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  1. Why is rendering glass so difficult??

    1. 3DKiwi


      Make sure to use a Sky object with HDRI applied. This gives the glass something to reflect.

  2. going on 2 hours of sleep to finish a project. Caffeine!

    1. Randal


      Call me when you reach 2 pots of coffee a day,,

      thats what I been on for 3 days ...

      now I am on withdrawal

      Mucho Caffeine... :D

  3. Realflow....milk

  4. recording some green screen footage to keep from buying stock footage

  5. I wish I knew how to track moving objects in Boujou

  6. Working on 3D graphics for GE film festival.

  7. Modeling a LOGO. I really suck at modeling.

  8. Rendering reflections. 2 min a frame. Sweet



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