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  1. Do you ever get those days where you start thinking 'looks like I'll have to re-install C4D or Windows or both' ? Recently I had a problem with a disappearing sky, and after trying everything possible, I was about to throw in the towel when I found that disabling transparency on one of the mats fixed it. Sounds so unlikely that I did a screen grab - buildings from Pixel Lab, helicopter from free3d.com here's a WIP when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth - Sherlock Holmes
  2. counter rotate

    Surely it's just local co-ords ? The child's net rotation is the difference between parent rotation and the child local rot eg if the child has -2X the parent angular velocity, it will turn at the same rate as the parent but in the opposite direction.. local.c4d
  3. Playing video on objects

    You need a fairly powerful system to play a video on an object in real time, but if you check animate preview (material editor tab in attribute manager) you can click through the timeline to see if the movie is running, and if all is OK it will be rendered correctly. You can also uncheck all frames (under the film strip icon at the end of the timeline) and cinema will skip frames, but will play the video in a jerky manner for test purposes.
  4. If your tiffs are stored on a different drive, it's possible it goes to sleep in between writes and takes a few secs to spin up. In Win10 this 'turn off' setting applies to all drives and is well hidden > settings, system, power + sleep, additional power settings, choose when to turn off the display, change advanced power settings then a box should pop up with a setting 'turn off hard disk after xxx minutes'. Mine is set to 100,000 min.
  5. How much RAM does task manager say you're using during a render ?
  6. This week's bit of Python WIP is legoman playing whack-a-mole. There's a null on the vehicle that targets the mole, then the vehicle turns by that H angle and heads for his quarry. When distance to mole is < some value, the mole jumps to a new location. The sounds are played by sending 1's to sound nodes from the Python at the relevant time. I recorded the sound in real-time using Audacity and 'what you hear' from my sound card, with 'all frames' in C4D off. The resulting wav was only out by 2 frames, which I fixed in After Effects using time stretch, so the sync's not bad, considering. If you don't already use Audacity audio editor, I recommend you check it out - it's free, and Windows + Mac. http://www.audacityteam.org/ might amuse someone
  7. I think dynamics and wheel suspension works best for cars on bumpy terrain. In this file I used ray collision to locate the target the car is following onto the surface. The base80 wheel only sees 'sea level' distance AFAIK, so doesn't react to height. When I used the base80 wheel with the unicycle on terrain, it was a bit of a con really (Roll-It reacts to distance on an incline BTW). terrain.zip
  8. @digitvisions and @everfresh thanks for the likes. I've jazzed up the 1st legoman so he has a hammer to whack the mole - here's the scene + code, if anyone wants to have a look - there's comments https://www.dropbox.com/s/tin82tjylbd35li/legomanmole.zip?dl=1 The Python clocks through some hidden placeholders that the mole jumps to when whacked, then a targeted null detects the angle to the mole, turns the vehicle accordingly and legoman sets off to get him. There's also a bit of camera target smoothing, and autozoom. Still WIP.
  9. Off-topic, but Wacom related - I recently got an entry level Wacom tablet + pen (23 x 17 cm £80) that I use with Windows Ink on a second monitor, to sketch out ideas, work out math, XPresso + Python etc and I don't know how I ever managed without it. Windows Ink is quite basic, but that's all I need - and it runs full screen. Comes free with Win10. > my $0.02
  10. Writing to user data is the way - I do this all the time. xptransfer.c4d
  11. The End of C.O.F.F.E.E.

    Maybe they'll bring Python up to date while they're at it.
  12. I googled tombstone generator, and removed their url from the jpg in Photoshop. Church sign generators are also fun, and the resultant pics are often believed to be real on social media, especially if controversial. BTW - I'm not poking fun at your lag problem - had a go, but couldn't fix it.
  13. Not the only one with this problem -
  14. Radial Engine

    Nice - I like the cylinder block. I've just noticed that the other examples so far have an odd number of pistons - is that because of the order they fire ? Before I realized this, I had a go at a 12 cylinder version - the purple cylinder sleeves remind me of Marge Simpson
  15. Radial Engine

    Here's my attempt - I used 3D Kiwi's piston constraint method and made the cloner editable. There's often a lag problem with constraints and XPresso (for me anyway), but this isn't too bad - https://www.dropbox.com/s/es6q66oy4nptejt/engine2.c4d?dl=1 an interesting subject edit - I thought the offset center should move a bit more, so I added some sinusoidal rotation. There's a slider https://www.dropbox.com/s/k2lwzwsyw3n9fuc/engine3.c4d?dl=1
  16. Rel Vs Abs File path

    Save project with assets does this, then delete the old one.
  17. I was just referring to visually seeing (in the timeline) where the music notes occur, and using that to sync events.
  18. Convert integer to string

    Default ports, when you make a new Python node, are float (real). You should remove the output port (double click) and make a new one, type string. This caught me out when I first used Python. I'd got into bad habits due to using XPresso, where anything can be connected to anything. Python is fairly strict in this matter.
  19. To get stuff in sync, you can also add sound in the timeline -
  20. I was wondering how you trigger your sounds ? I used to use Nitro4d's SoundFX, but that seemed to stop working at R18 (R17 is OK). Recently I've been experimenting with the sound node (not effector) switched on with a monoflop using dynamic collision. The monoflop has to have a duration to match the sound length, and I use a memory node to sync things. Then I play the animation in cinema and record the sound on Audacity in real time using my soundcard's 'what you hear'. If the length of sound clip is 'out' a bit, you can timestretch in After Effects. I sometimes use Cubase to make note wavs, or I record notes with Audacity from a free virtual piano from Chordpulse. There's other sounds in the menu - 013 Marimba is a bit like a music box. Here's a conveyor belt with a trigger monoflop beep. Needs digital upright font, but default is OK - beeper.zip
  21. Me personally - no, but is it possible - yes. There's a bit of a hole in my Python knowledge when it comes to creating objects using code. I've seen posts here and at CG talk on this topic. My current Python method is reference objects in OM and user data > do math in Python > write vectors for position and rotation which more or less does what I want at the moment. There's usually a bit of Python in the weekly TDMS - well worth the 10 euro pm IMHO.
  22. I was watching video 4 from the TDMS series today - the wheel and ray collision - and I came up with this. It's basically the same as the tutorial, but using base80's magic wheel so that the wheel can go in any direction and still turn correctly - a bit like Roll It. I've put the base80 scene in the zip file. might amuse someone rolling.zip
  23. Since you like my XPresso camera tricks, here's 2 more. There's a constant zoom scene, where I keep an object the same size in the camera viewfinder, and a smooth camera target scene that is useful for following a jerky subject. In fact, I use the smoothing method to smooth ordinary data all the time - if you look in my legoman python it's buried in the code. morecameratricks.zip
  24. It's not a good idea to drive one object (bend) from multiple XPresso tags. I suggest using a Boole OR - if collision A or collision B or collision C etc > trigger the note. 3strikes.c4d BTW I looked up music boxes on YouTube and they seem to run for 20-30 secs.