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  1. Slow as sap navigating and modeling in Cinema after so much time in Modo recently. Experimenting with a possible challenge entry.

  2. Projects to complete...must...not...get...sucked ...into...challenge

  3. Just when I think I've built my last model in Cinema and will only model in Modo, Nigel or Hrvoje come up with a challenge that I can't resist. It's a "Just when I thought I was out, they PULL ME BACK IN!" thing.

  4. Rapidly getting up to speed in Modo...I may have built my last model in Cinema

    1. 3DKiwi


      Yeah it's hard to beat modo's modelling tools.

  5. Going to make a point to avoide the royal weddding completely. Although Kathy Griffin's special on it might be a hoot.

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    2. 3DKiwi


      It's happening now :)

    3. 3DKiwi


      Show's over. Just waiting for the kiss on the balcony now :)

    4. Shankster


      ahaha, Wish I would have seen this back then.

  6. Contemplating a new system...I love new PC time.



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