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  1. I'm camera projecting a plate onto a model that was animated to follow the character. Ultimately, I'm making the character crumble away. My issue is, if my material is set to Camera Projection it the plate follows along with the model as they are in sync, but obviously when the model starts to break apart those pieces no longer have the right texture because it's still just projection the plate. So those pieces need to have stuck UVs. If the model was completely still I would right click the Material and choose 'Generate UVW' and then it would stick the texture and follow along correctly as the model broken apart. How would I go about this with a moving model that needs to have a camera projection, but need to find a way to make the pieces have a UV that is stuck just before they break off. Does this make sense?
  2. Is it possible to lower the opacity of mesh wireframes in the viewport? I'm trying to do some image modeling over a backplate and it's really difficult to see the image underneath as I do the work. It would be very helpful to be able to lower the visibility of the wireframe as I work. Is that possible?
  3. In R20 Center Axis To doesn't seem to be working right. Anyone else have this?

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