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  1. do you have something for the reflections to be reflecting? add in a sky object with an HDR texture on it and see what happens
  2. Purple Rain is a great song, cool to hear other takes on it. I was actually present the night it was recorded (at First Avenue in Minneapolis, MN Aug 3rd 1983).
  3. if you have R19 or earlier this might help: http://www.welter-4d.de/fplugs/freeplugins_en.html#uvtoobject I don't think it works in R20, though it may using the Insydium bridge
  4. you could also try the shrinkwrap deformer
  5. you could use the Polygon Reduction object to do that, but it will likely do bad things to your mesh ultimately - but in your case if the mesh is just for reference that might not matter. If the mesh does matter you could make a duplicate that you reduce, then go back to your original mesh later
  6. any chance you could upload the file itself for us to take a look at?
  7. With some niche plugins and other features you'd like to see in C4D I'd say "be careful what you wish for". If MAXON were to add explosions/fluids/etc they'd probably be pretty good and have some nice features and integration...but likely not really be as advanced like the current 3rd party options. And then the third-party options would die off or never be created in the first place because the feature was already in C4D so far fewer people would potentially buy their product. And when MAXON does add some big new feature they seem to just leave it as it was first released for years or decades (BodyPaint), with only minor incremental changes. So, we'd soon have an out-of-date explosion/fluid system and no third-party options. This would hurt C4D in the long run...really bad. As for cost of XP/etc...yes $600 (or whatever) is a big investment. But if you are a professional you need to invest in your business, and should be able to offset the costs of running your business with the work you can do because of the investment (that is how business works). I have a landscaper friend who laughs at how cheap our business is to run compared to what we can earn. He just needed to buy a new Bobcat - he bought a 10-year-old Bobcat for $14,000 that will take him years to pay off. You could easily pay off XP in a single job. If you need explosions consider XP - their team works really hard to make a great product that adds major capabilities to C4D that allows alot of other people to earn more money.
  8. technically the more polygons you have for dynamics to calculate yes it will take longer - but in your case you are ending up with too few and too large of polys, and could likely have problems with dynamics - dynamics needs a nice even mesh of polys to work it's calculations you are seeking the right balance of enough polys for good dynamics, yet light enough to not bog down. As few as possible should not be your goal.
  9. Just subdivide the entire mesh, not just the poly and you won't end up with triangles - like maliohammad said you don't want many triangles, in particular long skinny ones Try to keep an even mesh with not alot of really small polys or really big polys, and avoid n-gons and triangles as much as possible Dynamics will be happier this way - and also make sure your surface normals are pointing the correct direction - so any dynamics interactions are hitting the front not the back
  10. you always need edge counts to match and align to get a continuous surface - so make them the same and then you can fairly simply place a tube in between the 2 polys
  11. mikeh

    CV-VR Problem

    I think I read the CV-VR cam is not supported in R20 and never will be as there is a new spherical camera that replaces it's function
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