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  1. This applies to Cinema 4D R19. When importing Adobe Illustrator outlined text into C4Dr19, be sure to LEAVE "connect splines" UNCHECKED, otherwise you will not be able to correctly extrude letters with holes. Oh, also, don't forget to select all letters with holes and use the "connect+delete" command before extruding. It was difficult to find this solution, and many comments on forums did not address this correctly for C4D r19, so thought to post here. VT
  2. Aston Martin DBS

  3. Human Head Sci Fi Theme

    This is a model I am making for an audio website...it is still in progress. I am learning alot about using multiple techniques to model complex surfaces because of this project! I love C4D even more now!!!
  4. occlusion pass

    Thanks alot Mike. When people take the time to comment, it makes me want to do more!
  5. Still studying C4D. Rolls Royce Tutorial.

    Thanks Kiwi. I am going to try to do as many tutorials that I can so I can make a cool website for a friend of mine.
  6. After four months of studying C4D

    Well, the old beginners stuff has been lost so I only have these to show. Hope you enjoy them.
  7. First try at Photo-realism. Old Oil Bottles

    Comments are always appreciated.
  8. 2nd Equal Place - Lesia44

    Looks like you just took a picture of the guitar close up and entered it in this contest. i hope I can do something like this someday.