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  1. Hi you can export the entire meshed animation into one file and then copy that in your network. I don't know if that is possible with all versions of C4D/RFC4D but I just have tested it in R20 and RFC4D2.6 1. First cache the entire simulation including mesh, check the result 2. Select the mesh, then export as alembic ogawa with the "merge final result" option and using all frames
  2. ZChristian

    cmiVFX support

    Same here. I can login but the tutorials have no thumbnail and there is an error when I try to access the purchased ones (which are both about 5 years old). By the way, the founder of the website, Chris Maynard, passed away in 2016. There were still technical updates to the website in 2017, but maybe the driving force was lost..... http://community.foundry.com/discuss/topic/123367
  3. ZChristian

    Navie Effex Gone?

    Ok, somebody uploaded the files again on Github, but that does not answer the previous question, if it is legal (assuming commercial use) to use the software now that Insydium has acquired it.
  4. ZChristian

    Redshift Renders

    rendered with Redshift
  5. ZChristian

    Export an animated Bend to RF

    I haven't used alembic for geometry exchange so far. The Nextlimit SD-format via the RF connect plugin has been the easiest pathway for me. The objects have to be exported with the "vertex" option in the RF connect plugin in order to export polygon animations.
  6. ZChristian

    Realflow 2.5 Team Render

    Ah, progress! Now I have opened the C4D scene on the PC side with R19 with the RFC4D plugin. At first, the cache was not played. Then I entered again the path (which was in principle already correct) to point to the cache files on the PC dropbox folder, then the cached meshes appeared, saved the scene on the PC side. Then I went back to the Mac and opened the scene and render to team render.... and voila, now it renders the meshes on both sides. A mystery? No crashes by the way.
  7. ZChristian

    Realflow 2.5 Team Render

    Ok, I am now at this stage: I have installed Cinema4D on an older MacPro as my main workstation and I have a new PC with Windows10 that runs the team render client. Client is started and connected to the Mac via local network. Most importantly: standard Cinema4D scenes without use of any plugins run well as team render job. Now, I have simulated and cached particles and meshes on the Mac and saved the files together with the scene file in a dropbox folder. When rendering on the Mac only, everything is loaded and rendered, scene and meshes. PC MAXON folder has the RFC4D plugin installed (shown in the console at startup and appears in the preferences of the client). I have instructed the team render client in the preferences to use the dropbox folder on the pc side for cached files. Cache files are present. Then I start "team render to picture viewer" on the mac. Pictures are produced, but... I get only the other elements of the scene from the client on the PC, without the meshes.
  8. ZChristian

    Realflow 2.5 Team Render

    This (rendering RFC4D between Mac and PC) is something that I would like to do soon. In Principle you need a folder that can be seen by all TeamRender Instances. The meshes are already baked as such, but only the alembic format is used for the cache. Maybe I find time over the weekend to try this with RFC4D2.5 and C4DR19 here.
  9. ZChristian

    Navie Effex Gone?

    By the way, there is a side grade discount for Navié Effex 2.x customers (should have received the code by email) for the bundle of X-Particles4+Cylces4D.
  10. ZChristian

    Rebirth of DPIT Effex

    It has been pulled already. I am looking forward to learning what the future of X-particles brings. At the moment is not yet clear, how Effex will become part of X-particles, if some of its functionality will be integrated like it has happened with Xplosia before.
  11. ZChristian

    Stargate Redux

    Could this so-called boolean plugin be this one ?
  12. ZChristian

    Stargate Redux

    Yeah, I have started several times in different ways, but finally I am using RealFlow for most of these effects. The kawoosh-effects of the original movie and TV show are based on real footage, which is hard to replicate. But the water surface is CG also in the TV shows. Regarding this effect it currently looks like this (surface animated in RealFlow, then rendered in C4D, with glow in AFX). https://www.dropbox.com/s/sg364u64hn6rzfl/Horizont_lichtstrahlen_kompr-Oct19-2017.mov?dl=0
  13. ZChristian

    Stargate Redux

    It is a fun project. Myself I am working (several years already...) on some of the special effects of the gate, the kawoosh, water surface, stepping through effects.... Keep up the good work
  14. ZChristian

    Bitcoin , GPU costs and future Rendering

    Interesting points here. Personally, GPU is still new to me, but I have recently started with Redshift and a single GTX980Ti and I am blown away by the speed increase in contrast to the standard or physical render engine. Now, there are the first reviews of the Volta-generation of Nvidia cards (Titan V) appearing and this may be well worth the wait. https://www.pugetsystems.com/blog/2017/12/12/A-quick-look-at-Titan-V-rendering-performance-1083/