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  1. I wish I had R20. Still stuck with R15 due to budget constrains and lack of vision from the decision makers. Enough complain. I have used this great free plugin, not sure if it is compatible with R20: https://forums.cgsociety.org/t/aob-sparkle-shader-freebie/1651941
  2. Jed, thank you for sharing your knowledge in an easy and fun way. If I could go back to the past I would fire all my math teachers, attending their classes was a nightmare. In high school 60% of my math class failed. The teacher said we had no talent, should quit studying and learn a trade instead.
  3. I just used a free script (attached) which does a great time saving job. EDIT-OPTIMIZE.zip teapot3.c4d
  4. You just messed up with my brain! Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
  5. I do not think anybody will miss Mr. Perez' attitude. Hasta la vista baby! Asking someone to update their profile before they get time saving professional and creative help is just common sense and no reason to get defensive.
  6. Good manners go a long way. If you want help from the masters just be polite, kind.
  7. - Mesh/Spline/Explode segments - Select all logo elements (minus the solid bkg) / Objects/Connect Objects + Delete Extruded logo.c4d

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