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  1. jed

    Can't bevel edges

    Looks like subdivision is on zero - try 5.
  2. If I'm reading it correctly, Lite doesn't have Cloner
  3. jed

    Roll expression

    @BigAl3D Have you tried the base80 wheel ? You just make the wheel the same size as the vehicle wheel, and make the real wheel a child. You can also link rot P in XPresso. Works in any direction, as long as you move the parent. base80.c4d @HSrdelic that looks a lot like Roll-It
  4. For actual bumper car movement, you'd need motors and wheels (and possibly random steering). You can detect collision in XPresso, then reverse the motor (or steering direction etc). Just getting things to bounce and keep moving for ever with dynamics is quite difficult. Increasing bounce % to achieve this can make things go crazy. Spheres seem to bounce best, and you can keep things going to some degree by detecting collision, then changing some size parameter eg constraining outer wall moves in on collision. In this file I've got some hidden spheres with visible stuff constrained to their movement (and hidden collision wall). You still get objects 'dead in the water' ... bounce.c4d there's some custom initial velocity to get things moving edit - there's some bumper car type collision detection in this video (from about 30s)
  5. The plug in Roll It is good for rolling stuff. You put the sphere in a parent null, move the null and the sphere just rolls as if it were touching the ground. It can roll irregular objects, so has an auto radius setting, but for spheres, I've found manually setting the radius gives a more accurate result. http://eggtion.net/playground/cinema4d/roll-it-2017?lang=en BB8 Roll-It with landscape floor object edit - works in R20
  6. Maybe Bezier is what you need.
  7. There's a series of short videos about setting up Team Render here at Cineversity. It's for R16, but R20 is exactly the same. TLDR version - you give all your pcs static IP addresses and type the IPs and port numbers in the relevant boxes.
  8. jed

    Shear strength to degrees

    Now I'm confused - there's no single answer to this problem because 100% strength gives different angles depending on the lengths Size.X and Size.Y , hence my XPresso. For a square object the lean angle is 26.565 deg.
  9. This cpu benchmark site has various charts including one for single thread. Intels seem to win over Ryzen because they turbo higher on single core. I know Cinebench is the real test, but it's an interesting site https://www.cpubenchmark.net/singleThread.html
  10. jed

    Shear strength to degrees

    @HSrdelic but you don't learn about inverse trig :-)
  11. jed

    Shear strength to degrees

    By eyeballing it, it seems 100% corresponds to the top moving 1/2 of the width, so I came up with this. I put a cylinder in for comparison - type the result into rot B to check the angle is correct. arctan.c4d arctan is 'angle whose tangent is'
  12. jed

    Embedded video problem

    Seems to be working now - I think this is known as PEBKAC (problem exists between keyboard and chair)
  13. I seem to be having difficulty embedding Vimeo video. Could be me doing something wrong...
  14. jed

    Embedded video problem

    Previously, when I pasted the Vimeo url it would automatically insert the embedded video https://vimeo.com/288711362/04969fbacc Is there a new way to do this (post forum upgrade ?)
  15. I saw this interesting gizmo on YouTube, and thought I'd have a go at doing the cutout using R20 Volume Builder https://vimeo.com/288629613/708a352c47
  16. @bezo was just guessing with voxels
  17. Thanks Igor. Version 2 has different camera angles If anyone's interested, to get the cut out I started with a plane and an approximate 3 point spline. I put 2 nulls at the ends of the rod and used XPresso ray collision to get the hit positions on the plane, then used that data and point node to set the spline points more accurately (plus structure and some math tweaking). I swapped out the plane for a cube, made a sweep on the spline, and stuck it all in volumes. Volumes seems to give nice smooth booles. R20 scene rod.c4d
  18. jed

    Dynamic inertia

    @natevplas It was something I saw in a tutorial about collapsing buildings - the guy had a building made of small cubes, and it didn't look right, but scaled up it looked more realistic.
  19. jed

    Dynamic inertia

    re: big heavy things - although physics tells us that all objects fall at the same speed under gravity, in C4D big objects seem to fall differently to identical smaller objects 2cubes.c4d maybe you should make your scene bigger ...
  20. I'm not too sure what behavior you want, but you can use a condition node to switch 2 values into the Lower from port. Cafe bijlage2.c4d
  21. jed

    Dynamic inertia

    I haven't managed to reproduce your problem - can you post an example scene ? You can control wobbling with angular and linear damping in the dynamics tag. Things suddenly exploding is often due to intersection. The 'glasses' fall over in this file fallover.c4d
  22. jed

    Create Funnel / Horn shape

    Does R19 Prime have the Lathe tool (sub div surface) ? If so draw one side with the pen tool and use Lathe to rotate it.
  23. Apologies - I wouldn't have thought that was one of the advanced things only available in Studio etc. So if you right click some objects in the OM, you don't see this ?
  24. I've used sketchup once or twice when I needed blocky models eg lego helicopter. I usually make one object - select children, connect + delete, optimize, then axis center. Then I make manual selections for windows etc. There always seems to be more components than actual polygons with sketchup - maybe empty nulls ?