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  1. jed

    team render not working

    My little Win 10 R20 farm is connected via a switch (which then goes to a router to connect to www), so the render traffic only goes through the switch. All pcs have static IPs and TR is enabled in the firewalls. All machines are in same group ie 192.168.1.xx and have same subnet mask All pcs should have same C4D version incl updates. some snips, showing various settings + numbers etc server - note the port numbers after the colon eg typical IP settings file sharing enabled typical client, showing port and token ditto server hope this helps cineversity TR videos here
  2. Dynamic body inside another dynamic body goes crazy if both automatic, outside = static (or moving) usually fixes this. Maybe rephrase your disconnect problem as a separate question, with more details and a sample file so one of the modeling experts here can help.
  3. Outside should be collider static mesh, inside objects rigid body automatic mesh. Like this inside.c4d
  4. There's an off-beat panel show on UK TV called QI, chaired by Stephen Fry (of Jeeves and Wooster, Wilde fame) that often features quirky physics demo's. This usually inspires yours truly to have a go at recreating said demo in C4D. Recently, Mr Fry announced 'did you know I could knock The Shard over using a feather ?' (The Shard is a 300m tower in London). He then produced a set of blocks of wood of geometrically increasing size, lined them up like dominoes and hit the smallest with a feather. The 1st block hit the 2nd which hit the 3rd etc until the last (very large) block went down. The block increment was 150%, and SF claimed you'd only need 24 to knock down The Shard. Here's my first attempt - uses a pendulum to simulate the feather QI_scene.c4d
  5. Here's some ideas for you. I turned off gravity and added a horizontal gravity object to push the cylinders onto the plane. Cylinders move using turbulence with damping set high to avoid spinning. There's a vibrating edge for rebound. If you randomize the start positions, make sure there's no intersecting objects - causes 'explosions'. brownian.c4d
  6. jed

    Clone random objects from set

    Some python ideas - this file makes random width cubes to simulate your objects (various sizes) start.c4d then I iterated through the list, placing objects at current x = prev obj x + 0.5 * prev width + 0.5 * current width end.c4d
  7. jed

    node connection network

    You can use a data node to find the position of a particular clone, then locate the 2nd cloner at that position. locate.c4d
  8. jed

    What's a Cissoid ?

    Using a cloner + rate or offset to animate an object on a Cissoid is still jerky. It's no big deal BTW, I can easily draw a figure of 8, I just wondered what a Cissoid is and why it appears to be a spline but acts slightly differently.
  9. jed

    What's a Cissoid ?

    Thanks for having a look. Wiki says a Cissoid is generated from 2 curves, so maybe it's not suitable for align stuff.
  10. Today I needed to align an object to a figure of 8 spline, and I noticed, in the pen panel, something called Cissoid. In the drop down there's Lemniscate - which is a nice smooth figure of 8. Bingo ! However, when I aligned my object, it was all jerky. I've never used Cissoid before, so it's probably me making a noob mistake - or is a Cissoid not a spline? cissoid.c4d I feel a D'OH coming on ...
  11. Use 2 splines and switch in XPresso. https://www.dropbox.com/s/t5o2tchnhts1wbn/Truck_reverse2.c4d?dl=1 edit - you could have another target, like the trailer one but ahead of the vehicle to steer the front wheels - like this https://www.dropbox.com/s/lnaah2sft6hdq63/steer_test.c4d?dl=1
  12. jed

    xpresso wheel turn twitchy

    If you use radians, the angle a wheel radius R turns when moving distance D is angle = D / R XPresso uses radians Truck_c4dcafe2.c4d
  13. Thanks for explanation - I think I've got it. Google just took me to stackoverflow, where the answers tend to consist entirely of reserved words...
  14. @kalugin I noticed you used == for keys, I've read that it should be bitwise & - any thoughts on this ? 2 of my projects using kb input - ctrl, alt control flippers in this pinball machine (has sound) pinball.c4d use ctrl, alt to steer stickman on unicycle orangeman2.c4d