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  1. Can I just add that, unlike a lot of the free 3D models that are online (eg cars, trucks), the Turbosquid drones I bought were the correct C4D format, had sensible hierarchy with English names (ditto the mats) with all the axes centered and aligned - including the propellers, camera etc. Just need a bit of XPresso math to make them go.
  2. I'm sure a lot of you guys have used Turbosquid in the past, but last night I decided to try them out for the 1st time - I bought a couple of quite decent quadcopter drone things for about 25 Euro. The thing that made me laugh though, was when I clicked 'buy' and a warning popped up reminding me I was buying a c4d model not an actual item. I had visions of someone googling 'remote control helicopter' eg for a childs Xmas present, finding a nice one for $400 at TS, clicking buy and when it said 'downloading . . .' going WHAT ? It must have happened at least once for them to have that disclaimer.
  3. Nitro 4D has some dynamic fracturing stuff, as well as other interesting plugins - some free, some not. https://nitro4d.com/
  4. Sting makes his first post at C4D Cafe explanation well it does say off-topic, light-hearted + fun
  5. Controlling stuff by disabling XPresso is not the best method IMHO, but you could either keyframe the enable checkbox in attrib manager, or make a second XPresso control window, drag your main XP tag in and use the enable port. In this snip the compare <= gives a 1 for upto F25 for enable, then a 0 to disable.It's a bit more flexible. I'd suggest stopping the follow inside your code - post your scene and I'll have a look. If it's a big scene (or has copyright models etc) strip it down to the relevant part.
  6. I thought that's what the poster meant, although in my little (theoretical) test the string length changed by about 5% when stretched, so if my assumptions were correct the string diameter would only change by 2% - would you even notice a 2% change ? A rubber band gets thinner when you stretch it . . . I 'bow' to your superior knowledge on the subject.
  7. I'm guessing that a string gets thinner when it is stretched on a bow, and the volume is constant. I think the vol of a string is the cross section X length ie volume = pi * R^2 * L so if the volume is constant, R is proportional to the square root of 1/L - so doesn't change much. Try pulling the center point on this 'string' spline - there's an exaggerated circle for comparison. It hardly varies. https://www.dropbox.com/s/disr7u4vjk82on6/bow.c4d?dl=1
  8. Try this - it takes a random number 0 - 1, X10, chops off the decimal and adds it to 90. Number is frozen and updates every 10F. Being random, the same number can be generated twice in a row. https://www.dropbox.com/s/w420odjdby49jnt/bpm.c4d?dl=1 edit - actually X11 to get correct range 90-100 method #2 uses rangemapper https://www.dropbox.com/s/5ajmxvtrzg33byo/bpm2.c4d?dl=1
  9. @Voytech Yeah it's just like a video game to use in Cinema for fun - not designed to be a movie, although I have another version where the helicopter follows a hidden object round a scene (city etc) for movie purposes. I'll have a look at your HUD suggestion. @Cerbera I have 3 cameras and the main one has auto focal length based on distance to subject, so parenting a display wouldn't work.
  10. My current project is a helicopter that's designed just to play with inside Cinema - has control panel for steering etc. I'd like to have a dashboard-type overlay in the viewport with speed, altitude or whatever. Do you think this is possible ? If it was a simple scene, I could attach something to the camera that was always in shot but that wouldn't work in my scene. Any ideas ? Current WIP -
  11. There's some interesting plumbing on this 10C/20T 4.4GHz 3X Sli monster. a snip at UK £12k
  12. Probably easiest to make a separate control XPresso window where your switch drives the enable port for your main XPresso. https://www.dropbox.com/s/m95k4ithd5tv9f8/enablexp.c4d?dl=1
  13. Might as well throw my hat in the ring. Adjust rangemapper output levels to match min + max of the music. https://www.dropbox.com/s/dc666dncab7mzxw/sound1.c4d?dl=1
  14. I can't seem to replicate your problem - when I disable the XP tag and drag the original mat back on, it reverts.
  15. I think Bezo used a null so the primitive cubes would scale from the bottom up ie from the null. Without the null the cubes would scale symmetrical up and down. Polygon objects could just have their axis moved. Re still visible - how about having a 2nd plain effector set to visibility that piggybacks on the 1st and makes the objects appear as the scaling happens https://www.dropbox.com/s/9r2fb3lmneandqx/2plains.c4d?dl=1