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  1. I really, really like this! Sketch and Toon is very under-used in our field and I get so excited anytime I see it used well. This is great!
  2. I really like that helicopter shot. The only thing I would fix on it (and I know this is really late to give feedback) is that, when the helicopter goes behind the car, it's a lot darker than the darkest part of the inside of the car (the people's heads). It should be the same tone - or even lighter since it's through the rear windows as well. (Compare the trees we see through the car vs the ones we see around the car.)
  3. You can select the two edges you want to round, make an selection, and use that selection in a bevel deformer too. :)
  4. There aren't very many circles there. It would be a lot easier to just make those by hand. Just make a few spheres with a luminant texture and you're done!
  5. Are you still using R17 Visualize for your C4D version? I can't remember what character tools are in the Visualize version, but if the constraint tag is included, your problems are solved! You can choose to keyframe the parent functionality of the constraint tag which sounds perfect for what you're trying to do. If not, you could always duplicate your battery at the point they connect together, parent the duplicate at that point and animate the visibility of each battery. Turn the one off and other on at that exact moment. It's not pretty, but it'll work.
  6. Wait, everything you have been describing so far has been in terms of animation. You've described them wiggling, growing, etc. If it's just a still image, you can fake so much! How they get into the position doesn't matter. In fact, a variation on the two tutorials I linked might work. You can't tell by looking at them that it's all one piece. Besides, you can use that technique and make several pieces that intertwine to get the right look.
  7. This is a fairly complex task you're asking for. There are likely a number of ways to go about it... I would probably approach this with X=Particles first. But I'm guessing you don't have it. You might try to adapt this: Or maybe this: Or you might try to use Cinema 4D's hair to get roughly into the position you want and convert it to splines (or just render the hair). Or you might try using dynamics to get the pieces to bounce around to make the shape you want with a tracer object following the clones..
  8. I bought some people...
  9. Yes. Just change the rotation of the boat in the coordinates tab of the attribute manager.
  10. That's really funny. They must have had some pretty bad complaints or something.
  11. Insta-backing from me on that one. Love your stuff.
  12. Love the scull. It's nice and I think the 20% evil was a nice touch.
  13. I really don't understand what you're trying to do. You can make a reflection pass.
  14. Your tutorials are always so pleasant and useful!
  15. Tip: Shift+C for all the things! Any command in C4D can be launched with the Commander. Tip: Use the Shader Effector instead of the Random Effector for much more control. Tip: Right click on anything in C4D and view the help on it. The C4D help is the most useful documentation on anything I've ever used (besides Insydium's documentation for X-Particles and Cycles 4D, of course). No need to add a button to your interface for this one. There is now a keyboard shortcut for this by default in R18. With your mouse over the Object Manager, press S.