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  1. Hi all, I'm creating a new topic even though I found an archived thread with a Python script by Whithers that does what I need because the attachment gives me an ''invalid format'' error when I try to open it. :( Basically I imported an Illustrator file with CV-Artsmart and every spline has a Display Colour that I would like to use as a selection filter. That way I can group all the red splines under one Extrude object, all the yellow ones under another and so on. Any help is greatly appreciated. M.
  2. Completely shocked by this sad (for us) news. Like many here, I started learning C4D with the Cafe's great tutorials. I can't thank you enough for your enthusiasm and generosity, Nigel. As much as I'm frustrated with MAXON after the latest Team Render Server DISASTER and their unwillingness to provide users of NET Render with an alternative solution while they try to fix that mess, I'm in Motion Graphics and there's nothing that can even touch C4D in that field. I must say "unfortunately" because even though MAXON have great people that go out of their way to help users (Srek, Patrick Goski, etc.), the bad taste of a company that doesn't seem to care about users' needs still remains. I actively tried to ditch C4D for other packages (including MODO) but at least for now nobody compares in terms of user friendliness and motion graphics features. The Mograph module is an absolute masterpiece that everybody using other software envies us. Sigh. I'd wish the company would change management style and open direct ways of communication with users. It's getting old.