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  1. I had the Corona webinar on in the background the other day and it wasn't great. The guy doing it had only recently started with Corona so it wasn't the best but probably worth a look in Youtube when it's available. There's also a new version that just came out, I think the fixes are mainly Mac related: https://corona-renderer.com/forum/index.php/topic,14720.0.html
  2. @BigAl3D nice, coming together well. Corona is still in public alpha so you can install it wherever you like at the moment. They've also just released an excellent project series on youtube for an archvis interior visualisation. Part 6 really shows off how good this renderer is with the way he churns out the different moods using lightmix.
  3. reflections work much the same as C4D mats so the only other thing you could check is the scene environment tab under the render settings for corona where you can set global overrides.
  4. looks really good, I don't use 3D coat but it looks similar to how the acclaimed tools work in that program.
  5. thanks aelhofy, looks good, probably the right trade off between improving usability without compromising the design too much.
  6. Yep, definitely going in the right direction! One idea is can we increase the size of the little orange circle that you tap on to jump to latest unread post within the thread? I'm always struggling to tap it on the iPad without zooming in first. cheers

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