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  1. That was not something they mentioned in the character updating page. They mentioned better weighting tools though.
  2. The site is online now and has been for several hours. It was only offline for a few minutes before the announcement. In fact, there's a very handy FAQ page on the pricing as well as the normal overview and new feature pages.
  3. And to those who are complaining about this being a release without any cool features, have you seen Field Forces? It's like having a lot of X-Particles functionality inside native C4D. Check out Chris Schmidt's video to get a better idea of what they can do. (It starts getting really crazy around 38 minutes in, but you should really watch the whole thing for context)
  4. People keep comparing this to Adobe in a negative light, but After Effects has been adding some major new features lately as well as addressing huge things that users have been asking for for years. Most of those things (Content Aware Fill for video excepted) wouldn't have been added under the perpetual licensing model because, even though they're extremely useful, they aren't flashy. Subscriptions incentivise a company to KEEP us happy instead of trying to get us to pay for upgrades. So, instead of coming up with half-baked and useless features that look flashy in the marketing, but are actually useless (like AE's ray-traced renderer), they can add things that are actually useful (like the ability in AE to reference another layer WITH it's masks and effects, or, heck, AE's Master Properties). I'm hopeful that C4D does that as well (but, I hope they keep with their famous stability). As to MAXON's bluster before the announcement, I assumed it would be something like this. It's not a game-changing feature, but it does have the potential to be an industry-changing move. With the price at $60 a month, it puts HUGE pressure on the other DCCs to respond with their pricing.
  5. At work, we upgrade every year, so, it's the same to us, but yes, this does remove the option to stop paying and keep software at whatever year it was you paid. HOWEVER, if you then decide to hop back on the C4D train, you're not penalized for skipping a version like you used to be. So...call it even? I mean, if you really need to hop back into it, you can subscribe for just a month, mess with your files and then let it lapse again, so it's pretty flexible.
  6. What's in it for you? Many things. First, all of the development time that used to go into making all the versions separate (Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio) can now be dedicated to working on the actual software. New features, stability, etc. That's a benefit for everyone. Secondly, it will bring more people into being PAID users of C4D which means they can continue to add to their staff to do more QC and more development. There is no cost difference between the subscription and your MSA, so you're not losing anything. You're just gaining. You don't lose Cineversity; it comes with a subscription. Current MSA holders get a discount when they choose to get a subscription. Not only do they prorate your remaining MSA months, but you also get a discount on your first year of subscription. So current users are being rewarded for their loyalty. As to new features, there are a bunch! They just weren't covered very much in the pricing announcement presentation. They're highlighted on MAXON's website, but the big ones for me are the new bevel system (WORLD'S better than the old one) and Field Forces,. There are also tons of speed increases in modeling tools with things being tied into the new core, caching and other volume enhancements, and tons of QOL and workflow enhancements.
  7. Good luck with today's announcement! You have an entire community on the edge of their seat.
  8. Yeah, before this thread's last post is a year ago!
  9. Another HUGE factor is the lighting. Yours isn't backlit at all.
  10. They said it's a long process. I'm assuming they're waiting to get more things hooked into the new core.
  11. It almost feels like the whole thing went mobile.
  12. I heard that Cinema 4D will start shipping with a free baked potato. But it sucks because you have to buy your own sour cream.
  13. And, since MAXON has publicly said that they're working on revamping their UV tools, I don't think anyone would be building a massive tutorial series about the current workflow.

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