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  1. Issue with Sweep NURBS

    how about an atom array? Sweep_Issue.c4d
  2. How to make this motion graphic?

    I wonder why they decided to scratch the textures and have those "pencil marks" all over...it kind of doesn't match the design in my opinion. Anyway...you mean the sphere intro? It is somehow similar to Simon Holmedal's X box ident ...there's a tutorial Chris Schmidt from GSG made about this...perhaps you can find the right direction there... Cheers
  3. Match c4d's focus distance with ae's

    As the clock is running very fast, I needed a quick solution so I've manged to eyeball the dof quite decently. So despite not being happy with the method, I must say the result is quite good. BUT like I said, I'm not happy with this inaccurate approach so as soon as I'm done with this job, I'll try your suggestion. Thanks for helping out.
  4. Match c4d's focus distance with ae's

    mmm... sorry, not sure I got you question. I just exported the data by saving the compositing project file and ticking all the tabs in it as I normally do and have done for the past 5 years. I don't see any option for exporting data of a specific axis only. The the null created as the target object behaves perfectly in ae on all its axis. The problem is just related to the focus distance. So I do not know if it's c4d that does not take focus into account when exporting a camera or if it's AE that does not interpret that data, but what I do know is that the focus distance system of the two softwares do not communicate, which is quite disappointing. Besides all that, what I don't get is why things go crazy and start flipping around when I keyframe the focus distance in ae in order to match the distance of the target object. I could try an expression for that instead of using keyframes but I'm afraid I'd get the same result.
  5. Hi there, In my scene I have a few keyframes on the focus distance of my camera, (I have also tried using a traget object with a null whose position is keyframed) I've done my render and exported the camera data from c4d since I need to composite some graphs in ae which need to follow my targets and match the dof baked onto the renders (I cannot use multi passes since the dof needs to accurate in reflections). Once in ae the camera's focus distance data does not translate to ae's focus distance - and that's ok as I honestly would have been very surprised if it did - but the problem is that if I keyframe the focus distance in ae base on the null ( target) 's position, the camera goes nuts and my graphs start twisting on some axis etc and I get insane results... while if for example I just keyframe the blur level and do not touch the focus distance then everything seems to wrok fine but the dof is obviouolsy inaccurate since I'm just eyeballing the bokeh effect. Anyone knows what workflow is the most appropriate? And why the hell would MAXON/adobe not work on matching all camera settings when exporting 3d data from one software to the other?
  6. Deleted polygons that still render

    wow... I think I would never have come to that conclusion if you hadn't told me. Actually I'm so used to dealing with "hidden stuff" only when there are selection tags applied that the fact that a polygon could be hidden without the presence of a selction tag did not cross my mind. Thanks for that one.
  7. Deleted polygons that still render

    yeah that's for sure but unfotunately it is just one tiny piece of a very complex and gigantic structure. You know, it was the usual: "...don't worry we have the model, it's all good so you can focus on animating and not worry bout the rest...." Yeah...Sure..... I'd better get moving.
  8. Deleted polygons that still render

    That's the model I got from the client, i still haven't even started working on it, but that's not the prob though, because even if you reduce that mesh to 1 single poly ths issue still occours so I doubt it has to do with topology and intersecting stuff. I believe the prob is in how they generated the fbx they gave me, most probably saved from autoCAD... ...or whatever the hell :))
  9. Deleted polygons that still render

    I've tried exporting it to an obj and when I re-imported it all those polygons were visible in the viewport so I deleted them (again....) and this time they're not rendering so they are actually really gone But would still like to know what that was about...
  10. Deleted polygons that still render

    Thanks for trying. That's really insane...even if you delete all the polygons from the mesh as long as you keep one vertex, that half pipe still renders.
  11. Hi there! Can anyone please tell me what's going on? Check the scene and just hit render... Doors.c4d
  12. Linking Focus distance to 3D null

    That's a very good tutorial that reveals how bad C4D's depth map is...but it doesn't deal with my issue unfiortuntaley. Anyhow, I'm pretty sure that linking the focus distance of the camera to the target object in C4D will give an animated gradient on the depth map which would then be ok to keep the object in focus in AE. I also think that what I said in my previous message regarding frischluft translating the "select depth" x and y values to the focal distance single value was quite inaccurate as after thinking twice I believe that those x and Y values just give the cordinates so that the focal distance can read the RGB value, so it does not really "translate" from the cordinate values to some other sort of single coordinate position value for the focus distance...all it does is say: x and y = whatever RGB pixel value is located there. Amen.
  13. Linking Focus distance to 3D null

    actually the real shame is that frishluft has a little target tab called "select depth" which is based on X and Y values but the damn thing does not have a stopwatch. That would've solved all problems. And what is even more frustrating is that when you select your focus by using the selct depth function, the 2 values that it calculates (and that are not keyframable) are then translated to the focal Point single value (the one that goes from 0 to 999) which is keyframable. So basically the plugin is already doing the bloody math but there is no way I can figure out the algorithm behind it so that I could apply it to get any X and Y value to tralsate to the 0>999 focal point correct value. So for now I'll just selct the depth mannually with the little target function and mannually keyframe the resulting focal point value. I could have used all this manual effort to build a table or a bloody house on a tree.
  14. Linking Focus distance to 3D null

    Your tips led me to explore what seemed to be the right direction. In fact those expression work perfectly for the camera's focus distance but unfortunately they do not work for The camera lens blur focal distance and neither do they work for Frischluft's DOF focus distance. The problem is that the maximum value for the focal distance of these 2 plugins is 999 for cam lens blur and 255 for Frishluft, this latter number makes me assume that tese functions are based on RGB values and have nothing to do with an actual "distance" value and therefore the camera's focal distance is in no way useful to calculate the value the plugins need. At this point , since I see no alternative other than targeting the focus distance of C4D' camera tu the null, my question is: whould that actually work?? Cause if the focal distance does not influence and update the gradient on the depth map as it changes while targeting the null, then it would be a useless try... but, then how the hell does one keep in focus something moving when doing DOF in post????
  15. Linking Focus distance to 3D null

    Thanks Videofrank. That's very interesting but not sure my brain cells are fit eonough to translate that into something usefull for my project. Actually a very simple solution would be to go back into C4D and target the focus distance to the null, then use that value on the camera lens blur...perhaps that could work.