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  1. SHRBT1

    Whoa! That X-Particles ? Looks really good.
  2. Wow, that toon shader looks awesome. How the....?
  3. somenerv - Redshift R&D

    Awesome stuff here nerv. How would you feel about sharing some scene files ? Would love to pick this stuff apart.
  4. Alphas as Decals.

    Thanks nerv.
  5. Alphas as Decals.

    nerv you are amazing, thank you. Any idea how we can get the decal to look worn away in places or kinda grungy ? Maybe by using a noise or something ?
  6. Alphas as Decals.

    Thanks ABMotion. I watched this last night but it's not what I'm looking for. I want to make decals to place over the top of an existing material, Example would be a shinny paint material with a decal placed on top with a high roughness value and possibly some wear to it.
  7. Alphas as Decals.

    Hi, Can anyone help with info regarding the creation of decals using alphas. I'm completely stumped! Even just a rough guide to how alphas work inside Redshift would be great. Cheers.
  8. Toggle Surface Output. During this twitch stream, Chad Ashley has a shortcut setup so he can view the output of any node. Any idea how I setup this shortcut ? Here’s a link to the video, around 2mins 45 seconds in. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/181482719
  9. Bord Na Mona - 'Waste'

  10. Redshift Impressions

    Thanks nerv & nice one for setting up the club.
  11. Redshift Impressions

    My Redshift alpha now has a watermark ? Is this to be expected now the demo is out ?
  12. Redshift Impressions

    SOLVED - Turn off Wrap U & V. I changed Scale to 0.5 & Offset to 1. I very much like Triplanar.
  13. Redshift Impressions

    Wow! I'd looked at that button multiple times and my brain had said ' yes, that's all fine, nothing to see here ' The other issue I had / have is how to get rid of the four square tiling on each face ? Must be a way of getting the RS texture to fill the whole face ?
  14. Redshift Impressions

    Triplanar question - What am I doing wrong here ? I've followed Nerv awesome videos and in part 3 I've setup triplanar using C4D noise shaders but I can't get it to work. Tried messing around and randomly clicking things but no joy. I really don't know what I'm doing here. Here's my scene file. triplanar not working.c4d