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  1. Just wondering how to now get continuous time mapping within fields using R21.207 ? I’m following Chris Schmidt’s video below and at 17.43 he uses Time within the Radial Field’s offset to drive the rotation, made continuous by switching off the Value Clamping button. So I dropped time into the new Radial Field Offset folder & switched off the Value Clamp button but it doesn’t loop, just one pass. I’ve tried time as the only field to just drive up plain fx continuously and this worked fine. So, did Mason change the behaviour of this technique in recent updates or is it broken ? D
  2. So, anyone using Rocket 3f for modeling ? It looks like it has some nice features with pretty good retopo tools & super cheap. Just curious what peoples opinions are ? https://rocket3f.com/
  3. Wow! Thank you, thank you! Exactly what I've been wanting for ages.
  4. Is there a plugin / way to select every other edge on a ring ? Can do this with polys and plugins like Selections Suppletives but nothing works with edges ?
  5. Yes. They updated it recently and now it makes sense. I was amazed how quickly the devs replied on the RS forum and even gave me a sneak peak at the new documentation. https://docs.redshift3d.com/display/RSDOCS/Integrated+AOVs
  6. Hi, I'm having trouble working out the correct workflow for AOV's in After Effects. I'm used to doing multipasses from C4D render but new to Redshift and there are a lot more options that I don't know what they are and how they should me layered in After Effects. Any help, links to tutorials or general info would be appreciated. I've watched GSG / Chad Ashley AOV tutorial & looked through the manual. Cheers.
  7. flippyfloop


    Whoa! That X-Particles ? Looks really good.
  8. Wow, that toon shader looks awesome. How the....?
  9. I'd love an update to the Boole operation. Something inline with Fusion 360 or Modo's mesh fusion, with ability to bevel. Faster viewport and able to handle way larger scenes. UV update would be good but lots of other apps do this well so not that important to me anyway.
  10. Happy New Year everyone !

  11. 10 hours on C4D today !!

    1. Jtrigger


      Wow 10 hours! Nice!

    2. flippyfloop


      ...& spent the last week healing from RSI in my wrist ! Mainly due to my rubbish magic mouse. Now have a logitech MX. Very comfy.

  12. Eagerly awaiting the next challenge ;-)

  13. Night off for me. Gonna play some PS3 & call it research ;-)

  14. three weeks without smoking ! C4D keeps me distracted...

    1. Keign


      At least you don't dip, that's 12309482901345 times harder to quit!


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