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  1. I pretty much specialize in texturing in Octane for the past many years. Have a look at our site for examples of work, all done in Octane. My contact info is on the site as well. www.fivetengiant.com
  2. PM sent, we pretty much specialize in that sort of work.
  3. So I bought the drive plugin to expedite a project I'm working on with a short deadline. Now I'm frantic because I need to hand them something tomorrow and after investing the time and money into the plugin I can't get the damn cars to actually hit each other dynamically. So I've just got a scene where a semi is driving down the highway and a car swerves into its lane and gets bumped. However, even with crashbox setup, collisions on in the setup, they go right through eachother....What am I doing wrong? I need the whole car to react to a collision with another car. I could easily do this with dynamics, but I need them to drive for 10 seconds down a curvy highway first, hence the plugin.
  4. This sounds like a blast! That's really unfortunate that you can only take people from that area though...
  5. I did open the scene as well, and seems like everything comes in fine, as far as meshes.
  6. Is everything provided, as in trees, people, reference of texture scales/look, etc...? Are you using background image for the plantlife? There are drag and drop meshes in C4D to account for those things as well, so it wouldn't be hard to do depending on what all you need in there that would be custom. Just need to plug in all the textures and tweak the shaders, then light the scene. I could probably pump out a scene like that in a couple of hours apiece, that includes render time, depending on what all you want in there. www.fivetengiant.com
  7. Messaged via web contact page.
  8. Ahven is right, a generalist is a very experienced C4D artist
  9. Whoa! I made a comment on the r14 thread, came in the next day and my email almost quit it's job.

  10. Modo 601 time, 3d mouse support finally

  11. So I bought a 55in LED-LCD 3d tv last night, it's pretty nice!

  12. Installed 2600k, P8P67 mobo, 16gb Vengeance, H60 watercooler, doubled my last OGL and CPU cinebench score

    1. Keign


      That 2600k really un-bottlenecked my gtx 580 with 64 OGL score

    2. LChaney


      How's the H60 working for you?

    3. Keign


      Fine, I had the H50 before I got a Sandy Bridge board and I liked it. I'm going to OC a little tonight and stress test to see how it does. I don't think stock fan for radiator is that great though.

  13. After 3 collective hours using my new 3d mouse, it's become indespensible!

    1. morpheus


      So they really are that good?

    2. Keign


      I definitely had my doubts even after receiving it and using it for a few minutes...Felt so alien...but now yea, it's fantastic.

  14. So I ordered a space navigator yesterday, should be here within the week. I'm excited!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. LChaney


      It's a great piece of hardware, just wasn't right for me.

    3. Cerbera


      Let me know if it works in any view except 3D, 'cos mine doesn't !! :)

    4. Keign


      Odd, it should at least pan and zoom as it does in 2d programs.

  15. AP breaking new update on my phone this morning work me up with "Prince William, Kate Middleton exchange short kiss on Buckingham Palace balcony"...WHY WOULD I CARE ABOUT THIS!



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