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  1. Rhino can open a Solidworks .sldprt or sldasm file. You have a .svpj file, which appears to be a visualisation file. Ask your colleagues if they can provide a .sldprt or sldasm file or save it out as a STEP file, which you can import. See how you go with Bezo.
  2. Rhino 3D can open Solidworks and save to many file formats incl OBJ, FBX,3DS etc. You can download a trial version here: https://www.rhino3d.com/download Hope that helps, Chris
  3. Before you go too far down the path, if you are wanting smooth surfaces, have a look at your model with the phong tag turned off. Once you convert to a format a 3D printer can use, such as .stl, you will lose your phong tag and the smooth surfaces with it. When building your model in C4D, I suggest turning the phong tag off and subdividing to the level that you like as that is what you will see when it is 3D printed. Hope that helps. :)
  4. Nice work - I like how he struggles getting to the top of the hill then gathers speed going down the other side :)
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