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  1. I see a lot of yellow Some Python troubleshooting tips - There's a log of python errors in menu > script > console. If you have several Python nodes, you should rename them Python 1, Python 2 etc to see which node the error message refers to. While XPresso is very forgiving when you mix data types (eg connect integer to string) Python is not. You should go through all the Python nodes and check port data types. If you hover the mouse over a port it shows the data type. This must match what the code is expecting. Here the code expects a vector but the port is real in this case you should double click the port to remove it and make a new one of type vector You can get info on unfamiliar functions using search at C4D Python SDK good luck !
  2. @C4DS a related question. What does -> mean ? I don't think I've seen it in Python, but have seen it elsewhere.
  3. A bit more on that pesky root 3 Pythagoras
  4. There's 2 radius R = length of side r = R * sqrt(3) / 2 = R * 0.866 approx in one direction the step is 1.5 * R other direction step is r * 2 for your obj with length 10, this equates to 15 and 17.32 square root of 3 is not an exact number https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hexagon
  5. @BigAl3D content browser enabling the floor in this scene makes the paint appear when rendered paint.c4d
  6. Thanks for reply @bezo - it was a reflection thing. I had lights, but when I put a floor in, my car paint test objects all showed in render. I know about chrome-type mats needing something to reflect, but didn't realise it could apply to car paint also.
  7. I just loaded the 6 car paint presets, but they all seem to render black ie invisible. Any ideas ?
  8. I use a oneshot monoflop to play sounds the sound doesn't render, but I've had some success recording 'what you hear' in C4D using Audacity, and adding it in After Effects.
  9. You could use a plain effector and animate the slice angle of cylinder fall-off. Scale = -1 hides the clones. slice.c4d
  10. If you go down the image sequence > After Effects > Media Encoder route, ME has a ton of presets including GoPro Cineform which seems to output Quicktime mov
  11. jed

    Spline length

  12. @mabad thanks for comment. The soundtrack is Cubase - my new year's resolution is to stop using commercial music in clips.
  13. I've had trouble posting python scenes to members with older versions recently, so a description will have to do. In this scene I used GetTags() to get a list of tags from the object, then tags[0] to reference the actual tag by index. For the correct syntax for things like sliders, I find just dragging the field into the Python window works (with a bit of editing). Not sure if this works with your R15. def main(): global Output1 # for test length = Input1 # constraint length cube = doc.SearchObject('Cube') # obj with tag tags = cube.GetTags() # get all tags on obj constraint_tag = tags[0] # get 1st tag (or whatever) # drag field from attrib manager to get syntax # may need some editing constraint_tag[50004,9] = length # set constraint length Output1 = length # test