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  1. That is the ID for the Soft Selection Tag. What version of C4D did you create your file in, and what version of C4D is the render farm using?
  2. Khanh Trieu is not the author of any of these scripts. He has taken them directly from Lasse Lauch, Marc Pearson, Noah Witchell, Andy Runyon, Can Erduman and Andrew Noske and just packaged them up. Here are the links to the original scripts here in this thread if people want to go directly to the developer sites. https://www.lasselauch.com/c4d-script-add-null-to-selection-v2-0/ https://www.lasselauch.com/c4d-script-c4d_renamer-pack/ https://www.thepixellab.net/editoptimize-free-c4d-script http://www.noahwitchell.com/python-scripting-for-artists https://helloluxx.com/tutorials/cinema4d-2/cinema4d-misc/disable-sds-script/ https://andrewnoske.com/wiki/Cinema_4D_-_my_Python_scripts
  3. The R19 version is still available, just not for free.
  4. Sounds like you should just be doing multi-channel projection painting instead of stretching images over UVs in Photoshop. There is no way that I know of to handle the workflow you describe in Photoshop itself. But you could do some manual method with duplicate layers and copy pasting into the same region. But that would be very tedious. If you want to project Color, Normals, Bump etc... all down at the same time you could give my tools a go (they are free). You just setup your material with the images you want to project in each channel, then drag it into the Material slot of the Paint brush. You can then do a lasso select over the entire surface and project that down onto the object. Here is a video that actually uses a Substance Material, but the workflow is the same if you don't have substance and just use a standard material. Edit: Actually looks like you are using version 7 of C4D. So these tools won't help you.
  5. Just added a getting started guide to help everyone get up to speed painting with stamps, stencils and UDIMS.
  6. There is a new update to the plugins. Please download again and replace your version to get the update. 25th July 2020 Hotfix Fixed: The sculpting based paint brush was not respecting the brush falloff. Feel free to add support questions or let me know of any issues you find here... https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/files/file/47-4d-paint/
  7. kbar

    4D Paint

    Version 2.4


    Tools for painting, texturing, sculpting and UV mapping. Paint with a sculpting style workflow to paint stamps, stencils and symmetry. Lets you work in a UDIM style fashion. Has new views to work with materials and bodypaint layers in a Photoshop style fashion. Use the content browser with all sculpt based brushes to easily let you set your working stamp and stencil. Includes a faster vertex painting brush to let you paint smoothly over millions of polygons with no delays, as well as project stencil and stamps directly onto your vertex maps. Texture transfer and remapping features to move UVs from one space to another and keep all your painting detail. UV mapping tools Includes a vector graphics system for creating animated materials There is simply too many features and workflows contained in these plugins for me to list everything here. When you press 'Download this file' you will be taken to a web page where you can choose the version of Cinema 4D and the OS you are using, then you can press the 'Free Download' button on that page and it will start downloading in a second or two. Instructions for installing are found in the zip file and also in the video found on the page. Compatible with R20, R21 and S22.118 on both OSX and Windows Includes the Paint Brushes, Material View, Layer View, Content View, Texture View, Vertex Paint Brush, SVG Importer and the Vector Graphics System. It is free. No license keys required. Make sure you install the layouts! 25 July 2020 HOTFIX Fixed: The sculpting based paint brush was not respecting the brush falloff. Video Collections 4D Paint - Video Collection 4D Paint - Brush Video Collection Highlighted Videos
  8. That would be great, thanks Igor. They can post any questions or requests about it into this thread, unless you can think of a better place?
  9. This was specifically so that my 4D Paint painting and texturing tools work correctly in S22. These have just been released for free for everyone from R20 to S22.118.
  10. Thanks Bezo. Yes I am interested to see how many people actually adopt these tools, since for many years people have been asking for these types of workflows. Will wait and see.
  11. 4D Paint is now FREE!! Available for R20, R21 and S22.118 on OSX and Windows. No licensing required. Just download and have fun. More info here:
  12. There is no button to repeat your last stroke. But what you could do is draw a spline on the surface and use that with snapping to draw your stroke onto the surface. And I think... you might be able to double click (or right click, or something) to apply it to the line as well. I am a bit foggy on it these days, but I do think drawing/snapping to splines drawn on the surface will do what you want. But you will need to draw, undo, draw, undo until you have the look you want. Then double click a few times to apply it over and over to get the final look you are after. I also have a "Duplicate Sculpt Layer" command in my own plugins (https://www.plugins4d.com/sculptpack) which you could use to draw your strokes onto one layer, then duplicate the layer to add the same effect again. When you are done you can merge the layers together. You might also be interested in this video I made a couple of years ago, since I made it to help out users coming from zbrush If there are any features for sculpt brushes in zbrush that that you would like to have in C4D then just let me know. I really should get back into making more brushes and features for people.
  13. If you have added the plugin folder to your Edit-Preferences-Plugins search path then you can simply uncheck it in the list and the plugin will no longer get loaded when you next start C4D. The plugins search paths was added to R20 I think.
  14. I own my own personal perpetual copies of C4D from R17 to R21. When R22 comes out I will buy a perpetual license to that as well. I still haven't decided if I will move to subscription after that or not. But I personally don't see any big deal with any of this stuff going on in these threads. For me I happily throw $1000 at MAXON every year for my perpetual. It is the tool I use earn a living. I have to stay updated with the latest version (and keep all older versions) to do my job, it's just an expense, just like making sure I have good tires on my car. I spend way more money on computer equipment than I ever have on my C4D licenses. If you are a hobbyist it seems even better now since you don't have to pay $7000 to get into C4D. If you are a long time loyal customer are you not happy that your favourite company is doing well and won't go under or have to sell out to someone else? It's strange since it feels like it's only me who looks at MAXON and just says "good job guys, keep it up".
  15. I think @Cairyn has this sorted. My only other thoughts were if these are IGES assembly files, then I was wondering if this could be done at the import stage. So it only imports just the parts and assemblies that you require, that you specify in a document. Rather than importing the entire model and then hiding the parts. These assemblies can get HUGE with thousands of small parts. But I haven't tried importing these into C4D myself so I am not sure how powerful the importer is and if that is even possible. If I was writing my own NURBS importer I would have added this in
  16. Please feel free to add all your suggestions and ideas to your own thread here... https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/forum/284-plugins-requests/ Us plugin developers can then look over everything and see if there is some way to help out with a separate plugin. This is something I regularly do for people. Would be great to see all your ideas in one place. For what you wrote above it might motivate someone (even myself) to create a specialised version of the timeline that suits your needs.
  17. First of all I do agree that a "thank you for your suggestions" email should at least be sent, even if it is an automated one. But you need to consider time frames for this type of thing. If you make a suggestion today then it goes into the pool of ideas. These are then looked at over a period of probably a year to decide what to do next. Then development would start. So lets say development started today on a feature for you. You would not see it until September 2023. Since if it starts being developed now then it will not be out for R22. And even if it is started now it might not be finished by the end of this year, which would be the cutoff date for R23 features, to allow documentation and beta testing on it. Which means it won't make it into C4D until R24. But with this subscription change you never know. It may be able to come out somewhere between the traditional R23 and R24 release. Either way, they have an entire team of UX people and product people all working out the next moves. Which is now compounded by the addition of RedShift and RedGiant. And they would also have a backlog of features they already have planned to add that is most likely 3-5 years long before they even get to looking at new things.
  18. Sounds doable. Might see if I can find some info on what this format is.
  19. Looks like it is a C.O.F.F.E.E script made in 2005. COFFEE was removed in R20. So I don’t think you will see an update for this. They would need to rewrite it completely in Python or C++ tastudios are definitely the ones who created it. https://forums.cgsociety.org/t/steadycampro-the-camera-animation-tool/904071
  20. kbar

    Jet Fluids

    I have decided to continue this discount offering and will leave it active for everyone here, at least until I consider it to be a final release (or getting close to it). https://gumroad.com/l/jetfluids/c4dcafe Cheers, Kent
  21. Do you by any chance use After Effects? Since it comes with C4D Lite if you have Adobe CC I believe.
  22. Just an update to say that this has been released and is available to all of the Alpha Tier patrons on my Patreon. https://www.patreon.com/posts/vertex-painting-32996746?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=postshare
  23. CV-AR gives you the vertex movement of the face and it also gives you the blend shape values from ARKit that you can use to drive your own Pose Morphs to control your own model of a face. If you want to have a face talking on your own mesh then you would need to create the blend shapes yourself (using FACS is good) and then drive them using the blend shape parameters from the CV-AR. The Xpresso setup that CV-AR gives you is a good starting point to see how this can be done, but you don't have to use it if you don't want to. You could also drive a rigged model using the blend shape values as well, but that would need a different xpresso setup. Hope that helps.
  24. Yes it’s possible. I am just not sure of the interest level in such tools. I have created such a system as an experiment with multi level voxel sculpting in C4D. But decided not to pursue it. But if their is genuine interest in these tools I could take a look at them again. It’s a hard sell from a 3rd Party developer like myself since people already use zbrush and 3dcoat. And from my experience it feels that artists are more willing to wait and see what MAXON does than buy new tools if they already have an existing workflow.
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