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  1. I think the file you need to copy over is C4DImporter.aex On PC you would copy it to : C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects\CS5\Support Files\Plugins\ Not sure about Mac.
  2. Thanks for taking the time to view it Igor, I can assure you there where no drugs involved
  3. You can also do it with a spline mask, and by selecting the Extrude Nurbs, and enabling Hierachical in the Attributes Manager. This gives you the freedom to animate all splines individually if needed. Screen shot is attached for you.
  4. Just wanted to share a recent personal project, exploring the creation of complex geometric designs from a single animated object. Pretty simple, just playing around with Mograph cloners. Rendered with Cycles4D, post production in After Effects. https://www.philrichards.co/work/project-one-6xh4f-dxrsd Here's a few stills,
  5. Ah, ok, thanks for taking a look Hrvoje. Much appreciated.
  6. Hi Hrvoje, I've attached a scene file, less clones (for speed) but same set-up. If you export a single frame for testing, it's best to export from frame 100 onwards. The hierachy is maintaned in the alembic file only if I put the cloned spline into sweep nurbs and add a profile spline. Otherwise only the clones in the first cloner appear in the alembic. The rest appear as Null objects. Thank you for your time Nested Cloner to Alembic-00.c4d
  7. I'm trying to export a mograph animation as Alemic. I've attached a screen shot of the scene. I've cloned an animated spline using multiple cloners, but when I export, the nested cloners appear as Nulls without the splines in the Alembic file. NOTE: If I drop the spline into a sweep nurbs, it works, but was hoping to eport ONLY the spline animation to keep the scene fast, and export times, down. Any would be much appreciated.
  8. @Jops I've definitely learnt more about the memory node thanks to this thread, I was aware if it, but didn't really undertand how to use it.
  9. Really clever stuff jed Thanks for sharing.
  10. Here's a variation using the Time Offset feature of the Step Effector, as with Jops' example, you can adjust the spacing in the Step Effector's position parameters. But this version uses the Time Offset function as a delay. Step Effector-Time Offset.c4d
  11. I think it's the Memory node but I can't be sure. You can the moInstance object from the Mograph menu to create these effects. The docementation expains quite well how to use it, but basically you would select the text object, then add the moInstance object and animate that.
  12. OK, I've tried a slightly differnet approach. Disks and spline are in two seprarate clone objects. The Disks use a Rail spline to set the their rotation. The cloners both set to Object Mode and clone onto two seprate Cirlce splines. Some Xpresso sets up the rest. Scene file is attached. Flower_0002.c4d
  13. Try selecting your Cloner, then adding a Target Effector, pull the Target Effector around the viewport and the Clones should rotate to face it.
  14. Fantastic work, love the facial expresssions. Thanks for sharing
  15. A test piece for a faux title sequence, re-adapted from a previous commercial project produced for ITV (UK based TV channel). Produced mostly in C4D, the rotations of the planets were calculated via xpresso, I found the orbit times foreach planet on Wikipedia, then set up the expressions for each planet's orbit time. (A collegue helped me with the math). Finally the animation was exported as Alembic, then shaded and rendered with Blender/Cylces, composited in AfterEffects. Just a bit of fun really, trying to explore a workflow between C4D/Blender.


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