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  1. Oh, problem solved! It's a bit bizarre - but in the viewport "Filter" menu I had disabled the "Camera" position (meant to hide the camera cone geometry) - it also hides the Image from the camera calibrator... (isn't there some wiki we can put this kind of hours-later-of-searching-info ? ;))
  2. Hi all, I'm having a strange problem. The camera calibrator has suddenly stopped displaying the image in the viewport. I've tried several new scenes, the example scene (doesn't work there), rebooting, power off, updating CUDA, switching to SoftwareOpenGL Nothing worked. Is there anyway I could maybe reset the preferences or does anybody know of this problem? thanks yp
  3. @Anthony Owen - yes, that's exactly what I'm using. Although the shot will be only a few seconds long... @spiralstair - thanks, yes the flickering and lens flar is in post. i try to cheat early ;)
  4. Thank you, Erick and Digitvision! Here is an update on the interior model
  5. Here's a link showing the continuous refinement of the shot as I go along - Due to my workflow I have to work this way with small increments. C&C as you like :) I update every couple of days thanks to the new replace video function in Vimeo... very useful... Here are some others ...
  6. Here is a WIP (no comp, brute force low quality render) C&C very welcome. If anybody is interested I can put the animated versions online.
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