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  1. Great stuff! I've been so busy with other projects I haven't had the time to experiment :( Looking forward to getting into it again
  2. Redshift Impressions

    @Igor & @nerv Thanks guys!
  3. Redshift Impressions

    @nerv Nice stuff once again, are you using Redshift professionally then? I want to use it for a project but may wait until it comes out of alpha. I'm still wondering on how much will change. Messing about with SSS, this took about 27 Seconds to render on my GX 1080
  4. Redshift Impressions

    @nerv cool stuff. Loving the SSS on the phat female model ;)
  5. Redshift Impressions

    @Nio @DanLSK Redshift doesn't need SLI but never knew it didn't like SLI - one thing to bear in mind, with 2 card redshift will not combine the memory, I think it will only use the memory of the lowest GPU. (i.e with an 8GB card and a 12 GB card, the combined memory will be 16GB, not 20GB) @DanLSK Great work with the bacon! The purple luminance effect was created with the Incandescent shader with the settings cranked up Here's another!
  6. Redshift Impressions

    Really? I might ask them if I can purchase it, I would like to use Redshift for a short I am making. Ah, you're a fan of the Old School RE games....I think I I like RE 2 the most. Leon and Claire are great characters :)
  7. Redshift Impressions

    Good Stuff @DanLSK. I'm a Resident Evil fan too! I really love the Jewel Render. Here's a few more from me. I'm starting to get the hang of the nodal system now, though not all nodes are documented....need to experiment more. Does anyone know how much the renderer will change when it goes to beta?
  8. Redshift Impressions

    Here's my 1st attempt at @nerv's Opalescence shader.....
  9. Redshift Impressions

    After being a week away from my computer, I was anxious to get back for a round 2 only to find that my PSU had gone bust :( Thankfully there's a RedShift installer for the mac. I asked and was given access. It works great, so I can use my Macbook Pro while I wait for a new PSU. It crashed a few times but the IPR renders with no issues. FYI, I'm using a late 2013 MacBook Pro which is equipped with an Nvidia GeForce GT 750M 2048mb. Works just like on a PC with comparable render times. The attached image took 20mins, obviously with a better GPU it won't take as long. once my new PSU arrives i'll test how long it takes on a GTX 1080.
  10. Redshift Impressions

    @SIgor The RedShift documentation on Ambient Occlusion gives an explanation on how to use the AO node to achieve a dirtmap effect. I'm away from my computer for a week so cannot try it out but it might be a good place to start? http://docs.redshift3d.com/Content/I/Ambient Occlusion.html
  11. Redshift Impressions

    @nerv Thanks so much for the Opalescent shader hints, much appreciated. I'm also eternally grateful for the video tuts as well. Slightly jealous they didn't come a few weeks ago (would have saved a lot of thumbling around!), but really happy you managed to find the time to create these. Nice to know the issue with the lights overburning in the viewport is a universal thing. I actually thought they were broken and use only the dome light, will have another crack at it now. Btw, if you ever think of creating a Youtube channel with RedShift tuts (once it goes official), you have a subscriber right here!
  12. Redshift Impressions

    Well, I've finally had a few days to mess around with the RedShift engine, and while it isn't the 'wonder renderer' I was dreaming of (at least not yet), it is still very good...I know I need to use it more than 3-4 days to get more out of it, Nerv's renders are evidence of this. The nodal system stumped me at first. There's bit of a learning curve and I was at a loss as to how to implement a few things, like Ambient Occlusion for example. After a few days it started to make sense and I'm just about getting my head around it. With Vray, I just jumped in and everything worked so I was a little disappointed to the amount of effort I had to put in to make something look good. I guess I'm very accustomed to the channel system. some things take a little longer to set up (displacement for e.g.) and seem quite convoluted in comparison to C4d native shader system. Though, once you know the process it's no big deal. In redShift, I wouldn't say the nodal workflow is faster or better. It seems to be just another way of working because, as far as I know, you cannot edit multiple materials in one editor. So if you have many materials using the same noise texture, you'll have to connect a node to each material rather than one node for all the materials. I can't see how this is different to the channel system in C4d native. Once I got Subsurface scattering to work, the results were a dream and renders pretty quickly. In comparison, I feel SSS in native C4d is complicated to set up and the results are not so good looking. Vray SSS is easier than RedShift but RedShift looks better, you have more control and renders faster. Redshift Physical camera is intuitive and setting up DOF, motion blur and lens effects is easier than native C4D and renders quickly, no fuss! The render speed is the real difference here. I do like the look Vray renders give but RedShift renders so much faster! I'm very tempted to stick with RedShift, improve my ability with the nodal system and get great looking renders.....That is, of course, until ProRender comes along...maybe! @nerv I realise now you probably made the Opalescence shader from scratch, while I was thinking it was an 'out of the box' preset. Is there any chance you could hint as to how you connected this shader up? I've tried a similar thing in Vray but to no avail! Here's a few renders from my 1st round with RedShift
  13. something really fat

    Great stuff!
  14. Pixar's Renderman for C4D killed off?

    I wouldn't be surprised if they cancelled it due to waning interest. I've been waiting close to 2 years for them to release it. I became impatient and moved onto investigating other renders in this time, notably Vray and RedShift. With Cycles, Octane, Arnold and other renderers available, the render market is now getting a little crowded!