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  1. jed

    Egg Timer

    @DasFrodo Here's the balance table scene. The table points at a target. The target's x, z are the negatives of the rolling sphere. There's some turbulence, and range mapped damping to stop the sphere falling off . balance table.c4d
  2. jed

    Egg Timer

    Like this ? ditto with bounce
  3. Egg timer for a 5 second egg similar gravity driven thing
  4. re building pcs - I find a 3 prong grabber tool invaluable for inserting screws in hard to get at places. The top left motherboard mounting screw is particularly vexatious. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3-Pronged_Parts_Retriever less than $5
  5. I have a similar setup to post #1 and in the past I've sometimes had problems using the server pc to also render - random crashes. My current computer is 8C/16T and I set the client to only use 12 threads, leaving some spare overhead for the server (and surfing, Netflix etc ). YMMV, but I've had no problems since I changed the settings.
  6. xp_door.c4d I prefer the dynamics method
  7. Here's a dynamic solution. The door has a spring to close it. door.c4d You can make the door anticipate the ball by having a larger hidden collider sphere door2.c4d
  8. This is a bit more like your molecule, using 3 splines molecule_xpresso_v5.c4d
  9. I'd use iteration and a data node iterate.c4d
  10. Try baking the dynamics - settings, dynamics, cache, bake. Frame 330
  11. @MighT here's my latest random project. It's like a game of catch, where the rules are you can't throw to your immediate neighbor or any player who's had the ball in the last 3 throws. uses Roll-It plugin
  12. I came up with a simpler method for the 5-10 random frame delay import c4d, random # pulse goes low for 1F (unfreeze) def main(): global start, rnd, pulse frame = doc.GetTime().GetFrame(doc.GetFps()) if frame == 0: pulse = 0 else: if pulse == 0: start = frame # start of count rnd = random.randint(5, 10) pulse = 1 else: if frame == start + rnd: pulse = 0 random3.c4d I was overthinking the problem
  13. As well as 'random.seed(42) ', having the random node on time (not free) gives totally repeatable results. I use random methods a lot in my scenes, and usually have to adjust the math so the randomness looks right eg in a recent scene I had a sphere bouncing randomly between fixed objects. Sometimes the sphere would oscillate between the same 2 objects multiple times, so I had to add 'while random in history, get new random' to prevent this.
  14. @MighT it's the old dilemma of 'how random do you want this to be'. The generated list could easily be [0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25...] and still be random. I don't think my list method is too inefficient - the list is only generated once. A solution using just nodes might be more efficient if the XP nodes are compiled as opposed to Python being calculated at run time, but this is only milliseconds - the scene rendering would be much longer per frame.
  15. This is easier in Python. In this file I generate a list of integers where each value is between 5 and 10 greater than the last eg 0, 9, 18, 26, 31, 41, 47, 57, 67, 75, 83, 90, 99, 105... then when anim runs, I check if the current frame is in the list. if in list > output a 0 to unfreeze the random number if not in list > output a 1 to freeze the random number import c4d import random def main(): global my_list, Output1 frame = doc.GetTime().GetFrame(doc.GetFps()) # current frame # make list of
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