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  1. Some more X particles 4 and redshift combos
  2. XP4 Techniques Thread

    I've had a quick blast with the Circle Packer. I'll post something shortly. Found a way for Redshift to get the colour data that circlepacker and Emitter gives each particle
  3. So, has anyone had the chance to try out Xparticles 4 yet? I've had a quick run through and I'm loving what I see so far. So glad they improved the mesher and can't wait to try out the cloth tear options. I'm getting some crazy ideas already. It may be a little premature to say but it seems like a really cool update! I'm happy for my purchase. It's actually (finally) as good as I though X particles 3 should have been.
  4. I've used both, this comparison is between XP 3.5 and real flow - not sure what XP 4 is like. Real Flow does better fluid simulations for sure. Real Flow also has a better particle mesher so the fluid looks less globulous and like actual real water. XP is like a poor man's real flow, but it can do much more than fluid simulation which is where it shines above Real flow. (Theoretically) you can set up complex particle/fluid systems that change based on parameters in your scene. I would say, if you need really good fluid simulation and nothing more - go for real flow. If you need semi good fluid simulation, particle simulation and gaseous simulation - go for X-particles
  5. Can anyone please tell me why 'adds' my reflection whenever I enable the colour channel? In the example attached I have an infinite floor and background and a material to capture the reflection of a sphere object. I placed a texture on colour channel of the 'reflection catcher' so it matches the material of the infinity floor and blends in seamlessly. Without the colour channel material, the reflection is as it should be but no colour shows through. With the colour channel enabled, the reflection shows through with more vibrance, as if C4D has performed an 'add operation' on the reflection channel. I've racked my brains and gone all I can think of but cannot solve it! I've attached an example file if anyone can please help!! Reflection Problem.zip
  6. I would go with Redshift as well but then I'm slightly biased ;) All the things @everfresh said is true but I would recommend doing a little research (read that link). GPU render speeds change slightly depending on what it is you are rendering exactly, some renderers handle things better than others. Good luck!
  7. You can use any rig for Cmotion, not just a templated character rig. The 'Make Walk' button just sets things up automatically for you. If your rig walk cycle doesn't work via clicking 'Make Walk' you can still set it up yourself (the long way) by inserting the appropriate controllers into the CMotion hub. I've created a few walk cycles through CMotion and have never used the 'Make Walk' option.
  8. Thanks @everfresh, yes I did what you asked after my last post and there was no issue so it was definitely something wrong at my end. Really bizarre! I'm going to rig again from scratch. I guess I'll get to know the rig better at least! Thank for all your help dude ;)
  9. I created a fresh file, this is the 3rd file created and the issue persists. Nope, no modifications to the rig done but I may just start from scratch if it's not happening to you. For reference, I'm using 'freshrig_02102017' is this the latest one? @BretBays making the character object editable doesn't change the issue. Maybe there's something wrong with this rig in particular. I'm going to start from scratch and get back to y'all. Thanks!
  10. @everfresh I've uploaded a video so you can see how I get this issue. Maybe you can replicate it and debug at your end? I'm using the latest rig that you shared. Please pay attention to the elbow controllers each time I click the reload button on the Xref.
  11. @everfresh - further testing of your rig. The elbow controllers shift rotation every time I click on reload of the Xref. If I set the Elbow lock to 100%, this 'bug' stops happening. I'm using r17, currently trying to find a way to test it on r18+
  12. Just had another test now and disabling the Hierarchy tickbox in the options dialogue has no effect. but I can localise what's happening now. @everfresh, when using your rig through Xrefs the elbow controllers rotate upon reopening the file. If I open the Options dialogue then close it without doing anything, the elbow controllers rotate again to as new random position which is weird.... It is just the elbow controllers that move, none others which may suggest there may be some conflicting Xpresso on these...or maybe it's a priority thing?
  13. My first short film

    Great work and well done on your 1st short film, keep it up! My Only criticism is as @everfresh mentioned, the center of gravity of the character seemed off at times, look into character movement and weight of character when animating. :)