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  1. You could have 2 identical objects and hide/reveal on collision using visibility, enable etc. tele.c4d
  2. The reason why != worked is that visible input port is 0 = on 1 = off 2 = default in this file I used == and a condition node to switch 0/1 - a bit more logical. Also I divided the frame to adjust the speed. lego-man.zip
  3. Would adding silence at the start of your audio file do what you want eg here I added 10 secs using Audacity https://www.audacityteam.org/
  4. @Mike A here's 2 scenes for you. The car on a sphere is just an XPresso controller for steering, but it's fun to play with car on sphere.c4d the loop the loop uses a pointing null in the car to get direction to follow a target on a spline. There's a monoflop timer to spin the platforms and turn off the motors when the car is flipping looper.c4d
  5. If you take regular (eg weekly) backups of your hard drive to an external HDD, in the event of a system crash etc you can restore your pc in about 15 minutes. I use Macrium Free, and it's got me out of a jam a few times. https://www.macrium.com/reflectfree
  6. You can access clone params as if it was a list using Python GetCache() GetCache.c4d
  7. Yes, but that just makes stuff float around - so I also gave each car a gravity object as a child, with a box fall-off so the cars' gravity don't affect each other. The gravity field moves with the car. The car always tries to move in its own negative Y direction until it finds a collider. When it's upside down, it moves up etc.
  8. I like to play with dynamic cars and recently came up with a method where they could drive upside down without falling off. See if you can work out what's going on - answer tomorrow
  9. @JSoft - you're welcome. Although I have no knowledge of COFFEE at all, I've fixed a few of these old scripts for Cafe members. You can usually guess what the broken COFFEE node was trying to achieve - often it's just a simple look-up table if x = 1 y = 2 etc. You just have to make sure the Python node input and output ports are the correct datatype - real, integer, boole, link, string etc, and that the outputs are declared global in the Python code.
  10. Hue slider hue slider.c4d
  11. @hammondchips I think it's this file arrow Tool.c4d I keep running out of storage space at the Cafe, so have to delete old attachments.
  12. Prime numbers - Looney gears is a plastic toy where the red 13T has a handle and the game is to guess how many times you need to turn it until all the gears line up again.
  13. Here's a more general scene where the ring also rotates - just set ring rotation to 0 to see how my rig works planetary.c4d If Tr, Tp, Ts are the number of ring, planet, sun teeth - the carrier (star shape) is the driver and the planets turn with local rotation of carrier angle * Tr/Tp. The sun turns using that value * Tp/Ts, but you must add the carrier rotation. This gives the overall gear ratio as ratio = 1 + Tr/Ts so the planet size doesn't play a part - they are just idlers, but for everything to fit Tr =
  14. I was playing around with gears and came up with this. Has a 4:1 epicyclic set.


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