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    video editing, simple compositing and 2d motion graphics, I wan't to learn 3d though

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  1. bongo

    Alps TV Robot

    yeah how did you place your splines exactly?
  2. bongo

    Alps TV Robot

    Hi, I love how this model looks so realistic, I'm not sure how you did it but I'm sure it's due to your texturing skills But I'm curious, how did you model the arms, did you use sub d surfaces? (hypernurbs)
  3. bongo

    C4D Cafe Blue planet

    Nice job vilandra, The text really looks like it's part of the photo and not just a picture of a planet with words on the picture
  4. bongo

    2011 White Acura TL

    I like it, did you model using reference images?
  5. bongo

    Fiat 500

    I like it, was this modeled with reference images?
  6. hey I love the new look of the cafe!!

  7. You're awesome!! thanks for answering all my questions

  8. bongo


  9. bongo

    Les Paul Black n White

    great model Andoy, my guitar and amp looks just about like that
  10. bongo


    This is why 3d is out of this world, good work
  11. after seeing basically all the YouTube tuts on c4d, I haven't really Learned anything new about it, until I found the cafe, :)

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      Delete your messages - you cant receive any :)



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