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    Just letting you know that I have the plugins compiling natively now for R20 on both OSX and Windows. Should have something ready for release soon.
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    I will answer both your questions here. First question was why does the dialog look different, that’s because your not using my plugin. Instead I think your using the python bridge one created by Ryan Gordon. Second question - you will have to ask Ryan my plugin only works on R21 for now on both OSX and Windows. It’s native compiled (ie C++ rather than Python). And it works on just the selected object itself and doesn’t need to export or import models, it just updates your currently selected model directly.
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    It feels stable to me. I could make a version for R20. Wanted to see what the interest is in this plugin first before working on R20 though since it is not a trivial task to compile for different versions.
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    No you can't use splines to direct the flow in Quadriflow. But I was working in an integration of Instant Meshes about 3 years ago and might dig that back out and properly add it into R21. Quadriflow is actually a modification of the original Instant Field-Aligned Meshes algorithm which is used in Instant Meshes, so it may be possible to bring across similar guide based workflows, but I would have to dig into the algorithms themselves in order to do this. However this plugin was created just to check out how well Quadriflow works in C4D as it stands now, and to see what the interest is in these kind of tools. At the moment it's great for me since I now have a Dynamesh style workflow for sculpting as well as an automated pelting solution for painting. As for the eyes... haha, that wasn't planned at all. It was just a quick test using random textures and I decided to keep it in the video clip.
  5. In R20 and R21 you can put your plugins anywhere on your computer. Then from Edit->Preferences->Plugins set a path to the folder where you put your plugins. There is no longer a Plugins menu in R21. It is now called Extensions. Also be aware that R20 plugins will NOT work in R21. Some python ones may work. But everything else will need to be recompiled by the developers. You will also need to provide them with your new User ID or System ID for licensing. Contact the developers of the plugins for more details. I made a video which goes over most of this. Just watch the first few minutes of this video... At 0:30 it shows how to get your User ID and then at 1:30 it shows how to set your plugins location in the preferences. Note that my licensing system is for my own plugins, you will need to talk to the developers of your specific plugins to find out how they are now licensing theirs.
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    Jet Fluids

    Hi everyone, I am working on a fluid simulation system called Jet Fluids. It is based on the open source Jet Framework by Doyub Kim. This is a very early Alpha plugin and I work on it every now and then to add new features and workflows. But it will keep changing and being updated. It is available for R20 and R21 for both OSX and Windows only for Patreon Alpha Tier subscribers: https://www.patreon.com/plugins4d This was free for about a year but I just recently moved it to the Patreon to track who really uses it and who is interested in funding it. If you use it and create anything cool, or find any bugs then just post it up here and let me know. You can also visit: https://www.plugins4d.com/jet-fluids for more information as well.
  7. I have written a plugin that uses the open source library Boundary First Flattening. This is a UV mapping tool to automatically create a best seam for your model and then flatten it out into one UV island. This is a very early beta version for Windows users only currently. But if there is interest in this plugin I can bring it to OSX as well. I hope to spend more time on this if it is of interest to everyone, since there is a lot more features I can still add to this system to help you define how the UV map gets generated. Here are a couple of examples of the plugin in action. This is available now to R20 users on Patreon for Alpha Plugin subscribers: https://www.patreon.com/posts/boundary-first-29262933 You can also buy it separately for R20 from here: https://www.plugins4d.com/bff And for R21 it is currently only available in my bundles but I will eventually break this out into its own purchasable plugin again.
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    And finally this gif shows using Quadriflow, then the BFF (Boundary First Flattening) UV mapping plugin, and finally painting the model using the 4D Paint stencil painting brushes.
  9. kbar


    Hi everyone, Firstly thanks to the C4D Cafe for setting up this area to let us developers talk about our plugins. I may be making a few posts here about each new plugin I am working on to allow you to discuss them in each of their own threads. I have been working on a new plugin for quad based remeshing based on the open source Quadriflow library. This is a C++ plugin directly including the library. It is currently single-threaded but will continue to work on it and add multi-threading support and also CUDA support for windows users. Here are a few gifs of the plugin in action. This is meshing a densely triangulate mesh on OSX. I am setting the resolution with the slider to tell the system approximately how many quads to create. This gif is showing how you can use it to remesh a polygonal object while sculpting on it. Just press the quadriflow button and then keep on sculpting your model. The plugin is available now for R21 for both OSX and Windows as part of the Alpha Plugins tear on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/posts/quadriflow-29928483 And it is also available for the same price $10 as part of the Alpha plugins bundle from my store https://www.plugins4d.com/quadriflow
  10. Autodesk is subscription only though right? The issue with MAXON is to do with Perpetual licences. Every feature that gets released needs to be matched against sales. So you either be a subscriber and pay during the year and get updates, or you go perpetual and get all the combined updates when you pay.
  11. You can double click those presets to use them. Or if you just want to use a texture but keep your settings then drag the image from the "tex" folder into the image field.
  12. They already do. I have my perpetual version for R21 right now.
  13. Just want to say I think the new look and feel of the site is really great. And the new plugin developer sections is really appreciated. Hopefully I have will have some time soon to start posting a bit in that area.
  14. Just thought I would post this here as well. Since people have commented that one of the other reasons to leave C4D is that the update breaks existing plugins. Well so does blender updates (and every other software update). https://theduckcow.com/2019/update-addons-both-blender-28-and-27-support/ This will most likely happen again when they go to 2.9. So every developer out there that has made a plugin, usually in their free time, to sell to blender artists is now faced with having to update and rebuild as well. Or abandon. And the link shown is just about Python plugins. C++ based ones most likely need a full recompile as well. But in C4D your existing python scripts should run just fine in R21.
  15. From what understand they will. It's just not called MSA. Its a yearly update for your perpetual licence that will be a combination of all the subscription features released during the year. They are offering both perpetual licences and subscriptions.
  16. Makes sense to go down this route. We will see in a few weeks time I guess.
  17. I just want to throw out a different perspective on this. Here in New Zealand we have to purchase C4D through our local reseller. We don't have an online website. It is all done manually by a real person sitting in an office. With this in mind think about how their businesses run. By having the MSA (or the new billed yearly subscription) that means the reseller only has to process a single transaction once per year. This means me emailing them, they contact MAXON to lock in the rate based on the current exchange rate, the reseller then emails me an invoice, I agree and make the payment, the following day they receive the cash in their account and confirm it via another email, a wire transfer is initiated to send the funds through to MAXON, this is received and the licence is then sent to the reseller, who then forwards me all the details. Now this only happens once year. The reseller takes some % of that transaction. Lets say 10%. So of the new subcription the reseller gets $72 from that $720 amount. This is enough to pay the costs of the person doing the work in NZ. Likewise MAXONS costs are covered on their end by having a person managing things from their side. Now imagine this happens every month. At $60 that means the reseller only gets $6. And they have to do the same amount of work every month for every subscriber. Then on the MAXON side they also reduce their income. So the way around that would be to increase the price to $100 per month (as a purely monthly subscription). This adds $40 to this to cover the cost on both sides. Perhaps now the reseller gets $30 per transaction and MAXON takes $10 to handle it on their end. So this would make sense and could be one of the reasons why they offer that purely monthly price as they have done along side the billed annually version. Those in Germany, US and UK all have online stores I believe, so this could be automated. I am not sure but maybe those stores are all independently operated as well according to each countries specific tax laws. But keeping the entire operation consistent for now does make sense for this first transition. MAXON is not the same size as Adobe or Autodesk. They can't have a single online presence for selling software and handling International sales for these monthly subscriptions. Plus its actually nice that they use local resellers since that provides business to these countries. Now MAXON may be building something to handle this in future, I don't really know, but going by their Jobs page (https://www.MAXON.net/en/header-meta-navigation/about-MAXON/jobs/) they always seem to looking for people in ecommerce type rolls. Or potentially Nemetsheck could build a worldwide system and incorporated MAXON sales in there. Again I am just speculating, I don't know anything about it. But I would feel for the resellers if this was the case. Anyway, that's just another perspective on how some of this may be working from a business case in countries like mine.
  18. I didn’t know that. I always thought the MSA just started from whenever you bought it. For me that was May.
  19. Thanks for clarifying. Yes I agree with you on this. I don’t mind the yearly lock-in but having to pay upfront will still be difficult to do for a lot of people. I hope they reconsider this and allow to pay the yearly amount in monthly payments. Also an indie tier would be good to have as well.
  20. How? There are two prices on this page both shown in their monthly amounts so that you can compare the difference. https://www.MAXON.net/en/buy/ Is it perhaps that they are asking you to be billed annually? Would you rather it said billed monthly but you have to lock in for 12 months? Just wondering what it is about the wording that has people so fired about about it. I see exactly the same thing everywhere for almost every other subscription based software. Even my car insurance is billed annually but quoted as monthly to indicate the savings I make. So does my gym. Is it that it seems you need to pay the lump sum annually in one go? Rather than being split up over 12 payments? Or is it the price?
  21. Yes very true. But that number is what most companies use for what they call the Indie license.
  22. I don't see C4D dying at all. But I do see it changing. Hobbyist users will migrate to blender. But those interested in making a career out of motion graphics and 3D will stick with C4D since that is what Studios are using. And any business that uses C4D now will not be changing at all, if anything they will now have the ability to take on more jobs. Subscriptions will allow them ramp productions up and down much more easily by buying a pile of licences for a few months VS having to shell out for full versions which they won't need later. When these studios do ramp up all those artists that know C4D will be called onto these projects. Also there are lots of studios stuck on older versions of C4D. And its hard to justify spending $3500 to upgrade to the latest. So now that subscriptions are here its much easier to tell your boss (as one other poster here said recently that its $2 a day)... "Hey, boss, its only the price of a cup of coffee per day and we get the very latest version." I don't see any larger plugin developers leaving at all. But smaller hobbyist ones may drop away if they are not able to generate an income that offsets the cost of the software. IE Sell one plugin every month at $60 euros. If that happens then it would be enough for them to stay in the game and keep learning and developing.
  23. Just wanted to say that yes I agree with you in regards to Indie licences. It would be great if MAXON announced an indie licence for hobbyist users under 100k.
  24. Yes I did the same with Adobe when I needed it. I got a discount by agreeing to lock into 1 year and my monthly amount worked out at $70 per month vs $120 if I paid monthly. So does it really matter? Are you intending on only using Cinema 4D for just 1 month? Do you only want to pay for every second month? If your intending on using it for a full year then get the discount and pay the 61.47 euros a month. If not then you can pay purely on an ad-hoc monthly basis and pay $104.54 euros per month. Its up to you and when you need a licence. I just don't see what all the uproar is with regards to the argument about the monthly not being monthly. If you don't need it for a few months they go pure monthly. All depends on what you want to use C4D for. Better than shelling out over $3500 bucks when your not even sure if you will use it for a couple of weeks.
  25. Yes but that is why Maya is $297 USD a month and C4D is about $67 USD a month. You can't expect software to stay stagnant and never update its SDK. Plugin developers will need to adapt and support multiple versions. Which is exactly what Octane does. There is a different plugin for every release of C4D, since new features were added each release that needed to be supported. People will just have to get used to having to update plugins every release. Even I have to do this myself, since every version since R17 had some slight changes that required me to do a new build of the plugin for every release since (sdk changes, Visual Studio/XCode changes, new versions of OSX or Windows etc.... all require rebuilds and adaptations of code). Python based plugins will largely remain unaffected.
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