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  1. I ended up modeling actual geometry based on the loft (gif example). the c4d file was my initial set up. thanks for your help! cafe sample.c4d
  2. two splines using loft , and a circular cloner, but not closer enough yet.
  3. HI there! I'm wondering if someone can direct me to how to model this shape. (of course, with real geometry, not just extrude the shape) . I will appreciate any help. thanks in advance.
  4. wow! thanks for all the replies. you guys had given me some hints on how to achieve this. the natevplas set up achieves the result perfectly. Unfortunately I don't have redshift. (is not just the gradient, but the lights in the extrude too) thanks to all!
  5. HI! so many time since I posted in this amazing forum. I want to know if anyone can give me a hint on how to achieve the result in the image, please. I'm ok with the 3d model, just don't know how to achieve the lightning effect. I'm using c4d r19. thanks for any advice on this !
  6. pedrosoto

    what I did in "cinemita"

    first works in this amazing aplication...
  7. finding c4d cafe....better tham this???..nothing



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