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  1. I've done a breakdown - I changed the code a bit - there's now an 'else'. disco2.c4d
  2. If you know Python, you can generate interesting patterns. In this file I rotate four mats to give a moving light effect disco.c4d
  3. I had a go at brownian-type motion a while ago, using force on dynamic objects - each object has a repel force. I found that with regular dynamics and collisions, things tend to slow down after a while, and upping bounce to fix this can make stuff go crazy. In this scene, to get bounce on the wall I cloned some objects along the wall, each having a repel field. There's XPresso random init velocity, so it's different every time. brownian.c4d might be some ideas for you
  4. I think this does it. I used clamp and iteration rod6.c4d
  5. I used to have a lot of fun with Nitro4D's SoundFx (triggers a sound on collision), but around R17 or R18 it seemed to no longer work in C4D. However, Nitro has upgraded most of his plugins to work in R20, including SoundFx . A quick test - if you click bake, it writes the sound to the timeline. https://nitro4d.com/product/soundfx/ well, it amuses me...
  6. Put your camera in a null and align the null to the spline. Then you can adjust the camera back to 'normal'. In the video, the plane is in a SDS and he is rotating the child.
  7. It's not a physical constraint - the XPresso clamp just limits a number to stay between a max and a min value.
  8. The GPU probably adjusts its fan speed according to temp - maybe 80C is the target. How is the CPU cooled - screw-on heat sink fan or water ? Regular coolers just dump the cpu heat in the box, so more fans should drop the cpu temp. Water takes the heat outside, so is less affected by another pair of fans.
  9. Function - Sort Materials, or R-click a mat ditto.
  10. jed

    Log in question

    Thanks for the info.
  11. jed

    Log in question

    Is it me, or has the Cafe log in changed ? I usually surf the forum not logged in and only log in to download a scene file or maybe make a comment. Recently, it goes straight to the log in page with no option for quick anonymous viewing. I checked 'who is online' and it shows anonymous + guest - here 214 guests, so I guess some non-members are reading the forum it's no big deal - I can set the Cafe cookie to not delete, I was just wondering if membership rules have changed.
  12. Glad you got it sorted. BTW - you're not a dunce. The topic of helicopter blades etc going backwards crops up here and on CG Society on a regular basis.
  13. The problem is generating movement - rotation or linear - using multiply, either time or frames. It's ok for constant speed, but think what happens if you dropped the multiply value down to zero to slow it down. Zero times anything equals zero, so the object goes backwards to where it was at frame 0. In the files above, the movement is generated by addition, and the amount added every frame is the 'speed'. If the amount added is reduced to zero, the object just stops - doesn't go backwards. I've got a Python XPresso node that I paste into scenes to control speeds eg gears. If you've never used Python, don't worry - it ain't scary def main(): global offset frame = doc.GetTime().GetFrame(doc.GetFps()) if frame == 0: offset = 0 else: offset += speed * 0.1 Basically it sets the offset to 0 at F0, then adds 10% of the speed slider every frame. If you change the slider user data range to -100% > 100%, it also goes backwards. ' += ' in the last line means evaluate the RHS and add it to LHS, so LHS has a new value. Orbit2.c4d XP version Orbit3.c4d
  14. Here's some C4D Python for noobs - random lottery generator spins the numbers, then sorts + holds lottery.c4d I use this speed control a lot for my gear projects etc arrow.c4d a bit more complex - this wheel on a chessboard rebounds at the edges, keyboard ctrl + alt steers L-R wheel.c4d math for wheel available on request
  15. More fans - one in, one out - is probably a good idea.
  16. The other day my pc crashed with several apps open. C4D survived ok, but Photoshop had reverted to OOBE - welcome screen, load of panels I don't use etc. I tweaked PS back to how I like it and that was that. 2 days later I needed an image for C4D, so I opened PS and created a 1000px square doc, only to get an error message 'could not complete operation - disk full'. I looked in explorer and sure enough my SSD was bright red and completely full. I closed everything and ran virus check, and other stuff and the SSD went back to normal. I opened PS - disk full. This went on and on - problem kept appearing, disk full. Didn't Einstein say that repeating the same thing, expecting a different result is a sign of insanity ? On the 10th attempt, I opened PS, made a doc 1000 ... hold on 1000 INCHES ? The PS reset had set the default units to inches, and I was trying to create a doc 7,000 square feet. PS standard res is 300dpi, so pixel-wise I was out by a factor of 10^5. panic over...
  17. Your own render and the Cinebench render are 2 different scenes. Are you rendering a complex scene when looking at the cores usage ?
  18. I'm on Windows 10 and use a program called ShutUp10. There's checkboxes to turn off various telemetry, privacy and other stuff - I have everything disabled except updates, Defender and camera + mic.
  19. I usually go tiff > After Effects > mp4 and I set the mp4 bitrate to 30Mbps. In the C4D mp4 dropdown you can set bitrate in kbits, which would equate to 30,000 for my AE quality. You can also set keyframes which AFAIK is the frames that contain a full image - the inbetween frames being interpolated. Typical keyframe is 10- 30, too low increases file size. Some people use much higher than 30Mbit. What bitrate were you using ? In AE you can set target and max bitrate, so parts with more detail or movement get more bits.
  20. Try Mesh > Conversion > Polygon Groups to Objects.
  21. Enter toggles point mode - edge mode - poly mode



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