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  1. You still can't send a spline from C4D to AE, but in the latest version of AE you can attach nulls to a path AND you can use nulls to drive the vertices (and the tangents, if it's a bezier point)! Note: still can't have a 3d path.
  2. Reflection from material

    Okay. There are a few solutions. One is to just put a compositing tag on your green background and untick the box that says it's visible in reflections.
  3. TD Master Section / Now Available

    Sounds great! I can wait a few days. :)
  4. Reflection from material

    If you don't want the green in the helmet, why do you have it in the scene at all? Edit: I'm not asking to be a jerk; I'm asking to help figure out the best solution for you.
  5. TD Master Section / Now Available

    If you were a subscriber before, how do you access the tutorials that came out while you were a subscriber?
  6. Pyroclusters are volume renders. There's no actual geometry there. Element 3d does not do volume rendering.
  7. Animating 30+ imported 3D objects

    I do not understand your modeling procedures at all, but if they work for you, great. (It's much easier to model stuff in Cinema 4D!) Anyway, you can simply set keyframes and play with the animation curves in the f-curve version of the timeline to get good, full control of your animation.
  8. Navie Effex Gone?

    I can't seem to get it installed. I put the DLLs in the folder where they belonged and put the plugin folder in the specified location, but I don't see the plugin anywhere when I launch C4D.
  9. I think you will find the node editor upgrades quite lovely.
  10. I'm very excited about this! https://insydium.ltd/news/latest-ne...-for-cycles-4d/ X-Particles 4 xpExplosiaFX direct rendering. New Matrix Info node has been added to enable rendering of a Mograph Matrix object without geometry. Post-effects such as Filmic, Bloom and Glare added to the cyCamera tag. Cycles 4D materials can be baked to texture maps. Material stacking in the same way as Cinema 4D materials. And, this is the big one for me, some seriously useful updates to the (already great) node editor. See some of the new features in action here:

    The only issue for me is some of the little C.O.F.F.E.E scripts I use. Not a big deal though. More modern is better!

    MODERNIZING AND MOVING FORWARD As we shared last year, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to transition Cinema 4D to a new, modern core architecture. In order to move forward, it’s sometimes going to be necessary to streamline some aspects of Cinema 4D. We’ll be discontinuing support for some “legacy” features that would be difficult to maintain or simply don’t make sense as we modernize. Rest assured, we don’t take any of these decisions lightly and will do everything we can to both ensure that better alternatives exist and you’ve got time to prepare. Features that will be trimmed in late 2018 with the launch of Release 20: C.O.F.F.E.E. Cinema 4D’s first and native scripting language launched a vibrant developer community, but Cinema 4D’s robust Python API now provides a much better industry-standard alternative. Cinema 4D’s Python API is much more extensive and the common language makes it easy to integrate scripts from other applications. C.O.F.F.E.E. scripts, tags, nodes, and effectors will no longer be available in Release 20, but Python alternatives exist in all cases. .c4d importer for R4 - R11.5 We’ve always worked hard to ensure Cinema 4D is both forwards and backward compatible, but Release 12 marked major changes to Cinema 4D’s internal data structures. As we move towards the next major change, we have to remove the option to import files from versions earlier than R12. Cinema 4D XML Format This XML-based file format was one of MAXON’s first attempts to make it possible to easily exchange data with other apps. Since then we’ve introduced the Melange library, which allows third-party developers like Adobe, Archicad, Vectorworks, Ventuz, VizRT, AMD, Speedtree, and more to read, write and render Cinema 4D files natively. Bridge to Okino Polytrans Okino Polytrans offers fantastic conversion between 3D and CAD formats, and we jointly developed a bridge that made that conversion possible from within Cinema 4D. Since then Okino has added direct support for .c4d files via Melange, and this direct exchange within their app offers higher-quality results. Cineman This export to RenderMan / RIB is no longer compatible with current RenderMan versions. Softimage - BodyPaint 3D exchange plugin This plugin has become obsolete due to Autodesk’s discontinuation of Softimage in 2014. c4d_preview Third-Party API This specific API was used for BodyPaint bitmap filters that are not compatible with the media classes introduced in Release 19. Our goal is always to maintain Cinema 4D’s legendary ease of use and stability while improving your capabilities and workflow so you can achieve your creative visions. Leaving these legacy elements behind enables our development team to focus on future development, deliver innovative new features and enhance Cinema 4D in general.
  13. How Does Autodesk Cinema 4D Sound?

    As it happens, there's a blog post today! https://www.MAXON.net/en/news/MAXON-blog/article/modernizing-and-moving-forward/
  14. For some reason, it wasn't letting me tag multiple people or I would have!