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  1. Iteration is like a for loop import c4d #Welcome to the world of Python def main(): top = doc.SearchObject('top') my_list = top.GetChildren() for item in my_list: # do something eg name = item.GetName() print name
  2. I'm in the UK and I get a lot of mailshots from Scan - they make some pretty mental pcs eg their 3XS range. On that Scan page, you can click configure for different components. For cpu render, cores rule and Ryzen cpus give very good bang/buck. In this chart their flagship 12C/24T 3900X is near the top at a fraction of the price of the equivalent Intel. I've recently built a pc based on the 8C/16T Ryzen 3700X.
  3. This script at GitHub seems to work https://gist.github.com/NiklasRosenstein/6622928 paste it into script manager and give it a name
  4. If the beat is regular enough that it lands on a definite frame eg 120bpm, simple floor division might do what you want
  5. A monoflop can count. In this file there's a threshold that triggers when the sound reaches that level. The monoflop is one-shot which means it triggers on the rising edge. I think your main problem is getting a sound level that represents the beat. You can adjust the sound effector to analyse certain frequencies, or maybe use an editor (eg Audacity) to make a duplicate music track that has the beat emphasized. monoflop.c4d
  6. @ingvarai thanks for the dark.col file Last time I tried tweaking the GUI colors it didn't end well...
  7. Actually, the 2nd compare node might have to be just 'less than', so the light goes off at that value.
  8. Looks like start emission is frames in the GUI and time in XPresso -
  9. Are you sure about that ? Here's 2 identical honeycomb cloners of spheres, one has collision auto (default) the other box. One set explodes... auto v box.c4d
  10. I've read that R21 has a 5 Team Render client node cap. If the main pc is also rendering (from within C4D), is it counted as 1 node - ie main C4D pc + 4 clients ?
  11. Have you tried keyframing dynamics on ? TextAnimateIssues2.c4d
  12. I had a go using photoshop hue saturation to change the colors of a movie clip ie 2 versions 2 different settings, then (with videos as mats) used sound effector to control alpha to mix the videos in time to the music. Looked a bit rubbish, unless you want crazy psychedelic rock video effect.
  13. thought I'd lighten the mood...
  14. There's a couple of free interiors at the Pixel Lab that you might be able to repurpose, mix + match. I couldn't test them because they seem to use 3rd party render plugins (I only have vanilla C4D). You have to sign up for the email news letter to get the freebie password. https://www.thepixellab.net/freebies
  15. XPresso for a fixed length wobble wobble4.c4d
  16. You could use a compare node to give a 1 whenever the sound goes above a threshold. this is still a bit rough, although adjusting the sound effector might fix that. In this file I put my python smooth node before the cube, which evens things out. wobble3.c4d you could also try it after the compare node. I think there's also a method to use the delay effector to smooth movement. Another way could be to use a monoflop to give a standard length of wobble whenever the compare triggers, irrespective of word length.
  17. Sorry - it's here >> I got into the habit of renaming nodes. The trig node has sin, cos, arctan etc so I find it helpful to actually write the function. edit - here's the file wobble.c4d
  18. Thanks for comments. I've updated the clip above with better masking, new scene - triangle_01.c4d well, I think it's better...
  19. The clip is just a parallel camera and a part that fades in triangle.c4d
  20. I saw this on one of Big Bang Theory's Sheldon's T-shirts, so I thought I'd have a go at making it in C4D. Might amuse someone.
  21. You could multiply strength by noise, adjusting the noise amplitude and freq to suit. This would go to zero when the sound dropped I think rather than noise, a gated sin wave would vibrate better eg
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