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  1. Perfect! Thanks so much for the reply ... this is incredibly helpful for a lot of circumstances.
  2. I'm running into issues trying to simulate 2 projectors throwing light patterns on spaced out fabric sheets. The project is simplified for this post and contains 2 projectors emitting light onto several consecutive sheets of fabric. GOAL: Light from both projectors should shine through and become additive (creating new colours). ISSUE: Each projector's light is only viewable when the plane faces camera. For example, unfortunately you can't look from behind the semi-transparent plane and see the pattern. Reference image showcases the idea of a projector shining through planes of fabric, but in my application the 2 projectors are facing each other to create more complicated additive light patterns. If this is a viewing angle or GPU issue that wouldn't be a problem in TouchDesigner please advise. Scene File Below. Thanks MultiFabricPlane_Test_001.c4d
  3. I know 'time offset' / 'animation delay' has been answered many ways, but I just can't get it to work with character animation (bones/skin). I can get the bones to delay visually, but not attached to it's skin. Does it have to do with the ClonerTimeOffset_Forum_02.zip A second approach I was considering (for a similar aesthetic) was using an emitter (via cloner obj) to repeatedly emit a static pose of a dancer (revealing the offset/delay). If that's easier to do I than above I would love tips or help. Thanks. Scene file attached of FBX mixamo dance delayed in a cloner in case it helps :)
  4. I need to have a wall of motion capture dancers switching their dance in an organized way to create patterns. In an AE mock-up I achieved this by sampling an area behind the dancer and based on the white level switch that dancer to a specific frame in the sequence. This has lots of limitations and am hoping to use a more intelligent way to switch dances. *All mocap dances are by the same skeleton/rig Ideas that come to mind: effector falloff - if the dance is within the effectors fall off switch from dance loop A to dance loop B or C, etc. Xpresso skeleton retarget/inherit - each instance blends their skeleton PSR's to desired Loop based on triggers smart way to blend motion source clips render all dances in C4D, trigger in AE but no blend between poses (last resort) Hoping to get some help on how to solve this creative problem. I posted a similar question in another area (see below) but think its more suited to this section. Thanks
  5. I am creating a large grid/wall of go-go dancers which need to do be triggered to do different dances in a clever and simple way. The goal is to have patterns roll through the dancers and any 'affected' would start doing an alt dance. Ideally I would want to use mograph effectors (as seen below "objective.png") to control what dancers are doing which dance. I'm open to any input about how to achieve this. Attached is a scene file with 3 dances and a TPose saved as Motion Clips and in 1 timeline (as shown in "MotionSource.jpg"). Really hoping to avoid manually building each row of dancer's motion layer. Thanks! MotionSource Ex.zip
  6. A lot of the renders I've seen on their site don't seem to behave how a scanner operates with obstructed views still getting point-dots. Did you find this to be the case? EDIT: Radial scanning should be correct...found this in their wiki https://c4d.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/4000109844-vls-virtual-laser-scanner-
  7. Thanks everyone, this is exactly what I'm looking for. Definitely want to give this a spin. Might have to wait for a job to warrant the purchase. Apologies for the double post. I searched LIDAR and saw that post but thought it was for rendering existing LIDAR data because of the CSV comment.
  8. I'm looking to render a scene as if captured by LIDAR. I'd love to get recos on an efficient way to create this shader (or if a plugin exists). I've tried it with particle emitters/xparticles (below) but found it quite heavy to process. I've got some on-set events I'd need to adjust/render on the go. Thanks
  9. I'm running into an issue which I suspect is related to priorities, but cannot solve. I have a character (rigged) and using PIM (People in Motion) in a null. When I try to rotate the parent null to move my character while on my Frame 1 everything is fine. When trying and NOT on the first frame it behaves as if I am moving only some of the elements in the sub-objects. IE hands move over but not the full character. I've tried stack order of elements in the object manager and clicking through various expression priority settings but cannot resolve. I'm hoping someone can provide some input. I've attached the scene but it likely requires PIM. The image shows the item I want to rotate, and the settings in the plugin. Thanks! Temp.c4d
  10. Thanks for your input, very much appreciated. I feel like there is a large opportunity for a plugin/script to be created which translates/pairs bones for Human Bipeds. I think i need to look into creating plugins/scripts :) The interface in iPiSoft simply has a character import and you just dropdown select each matching bone. Looks like this is the method I'll continue with and then output to a new FBX.
  11. Has anyone found a decent workflow to link mocap data to an existing skeleton of any human biped? I've looked multiple times over the last couple years and am surprised it is so difficult. The Motion SRC options in cinema look great, but they only work if you have exact same skeleton and from what I understand can't be remapped. This seems like a very easy thing to implement, no? I have People In Motion v2 as well which has a mocap preset, but no literature exists that I can find to explain how to use this part. I emailed Rodney but no response. MY ISSUE: I'm using ipisoft to motion capture an action In IPI, import character and remap bones Export as animation (FBX) Import to Cinema (fully animated) *** want to use motion source to be able to easily add layers to correct wrist/head angles, etc *** ideally would do step #2 in Cinema. once my ipi license expires I am locked out. Hope anyone can provide input on their workflows Thanks!
  12. I'd love some tips anyone may have on creating some scratch-card scrapings. I was planning to use X-Particles but not very sure how I'd approach it. Some actions/rules or general considerations that come to mind to create clusters of scrapings would be really helpful. I'll be compositing in AE and open to doing it entirely there, but figure C4D may be more appropriate because of the physics. Thanks J
  13. Hmm, not sure yet. Here are the preset rigs.
  14. Awesome thanks. Just bought it. Will give it a spin.