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  1. ILJI


    Nice one! Very cool, that it lives as an toggle option in the OM - feels just native.
  2. Damn - sorry to hear about the register/donation thing. I wasn't using C4D that much for a while and forgot to check back in to the Café and totally missed that opportunity. Still love the Dials and also your latest additions, like the favorites - looks awesome! Hopefully you will make the registration + donation available again or an option for a regular purchase - thanks!
  3. Gotcha. And yes, there are of course individual workflows. Always best to collect feedback, check what is on the wish list of multiple users, what makes sense in the long run and implement those features in the next update. Thanks. Ship it! ;)
  4. Fantastic Daniel - love the updates! I think, toggling on / launching a dial and then either clicking a tool or clicking away works best for me. But, you took the sticky challenge and succeeded - nice! The auto radius works just fine as well. Played a little bit with it - two suggestions - maybe already on your list..? 1. option to rotate the complete dial in the prefs: maybe, I have everything set, but would like to have the tools start at 9 o'clock instead of 3 o'clock 2. export/import - presets: easily switch between various saved presets e.g. via a dropdown in the prefs, like having one for modelling, one for animating etc. If those will be saved as text files somewhere, they could be modified by the user to achieve the offset / reordering for (1) as well, if (1) would be difficult to implement in the UI. ...maybe even have (an option for) a dropdown icon just above the dial to change presets without opening the prefs. ;) Thanks!
  5. Really cool Daniel! I guess Mac support will follow at some point as I use Mac as well, but I can play with it on Windows for now. It would be nice being able to change the radius of the wheel or even have two options: One auto - adapting to the amount of entries with a defined spacing by you - and a manual one, where the user can set it. History dial, great add on! Same here regarding radius plus an option to set the number of tools would be cool. Esc for closing works of course, but I also like the idea to use the same short cut to escape the wheel. Could the wheels auto close when clicking anywhere than onto an icon? That would be fantastic. Thanks!
  6. Yes - nice selection modes - zoom option as well - rock on! ^ ^
  7. More editor functions: great! I guess, when there is translation, rotation and scaling could be possible as well..? If so, it would be great, if you could add optional quantization. As far as I know, in C4Ds native tools, it is not possible to use quantization with UVs, so I always have to put numeric values in the corresponding transform fields for that. And if there is the option to incorporate that, maybe it could use the settings regarding step size from the mesh tools or you could add special settings for Seamilar... Thanks! :)
  8. Just played a bit with the purchased pre-release: Works great so far on Mac and Windows! :) I guess, the multi object option will be activated on the final release as it is greyed out atm? Funny - did my first tests before finishing reading everything in the thread and was just thinking, it would be great change the seams straight in the UV View as well - back here, I can already watch it being implemented for the future release! Nice! Thanks Daniel - keep it coming!
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