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  1. There's an email button at the bottom of the Entagma website - you could try asking if he's still got the code. The cg soc thread is 10 years old. Sometimes, it's not a case of tweaking old code to get it to work in a recent C4D version - the file can be too old to even open.
  2. I'd done this in a previous project, but using this scene as an example - for the x position code, I just dragged the field in attrib manager into the python window - see last line here (might need some editing for name) then I experimented changing the syntax to global and it went orange (= code ok), and I tested the value against what was happening in the viewport. It all seemed to tally, so I used the code. For local co-ords, I could have used obj.SetRelPos(c4d.Vector(x, 0, 0)) , but since I was only interested in x co-ord I used the syntax above. You can also drag an obj field into console to get syntax, and if you hit enter you get the value I agree with your findings that SDK search doesn't find code you know is OK. My method - guess, tinker, make it up as you go along...
  3. If you are rendering straight to movie ie mp4 etc and not image sequence, I was wondering if mp4 codec had a lower limit on frame size. I tried a 720px single frame render and it seemed ok. If this was my project, I'd cache the scene and render some short test image sequences at a few places in the timeline, then do the whole run.
  4. Are all the axes turned on ? When I opened the file it looked like this apologies if I'm insulting your intelligence
  5. If you go menu > script > console, that's where python prints error messages (and non-error prints). It says that's because you had a circle plugged in. Make it editable ie a spline, and the yellow goes away. When you click compile on the python window, and it says OK, it's really just a simple syntax check.
  6. CBR - he's also got this quick tip which doesn't need registration.
  7. I think I've fixed it def main(): global Output1, Output2, Output3, Output4 if pos == 4: Output1 = 0 Output2 = 0.5 + twist Output3 = 1 Output4 = 0.5 if pos == 5: Output1 = 0 Output2 = 0.5 Output3 = 1 Output4 = 0.5 + twist import c4d from c4d import utils #Welcome to the world of Python def main(): global Output1 if not SplineObj: return blah = utils.SplineLengthData() # blah = dummy var blah.Init(SplineObj) # name of spline Output1 = blah.GetLength() arrowTool_0001.c4d I'm not too sure about this line ' sld->Free(); ' let me know if it works ok edit - according to lesterbanks, the line I was unsure about would be blah.Free() # free up memory used by new spline class instance might be required...
  8. I learn by reading other peoples code - the MAXON Python SDK is in Klingon...
  9. I think this does it def main(): top = doc.SearchObject('boxes') boxes = top.GetChildren() count = len(boxes) boxes[0][c4d.ID_BASEOBJECT_GLOBAL_POSITION,c4d.VECTOR_X] = 0 for a in range(1, count): prev_pos = boxes[a-1][c4d.ID_BASEOBJECT_GLOBAL_POSITION,c4d.VECTOR_X] prev_rad = boxes[a-1].GetRad().x curr_rad = boxes[a].GetRad().x boxes[a][c4d.ID_BASEOBJECT_GLOBAL_POSITION,c4d.VECTOR_X] = prev_pos + prev_rad + 1 + curr_rad the boxes are under a parent called boxes, and in the for loop current position = previous position + prev radius + 1 + current radius result along X in this file, copy some boxes into the parent 'boxes' in OM box_arrange.c4d edit - same in XPresso. Select one obj and change width with scale tool to test. box_arrange_xp2.c4d AFAIK bounding box in XP doesn't use primitives only poly, but the GetRad() python method can do both.
  10. @pilF I had another look at the shopping cart to see if I could make it work in 3D, not just on one axis. Still WIP - see video I used the famous base80 wheel 3Dcart.c4d BaseWheel1.7.c4d
  11. @pilF if you use a hidden plane for the clamp surface (as per my scene), make sure it's big enough or the cart will come to a halt at the edge.
  12. Are you really rendering at 36px ? Also, save isn't checked and render fps is different to doc settings.
  13. @natevplas thanks. I'm sure many folk see XPresso's use of radians as a stupid annoyance, but there's a reason
  14. @pilF cart explanation - it's all down to radians ...
  15. some constraints + xpresso cart.c4d pull the handle, not too hard



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