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  1. NAB presentations now 'till Thursday. happy it's not all about mograph stuff.

  2. hunting for that perfect compact mechanical keyboard... waaaay more difficult than i anticipated.

  3. Ahh vector math... gotta love rigging...

  4. flying to LA next week for Siggraph... finally doing a C4D tutorial for the presentation.

    1. 3DKiwi
    2. rustEdge


      Will do my best, hehe. Just a bit panicky right now, still doing a lot of last-minute work before my flight.

  5. Really need to get back to C++...

  6. Back from 3-week vacation. Now to get back into the work drive...

  7. taking a 3-week vacation to the Philippines... *sigh* gonna miss having decent internet speeds...

    1. Research


      Have loads of fun!

    2. INicoll


      The internet is getting better & better in the Philippines, enjoy your trip & watch your wallet!

    3. rustEdge


      getting better, though everything still needs to buffer for minutes before i could watch anything. and yeah, I lived here before so I'm used to having dummy wallets/bag pockets because pickpockets.

  8. hrm... organic modeling/rigging feels like the 3d equivalent of gesture drawing...

  9. Hrm... so you could belt cloth on cloth... I should've tried it ages ago...

  10. ahh... 78 Driver Tags and counting..

  11. next paycheck and I'm gettin' that R14

    1. robains


      It's a very nice upgrade, enjoying it so far.

  12. You can undo changes on individual XRef elements in R14? SOLD!

  13. wow, FXAA just makes the viewport look so goooood.

  14. Trying out the RE:Map UV plugin demo. So good...

  15. wow, never noticed that R13's Protection Tag's been overhauled...



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