of the C4D docs for "LOD" to see if it suits your needs.
  8. kbar

    C4DS plugins - R20 upgrade

    Do you have a website link?
  9. You could try the paint brushes in 4D Paint. The demo is 14 days so feel free to give it a go. https://www.plugins4d.com/paint-brushes-2/ Add a material, add a texture to the channel, select a layer, then use the paint brush with your decal as a stamp. Then just click on the model and it will project the decal down onto the model.
  10. If you end up getting in contact with someone at ShotgunSoftware yourself then feel free to let them know that I would be willing to create the integration as well support and maintain it going forward. But if you crowd source it and there are other devs who want to do this then that is ok as well. It is the holiday season and they will all be away soon, and I think this forum will also get quiet over the next couple of months so you may not see many people jumping into this thread anytime soon. Make sure to bump it again next year sometime in mid January.
  11. Really great to see interest in these kind of workflow and integrations for C4D! I would like to see this done from the ShotgunSoftware side. This would then add a sense of security to the project to know that if you adopt it in your pipeline then it will continue to be supported. I would be interested in developing the system myself. I have in the past created a prototype system very similar to shotgunsoftware that was fully integrated into C4D, but I did not release it. I will get in touch with some people to see if there is any interest in funding it either from Shotgun or MAXON. -- How long would take to develop a fully fledged shotgun engine? (Man days) It would probably take about a year to develop a fully working, tested and documented integration. -- What would be a reasonable funding goal? Ideally the cost of a developer for 1 full year of work. But if that developer is not able/wiling to do documentation, tutorials, testing etc..., then at least one or two other people part time as well. -- Where would I start looking for developers? Here is a good start. Also https://plugincafe.MAXON.net/ But you need a developer that is not going to run away and leave the project in the dust, needs to be passionate about C4D, the artists and their work, and have a desire to work with studios and artists to ensure it fits with their pipelines. If you get the kickstarter going and there is enough interest then get in touch. Cheers, Kent
  12. You could try using the Flatten brush with the "smooth" checkbox enabled. Since your points are on a lying on a plane this should work ok for your workflow. If there are points you don't want smoothed you can mask them out.
  13. I don't think it is possible yet to bake a node material. It is not possible to do this with the SDK either. Hopefully they will allow for this in a future update.
  14. I don't have XP anymore so can't look at your setup or test your scene, but have you tried using the Cloth Deformer approach? From memory this should work I believe.
  15. Just a quick note... I am not stopping plugin development. It's just that with this particular set of tools I would rather see more people using them.



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