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  1. I feel that Insydium are great at being showmen and not so much at building efficient software. I've been using X-particles for 3-4 updates and Xplosia can not be used in production in any of those releases. I get skipped frames, crashes extremely slow sims and sims that seem to stop working for no good reason. On top of that, their support system SUCKS! It takes about 3-4 days to be responded to (if at all). I'm often working on sims for clients, I can't tell them to wait 3-4 days before I can continue working, usually by the time they' get back to me I've found an alternative way of working. After so many repeatedly awful experiences using X-Particles Xplosia, it's clear to me that their system is broken., especially after I've used other smoke and flame sims that work FLAWLESSY. I won't buy into these flashy demos any more. Insydium, fix your freaking product and stop rolling out Bob Whalmsley to say a few flashy words words to woo people. Just make Xplosia work.
  2. Wow! Do you think MAXON and Redshift can just click their fingers and make things happen? The merger was announced a few months ago, Redshift had a list of deliverable to achieve even before the merger unrelated to c4d and they're hitting each one. Redshift for Mac is on it's way but I'm sure it's no easy task. Maybe you don't realize that MAXON isn't as large as Apple inc. Things take time.
  3. A fully fledged 3D application will never buy a 3D 'lite' plugin - not going to happen! It does seem to me as if MAXON are positioning themselves to look more attractive to be bought by Adobe. I don't want it to happen, but this merger makes no sense at all. I was excited after the Redshift buy out, this one worries me.
  4. This is another issue I have with XP. If you create a low res simulation and then up res, the physics and interactions change COMPLETELY! it's a joke! I've wasted many hours perfecting a low res sim only to up res it and realise I've wasted my time. Can you imagine what that's like when you have a deadline!
  5. I guess this is the answer I need. Don't bother using Dyanmics in XP, better to use the native C4D dynamics.
  6. One of the first major issues I had with XP is with their dynamics system, which wasn't working as it should. Yes, you say that C4D native already has dynamics but I figured that as we pay for it with XP and it interacts with the XP system, I'll use the XP dynamics. Simple collisions did not work as they should and whenever I adjusted the values to a state where it should work, the system crashed. In this instance I resorted back to native C4D dynamics and it worked fine. This was when I started to notice the inadequacies of XP.
  7. Interesting to hear that it's not just me with these issues. I guess I'll have to ride the wave of the crashes. @DasFrodo while I was using Xparticles as a "hobbyist" (i.e. not working on any client projects) I had no issues with it. As soon as I was in a real word scenario, I quickly saw its flaws.
  8. Sorry if this turns into a bit of a rant. I've been using Xparticles on and off for a few years now. This year I really tried to get deep into to plugin and use it a lot. I must say I have found the experience problematic and wanted to online my findings here in the hope that maybe someone could sympathize and possibly offer some solutions or best practices? What does everyone feel about Xparticles? Personally I find the plugin buggy as hell. I often find a new bug or finding that something doesn't work the way it should each time I use Xparticles. Simulations not reading from cache, simulations not working for some unknown reason only to work fine when I rebuild from scratch. System crashes often, slow particle simulations. On top of this their tech support are slow to respond. Often taking weeks to get back to me. Redshift on the other hand take hours...a few days at the most (before they were bought out by MAXON). This is simply unacceptable when you're working in production and you need a solution fast or the project cannot proceed. Their forum also sucks! hardly anyone is on it, no questions answered to common problems (and there are many). Apparently you can get a faster response on their discord channel but there are no solutions there either. I have never seen a plugin that has so many issues and no resolutions from the devs such as Xparticles. It's almost a joke and makes me very wary of using it in production. What are your thoughts and experiences?
  9. I had the same issue with Xparticles and uploading to Rebus render farm. In the end I had to convert the Xparticles to an alembic. Not sure if that's an option for you but saving the Xparticles Cache internally may work.
  10. I've almost got it using Motion Builder, I just need to offset the animation. Using mopgraph doesn't lend itself well to be given to someone who doesn't know C4d well in my experience.
  11. Hi there, I'm using character builder to create a cascading animation rig. My client wants a 'panels unfolding animation' that is customisable and tweakable. I've used character builder to create a system where a user can place panels adjacent to each other where they see fit. As for the unfolding , I would like this to cascade across the panels. currently all animations starts and ends at the same time (as each component has animation starting at 0 on timeline and ending at frame 20) Is there anyway that I can use character builder to offset the animation of each component (say by 10 frames each time the component is added) so they don't all shoot off at the same time? Thanks for your help!
  12. @anglereserveCan you recommend a good Houdini training course? something for total beginners that takes you from ground up.
  13. I agree with you, it feels I quickly reached the limit of what XP can do. I'll definitely go the Houdini route at some point. Thanks for the advice
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