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  1. AMD Threadripper: Cinebench R15 results

    You believe correctly - except that it's not a couple. All of the GPU-accelerated effects in AE on Mac OS use Metal or OpenCL (your choice). Last time I checked, the OpenCL worked faster, but they said they're working on improving Metal performance.
  2. AMD Threadripper: Cinebench R15 results

    The vast majority of their effects/filters don't use any card at all! AE still uses the GPU for very little. The good news is that all the native effects that are GPU accelerated work on both NVIDIA and AMD cards. (Except for the ray-traced renderer, but that's considered obsolete.) Now, I'm not suggesting that you should get an AMD card. I would still want CUDA if I were you. I was just pointing out that the AE team has done a pretty good job lately of being GPU-brand-agnostic. Pardon me, but I must make a correction: the "kludge" was still present in CC 2014. It was removed in CC 2015. So adjust your assumptions forward a year. :) Also, keep in mind that the buggy-ness of CC 2015 seemed to put a damper on development as they went into bug-smashing mode for a few releases. So I'd adjust expectations forward another year or two for that! I'm in quite a few forums, subreddits, and the MDA Slack. What I've heard from the AE team in those places does not seem to indicate the next release will have any big change to the renderer. When will the next release be announced so all of us can know for sure? Well, Adobe didn't announce anything at SIGGRAPH (but they did present a pretty cool tech paper: https://www.fxguide.com/featured/adobe-technical-paper-genius/). Last year, they announced updates to the video apps at IBC. So, if they do the same this year, the announcement is about a month away. If not, maybe they'll announce at Adobe MAX. If not at MAX, who knows? In fairness to the AE team, I should point out that some of the newer features they've put out are multithreaded (like, for example, the Camera Shake Deblur), so it's not like they're not working on stuff.
  3. Transitioning Adobe Fuse Animations

    It really is, but you get better value for you money if you get the MAXON Service Agreement. The MSA gets you the next version of Cinema 4D and a year's subscription to Cineversity. If you currently have an MSA, check with your seller for your coupon code for your Cineversity subscription.
  4. New in Cinema 4D R19 - Full Feature List

    @Fastbee I use Takes with TR all the time for my full time job. Works great. I've used it in both the render queue and what @climbingair mentions. And, @Cutman it's not that I'm easily pleased. As @Simmy says, Takes and tokens just fits our workflow and projects so well. It has saved countless hours (actually, I could probably count them - it's at least in the hundreds of hours). I had a recent set of projects where I would have had dozens of different project files - each one requiring changes when feedback came from the client. Instead, I had one file per project. I could change the texture on the ground or the lighting (for example) and it would ripple through ALL of the animations instead of me having to dive into bunches of different project files to make the changes. Then I just hit render and it organizes each render into its own folder structure using Tokens. Saving me, again, many hours of work setting it all up manually. R17 has literally saved us thousands upon thousands of dollars of man hours. Not bad for $650! When I said it was worth the upgrade price, I meant it in quite a literal sense. It more than paid for itself on the first project we used it on.
  5. Do you have X-Particles? Because this would be great in XP. If you don't, you could work on making the C4D mograph system swirl like leaves. You can then animate follow position up and all of the leaves will get into place.
  6. Transitioning Adobe Fuse Animations

    If you're a Cineversity member, there's a whole set of tutorials for just this sort of thing. If you're not, there's a short version done live here: https://www.cineversity.com/vidplaytut/siggraph_2017_rewind_steve_teeple_vr_character_animation_workflow_in_c4d
  7. Cloner and 'missing references'

    When you say you cloned it, do you mean with a cloner or do you mean you held ctrl (or CMD) and dragged to make a copy or do you mean something else? The proximal shader would need you to drag in the newly created objects too, by the way. Duplicating something that's in use in a shader (or anywhere, really) doesn't also add the duplicate to the list.
  8. Flying Paper

    You might want to make the paper use the aerodynamics feature in Soft Body dynamics. But that gets fairly complicated. I think a couple of bend deformers in a null object with your paper would do the trick. :)
  9. New in Cinema 4D R19 - Full Feature List

    Takes and Tokens are very underrated. For me, they would be worth the upgrade price all on their own.
  10. AMD Threadripper: Cinebench R15 results

    What makes you think that? I haven't seen or heard anything that would indicate it. In fact, stuff the AE team has said publicly would make me think otherwise. Now, I should point out that, since CC 2015, AE is now actually multithreaded when it wasn't before (the UI and the renderer are running on separate threads). The initial release of CC 2015 was rather buggy with the new architecture and they kind of had to pause development to bug smash for a while. It's gotten pretty good in CC 2017, but I haven't heard any indication that multithreaded rendering is on its way in the next release though. (Side note: the old versions of AE didn't actually have multithreaded rendering either. It was a kind of hacky cheat. AE just spun up several instances of itself in the background to render things. It was a bit buggy, but for a lot of stuff it worked reasonably well.) The GPU stuff that the AE team has been working on for the past several releases does make use of AMD cards; you don't have to wait for the autumn! It's not like the old ray-traced renderer (which has been considered dead by the AE team since around CC 2014). The last few releases have brought GPU acceleration to several native effects - and there have been few more each release. Current release of AE includes GPU acceleration of Fractal Noise, Gaussian Blur, Fast Box Blur, Lumetri Color, Sharpen, Brightness and Contrast, Find Edges, Glow, Hue/Saturation, Invert, and Tint. On Windows, AE. can use either CUDA or OpenCL for accelerating these. On MacOS, AE can use either OpenCL or Metal. (Note: occasionally there are some noticeable differences in how the GPU-accelerated effects render in 8-bit projects compared to CPU rendering. Switching the project to 16-bit or 32-bit solves it.) Anyway, not much on the GPU, but what is there can sometimes make a huge difference. Fractal Noise acceleration is a big deal - it's waaay faster now.
  11. Dual GPU Workstation query

    Or Cycles 4D or Redshift. With how Octane's development has been going, it looks like those two would be better options. Personally, I think Cycles 4D looks great because it can render on GPU or CPU. So, you can do look dev on your GPU then send to a farm to render on CPU. Plus it comes from Insydium (makers of X-Particles) who are masters of making plugins that work seamlessly with C4D. (For example, C4D materials can be automatically converted to Cycles node groups!) But I know Redshift is also becoming extremely popular among the C4D crowd.
  12. Dual GPU Workstation query

    C4D doesn't use the GPU to render at all, so it won't help you there. When ProRender comes in R19, however, it will benefit you to have two cards. SLI doesn't help at all though, so don't worry about it. AE does use the GPU for a little bit, but not for much. Again, SLI doesn't help with AE at all.
  13. Update Cinema 4d R19/BodyPaint?

    You're probably going to need to reinstall R18. I heard reports from other people that this R19 update thing bricks C4D.
  14. New in Cinema 4D R19 - Full Feature List

    He's one of the people pushing out that R20 will be huge. Remember, starting in R16, MAXON started building in the new core for C4D, so the big changes it provides should be right around the corner. As it is, I'm very happy with the recent announcement of R19. It shows that MAXON has not lost focus on what's important. There are benefits to character animation, motion graphics, UV work, and pretty much every other area of 3d in this release! And a lot of MAXON's language about these changes points to much bigger things to come in the future. Sounds good to me!
  15. New in Cinema 4D R19 - Full Feature List

    Really? I mean, to each their own, but ProRender is, like, the bottom of my list of things coming out in this release. I would want to keep updated for a BUNCH of other reasons! Besides, all rumors point to R20 being huge and you don't want to fall off the wagon now!