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  1. jed

    Text generators

    Here's a simple typewriter using formula effector id to reveal text typewriter.c4d IIRC in the original post there's a method to swap out new blocks of text. Two versions - xp_writer.c4d tripewriter.c4d
  2. I was working recently on some code to join every clone in a cloner to every other clone with a spline - no dupes allowed In this clip the clones are on a circle. orange splines.c4d
  3. Here's some ideas for you - 11 nodes lights.c4d iteration is designed to do the same math on any number of objects.
  4. I had another look at your interesting problem of connecting all clones to all clones with splines. In this file I made a python data list to link spline points 0, 1 to sphere clone positions (only works for 6 spheres) joiner_manual.c4d in this file the data list is generated in code, so works for any cloner size (but gets a bit crazy with larger cloners eg 3 * 3 * 3) joiner_auto.c4d
  5. Xpresso version speed_xp.c4d python node version speed_py.c4d
  6. In your scene you have the same number of splines as spheres. Ignoring the distance condition for now, if every clone connects to every other clone, you're gonna need more splines. If you just had 4 clones, clone 1 would make 3 connections, clone 2 makes 2 connections and clone 3 makes 1 (no duplications). So number of splines needed is 3 + 2 + 1 = 6 For N clones, the number of splines needed is the sum of integers up to (N - 1). It can be shown that the sum of all integers up to N is sum = ( N * (N + 1) ) / 2 so 20 clone
  7. I have a method for dynamic cars where the car follows a target. You can stop/start the target, and the wheels steer etc. car stop.c4d for more detailed cars, you can have a same size primitive dynamic car with the hi poly stuff as children. Works well off-road
  8. I made this a while ago, so it uses the old sound effector (still works in R21). The python sums previous (adjustable) frames and averages them import c4d def main(): global list1, average_level # outputs must be global, list1 must persist to next frame frame = doc.GetTime().GetFrame(doc.GetFps()) # get current frame if frame == 0: list1 = [] # make empty list list1.append(level_in) # add input to end of list every frame while len(list1) > stack_size: # delete 1st item when list reaches limit (stack size) del list1[0] b = sum(list1)
  9. 3D models with face masks
  10. I saw this wacky lift idea on the brit TV show QI so I had a go at making it using dynamics + Python here's the math car_lift.c4d
  11. jed

    Scissor Lift Help

    Iteration scissor extender iteration_scissor.c4d
  12. I've been experimenting with juggling - here's my 1st attempt here's the math - uses memory nodes so doesn't settle down until > 100F juggle.c4d
  13. jed

    Egg Timer

    @DasFrodo Here's the balance table scene. The table points at a target. The target's x, z are the negatives of the rolling sphere. There's some turbulence, and range mapped damping to stop the sphere falling off . balance table.c4d
  14. jed

    Egg Timer

    Like this ? ditto with bounce
  15. jed

    Egg Timer

    Egg timer for a 5 second egg similar gravity driven thing
  16. re building pcs - I find a 3 prong grabber tool invaluable for inserting screws in hard to get at places. The top left motherboard mounting screw is particularly vexatious. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3-Pronged_Parts_Retriever less than $5
  17. I have a similar setup to post #1 and in the past I've sometimes had problems using the server pc to also render - random crashes. My current computer is 8C/16T and I set the client to only use 12 threads, leaving some spare overhead for the server (and surfing, Netflix etc ). YMMV, but I've had no problems since I changed the settings.
  18. xp_door.c4d I prefer the dynamics method
  19. Here's a dynamic solution. The door has a spring to close it. door.c4d You can make the door anticipate the ball by having a larger hidden collider sphere door2.c4d
  20. This is a bit more like your molecule, using 3 splines molecule_xpresso_v5.c4d
  21. I'd use iteration and a data node iterate.c4d
  22. Try baking the dynamics - settings, dynamics, cache, bake. Frame 330
  23. @MighT here's my latest random project. It's like a game of catch, where the rules are you can't throw to your immediate neighbor or any player who's had the ball in the last 3 throws. uses Roll-It plugin
  24. I came up with a simpler method for the 5-10 random frame delay import c4d, random # pulse goes low for 1F (unfreeze) def main(): global start, rnd, pulse frame = doc.GetTime().GetFrame(doc.GetFps()) if frame == 0: pulse = 0 else: if pulse == 0: start = frame # start of count rnd = random.randint(5, 10) pulse = 1 else: if frame == start + rnd: pulse = 0 random3.c4d I was overthinking the problem
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