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  1. Xparticles 4 release date

    Cycles4D is a great renderer, especially if you work with X-Particles. Plus it handles some scenes better than some of others. I was talking with someone else in the industry about it the other day. They had a scene that Octane was choking on and then switched to using Cycles4D and it rendered the scene just fine. The latest update from Insydium made it significantly better than the first release, by the way. The noise remover post effect is magical. As for the cost of upgrading XP, have you seen the sneak peek video from IBC? This is a MASSIVE update to X-Particles. They are including a new fluid simulator, a new smoke/gas/fire simulator, a new cloth system, a new mesher for fluids (and probably lots of other uses), FlowFields (which look killer to me) and a whole lot more. It is an insane release and they haven't even shown off everything they're adding yet. The upgrade price even without the discount is extremely reasonable for all of the stuff they're including in it.
  2. Xparticles 4 release date

    Watch the Mario's IBC sneak peek video on MAXON's YouTube channel; there's a brand new mesher and it is amazing. No more globbies! There's also a new fluid sim, but they haven't demoed that yet.
  3. HDRI Haven is free now...

    If his site is hard to get to because all of the traffic is hammering it too hard, don't forget that if you back him on Patreon at a fairly low level, you can get access to ALL of the HDRI's on Google Drive so you are not reliant on his hosting.
  4. Xparticles 4 release date

    Everyone in this thread has seen this, right?
  5. How was Cinema R19 shipped

    If you contact MAXON, they may be able to offer the ISOs like in the past. But, unless you have some very severe NDA restrictions, it shouldn't hurt anything to connect to the internet briefly just so C4D can download the updates.
  6. How was Cinema R19 shipped

    Just install it like normal. Run it and then the updater will pop up giving you the option to download the libraries. Doing it this way lets people get up and running quickly with a much smaller initial download. But, if you want the libraries, you can get them very easily.
  7. MSA

    If you have any questions, I'm sure you could contact MAXON and they can give you the official word. :)
  8. Passion Shoe

    From the album Final Render Examples

    My first from-scratch, finished Cycles4D render! It's actually an animation. You can see a quick clip of it in my reel too. I loved the way the lighting came out.
  9. Final Render Examples

    Here's a place to show off renders you've completed. Whether it's Cycles 4D or X-Particles rendered with anything, here's your place to show off finished work.
  10. MSA

    MSAs are not calendar year; they are from when you bought them.
  11. Xparticles 4 release date

    From what we've seen so far, if it were £300 to upgrade, I still think it would be worth it - and we still haven't seen everything they're adding! The page linked on the first page of this thread has the planned pricing: http://insydium.uk/x-particles-4-release/ However, there are going to be some preorder specials to be announced.
  12. You would just make sure that the UV islands of each cube correspond to the particular areas of the texture.
  13. New in Cinema 4D R19 - Full Feature List

    The speed increase varies greatly depending on scene content they said. I haven't really given this much of a test yet. I've been too busy with a major project at my full time job to do any tests there and at home I've been too busy trying to create stuff for a demo reel that I haven't tested either. SOMEONE test this and report back, please.