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  1. For some reason the first couple frames (and last bunch) doesn't render all frames with quantized shading. It seems to be the specific camera angle in issue as an alt tilted angle renders properly for all frames. Basic scene using a collision deformer to make a tire track. Any tips? Thanks. SToon_error.mp4 SToon_altAngle_OK.mp4
  2. I never solved this and believe there is a glitch with how the Environment is calculated when passing through transparent layers. My solution was to turn off environment fog, add a light to the camera position, change all layers luminance channel texture TO diffuse channel. Adjust light dropoff so they fade to black at a distance.
  3. Thanks so much for your reply. I've finally had a chance to switch back to this scene and despite changing the depth values the results are the same. Do any other ideas come to mind? If not maybe I need to not use the standard renderer and try Redshift instead? I can DM a project file if you have the time to take a look. Appreciate the help.
  4. In my scene i have a variety of sprites (png/alpha) on planes and an environment fog that fades everything out in the distance. I'm at a loss figuring out why one section of the image isn't displaying correctly. For some reason there is a square section which is darker than it should be. DM it if a project file would be helpful. Thanks in advance! Sprite Issue MP4.mp4
  5. I need to render some wavy & repeating splines and have their thickness controlled by something like a linear or box falloff. I have landed on using cloned sweep nurbs with an effector/fracture that controls the sweep nurbs thickness. The issue i'm running into is I can no longer blend from one shape to the other because (im guessing) the hierarchy is too complex. Any tips on how to have the sweep nurb thickness easily controlled with falloffs would be appreciated. I am open to other recos on how to approach it. thanks! RingBlend.c4d
  6. Thank you for testing this and your detailed reply. I greatly appreciate your input!
  7. I have a scene where the ground is supposed to be white lines going off into the distance. Unfortunately the lines flicker massively in the viewport and as well flicker randomly while rendering. The texture is made up of a gradient with 1 white knot. then in the texture tag it is repeated/tiled on 1 axis a lot of times. I've played around with the Aliasing best settings and can make progress, but its pretty much unuseable. I could render it at a higher resolution, but am having difficulties creating the scene because its so ugly. I'm at a loss trying to figure out how to render and work with it in the viewport cleanly. Thanks GroundAliasing Issue.c4d
  8. My scene involves flower petals that are created from sprites/planes falling through the air. I'm looking for suggestions as to what settings might create a sketched / flatter edge. Not so much that the edge of the geometry simply has lines, but as if someone has drawn on top of the frame and consistently hatched with the same size ink markings. I can imagine it being doing in AE as a plugin stylizing the final render, though believe the control in Sketch/Toon is ideal. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  9. And you've got XP 4 for sure? What build is it? I have a license for that but the download link provides me with build 642 which isn't showing up in R21. Just curious if I should have any hope with it working on R21 or if I'm stuck rebuying it or keeping an old cinema installation. thx Compatibility details: https://insydium.ltd/news/latest-news/cinema-4d-r21-compatible-release/
  10. Perfect! Thanks so much for the reply ... this is incredibly helpful for a lot of circumstances.
  11. I'm running into issues trying to simulate 2 projectors throwing light patterns on spaced out fabric sheets. The project is simplified for this post and contains 2 projectors emitting light onto several consecutive sheets of fabric. GOAL: Light from both projectors should shine through and become additive (creating new colours). ISSUE: Each projector's light is only viewable when the plane faces camera. For example, unfortunately you can't look from behind the semi-transparent plane and see the pattern. Reference image showcases the idea of a projector shining through planes of fabric, but in my application the 2 projectors are facing each other to create more complicated additive light patterns. If this is a viewing angle or GPU issue that wouldn't be a problem in TouchDesigner please advise. Scene File Below. Thanks MultiFabricPlane_Test_001.c4d
  12. I know 'time offset' / 'animation delay' has been answered many ways, but I just can't get it to work with character animation (bones/skin). I can get the bones to delay visually, but not attached to it's skin. Does it have to do with the ClonerTimeOffset_Forum_02.zip A second approach I was considering (for a similar aesthetic) was using an emitter (via cloner obj) to repeatedly emit a static pose of a dancer (revealing the offset/delay). If that's easier to do I than above I would love tips or help. Thanks. Scene file attached of FBX mixamo dance delayed in a cloner in case it helps :)
  13. I need to have a wall of motion capture dancers switching their dance in an organized way to create patterns. In an AE mock-up I achieved this by sampling an area behind the dancer and based on the white level switch that dancer to a specific frame in the sequence. This has lots of limitations and am hoping to use a more intelligent way to switch dances. *All mocap dances are by the same skeleton/rig Ideas that come to mind: effector falloff - if the dance is within the effectors fall off switch from dance loop A to dance loop B or C, etc. Xpresso skeleton retarget/inherit - each instance blends their skeleton PSR's to desired Loop based on triggers smart way to blend motion source clips render all dances in C4D, trigger in AE but no blend between poses (last resort) Hoping to get some help on how to solve this creative problem. I posted a similar question in another area (see below) but think its more suited to this section. Thanks
  14. I am creating a large grid/wall of go-go dancers which need to do be triggered to do different dances in a clever and simple way. The goal is to have patterns roll through the dancers and any 'affected' would start doing an alt dance. Ideally I would want to use mograph effectors (as seen below "objective.png") to control what dancers are doing which dance. I'm open to any input about how to achieve this. Attached is a scene file with 3 dances and a TPose saved as Motion Clips and in 1 timeline (as shown in "MotionSource.jpg"). Really hoping to avoid manually building each row of dancer's motion layer. Thanks! MotionSource Ex.zip
  15. A lot of the renders I've seen on their site don't seem to behave how a scanner operates with obstructed views still getting point-dots. Did you find this to be the case? EDIT: Radial scanning should be correct...found this in their wiki https://c4d.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/4000109844-vls-virtual-laser-scanner-
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