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  1. Thank you for your fast reply and thank you for your explanations. I am glad I did right because it shows how intuitive the node system in it's core is.
  2. Hi, I bought some materials from textures.com. Those aren't compiled materials. I bought the individual flat maps. I want to use them in the new C4D node system. Can anyone tell me if the assignments are correct? This seems clear to me: _albedo = color in the BSDF node _height = goes to the displacement node > then to the displacement port in the material node Here the usage and meaning is not so clear to me. Also the difference between the two. _roughness = roughness in the BSDF node _normal = normal in the BSDF node Which is the correct port for this one? _ao = is it intensity? this is how I would describe the texture: Pre baked ambient occlusion to darken and intensify cracks, grooves and so on. Would that be a correct description?
  3. This doesn't sound very encouraging but I really appreciate your help. I most definitely would have hit a wall many times. I am preparing some simple scenes were I can practice this workflow. Thank you
  4. I really do hope it is. I am not heading for photorealism. Right now I am working on the storyboard and the artistic direction. These are exactly the kind of tips I needed for my project. I will go through this list step by step. This is exactly what I needed. Now I can search for specific tutorials for each topic. Thank you very much!
  5. I am going to use C4D as my main software for a short movie. I start with low-poly-modeling. Many of my models will be sculpted. What is the best workflow for texturing sculpted models? When do I add materials with painted textures? Except for technical models I will allways use subdivision surfaces. Same questions here. What is the best workflow for rendering? Octane will be my primary renderer I hope it is not too much effort for you to answer these questions because I have to figure this out before I start modelling. I want to do everything right from the very beginning of the project. Thank you in advance.
  6. Erwin

    TD Master Class

    What does TD stand for? Is it a technical term or a marketing term?

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