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  1. The trust issue I am referring to is secrecy and NDAs. Making sure what you are working on does not leak out. So people need to be trusted that they work in a secure location where anyone walking by can't see their screen (even in a flatting/house sharing situation). Or that they are trusted not to show anyone who pops by any of the work they are doing (not so much of an issue in these times of Covid though). Most likely this will mean studios will hire people who they have used before, or people who have a good reputation in the industry already. And it is less likely that a junior will be hi
  2. If you have Disney+ you can watch one of the "Extras". This details exactly what they did. They just all remoted in to the main servers, or their actual machine, at work. Weta here in NZ did the same thing last year and everyone worked from home. And now Weta is looking to move as much as they can into AWS directly. https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/media/weta-digital-goes-all-in-on-aws/ I think this will definitely be used for future productions since no one is travelling anywhere for the next few years. So yes I do think this will be great for Artists who will
  3. The new version is here https://www.MAXON.net/en/try that is the proper full version. What issues are you having trying to download it? Slow internet speed?
  4. The brush size is relative to the size of your selected object. This allows the brush to work on models that are very large as well as very small. But without seeing a scene I can’t really tell if that is what you are referring to.
  5. Projection painting should work in any view. Body Paint may seem outdated but it is still incredibly powerful. If you have photoshop there is a great workflow for sending your viewport via projection painting to Photoshop for all your painting, then bring it back when done and project it onto your model.
  6. Download it, sign in and see if it works. I believe it will work if you have a subscription. https://www.MAXON.net/en/downloads/c4d-r21-downloads
  7. Would be best to ask MAXON this question. https://www.MAXON.net/en/header-meta-navigation/about-MAXON/contact/sales-and-product-inquiries/ You can definitely download R21 from here: https://www.MAXON.net/en/products/support/downloads/
  8. YouTube PlayList https://vimeo.com/manage/showcases/5473880/info https://vimeo.com/manage/showcases/4144746/info https://www.plugins4d.com/paint-brush-tutorials https://www.plugins4d.com/old-paint-brush-tutorials You might be interested in these BodyPaint itself has a powerful masking system, which the 4D Paint tools are able to to work with as well (as showin in the Painting & Sculpting workflow above). I do have a tutorial somewhere that explains more what you are after, and it
  9. Yes all my plugins are updated for R23. Just select it from the dropdown when you get to the download page.
  10. I read through Shrikes post, all great points. But people should look at the nodes system as a tech preview. And even though the examples may only be showing cubes and spheres, what it is demonstrating is how they are solving the #1 problem that everyone on every forum or slack channel has been hammering them about for years. And that is being able to interactively move millions of objects around in the scene. I get that people want to see real world examples. But all anyone needs to do is in their minds swap out those million cubes for a million houses, or a million trees, or a million cars i
  11. In addition to what Bezo showed... You could also use the "Texture View" from 4D Paint tools (its free). If you skip to 8:20 in this video you will see where I change the channel being displayed by clicking on the channels or layers that I want to be shown.
  12. I made an experimental one that I gave to my Patron followers last year. I haven't taken it any further than this however, no real demand for it.: https://www.patreon.com/posts/29275657
  13. From your description it sounds like you want to pack UVs from multiple objects onto one UV map? You can use a Canvas (from the 4D Paint plugin) to let you view the UVs from multiple objects in one UV space. And if you really want to you can sample the textures to a new material. There is basic editing for scaling and moving the UVs. No rotating though at this stage.
  14. kbar


    In recently added Redshift support to my UDIM importer if that helps. https://www.plugins4d.com/udim-importer
  15. In that video Rob is only painting on half of the model. The model is using the Symmetry Object so the other half is just a mirrored version of the part he is painting on.
  16. You can also do this using the 4D Paint tools as well (they are all free). Just open the Material View->Tools->Select Edges. When in point mode it selects edge points, edge mode it selects the edges and poly mode it selects all the edge polygons. It is also a command so you can dock it anywhere you want in your layouts. https://www.plugins4d.com/4dpaint https://www.plugins4d.com/material-view-2
  17. That is the ID for the Soft Selection Tag. What version of C4D did you create your file in, and what version of C4D is the render farm using?
  18. Khanh Trieu is not the author of any of these scripts. He has taken them directly from Lasse Lauch, Marc Pearson, Noah Witchell, Andy Runyon, Can Erduman and Andrew Noske and just packaged them up. Here are the links to the original scripts here in this thread if people want to go directly to the developer sites. https://www.lasselauch.com/c4d-script-add-null-to-selection-v2-0/ https://www.lasselauch.com/c4d-script-c4d_renamer-pack/ https://www.thepixellab.net/editoptimize-free-c4d-script http://www.noahwitchell.com/python-scripting-for-artists https
  19. Sounds like you should just be doing multi-channel projection painting instead of stretching images over UVs in Photoshop. There is no way that I know of to handle the workflow you describe in Photoshop itself. But you could do some manual method with duplicate layers and copy pasting into the same region. But that would be very tedious. If you want to project Color, Normals, Bump etc... all down at the same time you could give my tools a go (they are free). You just setup your material with the images you want to project in each channel, then drag it into the Material slot of the
  20. Version 2.5


    Tools for painting, texturing, sculpting and UV mapping. Paint with a sculpting style workflow to paint stamps, stencils and symmetry. Lets you work in a UDIM style fashion. Has new views to work with materials and bodypaint layers in a Photoshop style fashion. Use the content browser with all sculpt based brushes to easily let you set your working stamp and stencil. Includes a faster vertex painting brush to let you paint smoothly over millions of polygons with no delays, as well as project stencil and stamps directly onto your vertex maps. T
  21. This was specifically so that my 4D Paint painting and texturing tools work correctly in S22. These have just been released for free for everyone from R20 to S22.118.
  22. There is no button to repeat your last stroke. But what you could do is draw a spline on the surface and use that with snapping to draw your stroke onto the surface. And I think... you might be able to double click (or right click, or something) to apply it to the line as well. I am a bit foggy on it these days, but I do think drawing/snapping to splines drawn on the surface will do what you want. But you will need to draw, undo, draw, undo until you have the look you want. Then double click a few times to apply it over and over to get the final look you are after. I also have a
  23. I own my own personal perpetual copies of C4D from R17 to R21. When R22 comes out I will buy a perpetual license to that as well. I still haven't decided if I will move to subscription after that or not. But I personally don't see any big deal with any of this stuff going on in these threads. For me I happily throw $1000 at MAXON every year for my perpetual. It is the tool I use earn a living. I have to stay updated with the latest version (and keep all older versions) to do my job, it's just an expense, just like making sure I have good tires on my car. I spend way more money on computer equi
  24. I think @Cairyn has this sorted. My only other thoughts were if these are IGES assembly files, then I was wondering if this could be done at the import stage. So it only imports just the parts and assemblies that you require, that you specify in a document. Rather than importing the entire model and then hiding the parts. These assemblies can get HUGE with thousands of small parts. But I haven't tried importing these into C4D myself so I am not sure how powerful the importer is and if that is even possible. If I was writing my own NURBS importer I would have added thi


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