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  1. Using CD Transfer Tools

  2. 1st Place - Cerbera

    Seeing this I can only quote Martin Luther King. "I have a dream" ... of course my dream is to be able to make such excellent models some day
  3. Moving from Modo to C4D. Bought R13

    1. 3DKiwi


      LOL - and I've moved from C4D to modo for modelling :)

    2. rstralberg


      Haha... Yeah, still have Modo but as I can't afford them both and need character rigging it has to be C4D. Will miss Modo for its excellent modeling features though. Does this mean that we can expect Modo modeling videos here also in the future

  4. 2nd Place - granierb

    Wow. Thats just wonderful work. Would have been first price in my mind.