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  1. hi guys, i have a bunch of flower pedals on screen and then blowing off i'm using a cloner object for the pedals and the wind effector.... is there a way to weigh my clones so some stay onscreen and don't blow away? i tried moselection tag and ideally that's what i'm looking for but i don't have any sort of control over them apart from PSR... help?
  2. thanks Dan that helped...there's still a bit of a shift....but it's minimal...
  3. Hi guys, i'm having an issue with IK and moving the pole vector back in z-space. i set up my joints, add my IK tag to the shoulder joint and add the end joint then create a goal and a pole. when i go to move my pole back behind the character, the elbow joint start moving slightly outside the mesh. what am i doing wrong?
  4. Time Track Problem

    Hi guys, i got a scene with a camera aligned to a spline...basically it's got a camera movement and a bit of character rigging...the camera starts out fast, then slows down (using Time Track) and then ramps up again. everything works great after i attach the time to the animated properties....but once i close the file and open it again, while the time track is still in my timeline, it's not working at all, even if i try to reconnect the time attribute the only way i've gotten around this is to create a new time track and copy the keyframe from the old to the new...this works any help?
  5. hi all, i've have a higher res model (basically a blow up pool toy - intertube) that i would like to drop and be effected by soft body so i thought i'd use the inheritance object (i haven't much experience with this effector) my i did: 1 created a Torus with the similar dimension as the higher res model 2 applied my soft body to the Torus 3 made the inheritance effector a child of the higher res model and pointed it toward the Torus using "Direct" mode and deform using "object" actually i tried using all object, points, polys, etc 4. play it inherits the motion but not the jiggly soft body . what am i doing wrong u have included a screenshot
  6. thanks zimny and harrybee i appreciate it,
  7. hi all, i have a project with a few textures taken from the Visualize part of the Content Library; i'm trying to bundle this for a renderfarm, but when i go to collect the project, it gives me an error on those Conent Library textures (basically saying i can't find those images) anyone have any idea how to renderout images from the content library to use when uploading to a renderfarm? thanks