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  1. Hi there Ninjad, I've been using Redshift since August last year, I'm far from an expert but have slowly managed to build up an understanding of the shaders. I understand your questions as I also had the exact same ones a few months ago. Firstly the difference between the 3 SSS nodes. The SSS nodes and Skin nodes are legacy shaders. That is to say, early on in Redshifts development the SSS node was the only Subsurface scattering node available. Then they created a SSS Skin node to better emulate the different layers of skin. This was a little difficult to use for some users. Then came the 'Uber shader' the RS Material. This material contained the Mult-SSS ability to make it easier to use SSS. From the Redshift forums, the developers recommend you use the multi-SSS in the RS material unless you are a bit of an expert and want more control (then use the other nodes) A skin material can be created with the RS material using the method you eventually found out. crank up the SSS amount to 1, the radius can go way higher than the slider makes it seem if the SSS effect isn't enough. You can also plug in images to the 3 SSS colour layers. Good luck!
  2. Awesome! Thanks for sharing your process. It's always good to see how other artists work. Also thanks for 'Hair from Object' tutorial. I've also always wondered how this technique was achieved - Cheers!
  3. That is awesome dude! It's so great to got to work on this
  4. Thanks for the feedback, it's much appreciated. @Cerbera & @CApruzzese , great comments, I will bare these in mind going forward - thank you. @VECTOR & @everfresh you both make very good points. I guess I went for this polycount so I would have good clean deformations of the face (there will be a lot of facial closeups in this short) but if you feel it's best to reduce the polycount, I will do so. @digitvisions Hey dude! Yes, once I tecture this thing I will put a glass material on the eyepieces. Thanks for taking the time to comment guys!
  5. Hi all, Well I'm finally going down the 'making a cartoon short solo' route and I've finally finished about 99% of the modelling. The character is the main piece and I thought I'd show my progress here for a critique before I go to the texturing stage. I've included the 2D ref for comparison, all feedback welcome, Thanks!
  6. Some more X particles 4 and redshift combos
  7. I've had a quick blast with the Circle Packer. I'll post something shortly. Found a way for Redshift to get the colour data that circlepacker and Emitter gives each particle
  8. So, has anyone had the chance to try out Xparticles 4 yet? I've had a quick run through and I'm loving what I see so far. So glad they improved the mesher and can't wait to try out the cloth tear options. I'm getting some crazy ideas already. It may be a little premature to say but it seems like a really cool update! I'm happy for my purchase. It's actually (finally) as good as I though X particles 3 should have been.
  9. Awesome - always great work from you. Maybe the Redshift devs should take notes on how to make a toon shader ;)
  10. Finally finding the time explore redshift once again :)
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if they cancelled it due to waning interest. I've been waiting close to 2 years for them to release it. I became impatient and moved onto investigating other renders in this time, notably Vray and RedShift. With Cycles, Octane, Arnold and other renderers available, the render market is now getting a little crowded!
  12. I was working with a C4D operator who wrote his own Python script on the fly. It seems extremely useful, would it be possible to have a beginner/intermediate guide to Python scripting from the Master Class?
  13. Advanced Character/facial rigging is a yes from me!
  14. Just had a look. Well done, it looks great! The setup is slightly more complicated, I see you've used two colours and two maps for the base colour of the model.... BUT...no SSS used, so it'll render relatively quickly and can be used in any lighting setup - Great! I guess this is perfect for animation...Amazing! you are a true hero!
  15. Hey Everfresh! Wow, this is more than I could have ever expected. So the key is to use vertex maps to control where the model gets illuminated. I'll take a look at your file and give it a go myself. Many thanks once again!
  16. Hey Everfresh, Thanks for the attempt and the time taken to reply, it's a great springboard to jump off from. Really appreciate your help here! So I've experimented a little, and I've discovered just what you said...the SSS behaves differently at different parts of my model (while it looks great at on the head (thick part) it's not so great on the fingers (thin part)) Do you know a way to combat this? Do I have to use different SSS shaders for different parts of the body? My eternal gratitude!
  17. No worries, Looks like cartoon skin isn't a subject people know a lot about so I've taken to look into it myself. Thanks for the GSG links
  18. Opps! Sorry my mistake. I've attached the images now, many thanks!
  19. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a guide/tutorial to create a cartoon skin texture for Cinema 4d r15 and above. I realise that SSS is definitely needed and I was hoping for a tutorial that uses the updated SSS shader for Cinema 4d but can't seem to find anything online. I'm looking to achieve something like these images attached... Can anyone help? Many thanks in advance....
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