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  1. Critique plz

    I really do a appreciate it... I have a few more models Iv done recently, if you're still up for the critiquing
  2. Critique plz

    so when do we use the SDS weighting
  3. Ok, Here is another one, Can you critique plz. I even UV wrapped most of it except the wheels airplane.c4d
  4. the edges loop worked!!! Thanks man, Im going to check out the options in the sub d also...thanks for fast replies!!!!
  5. Once i modeled an object and then i unwrap the UVz, my Sub D is still stretching my textures. My UVz look fine before I add a Sub D, So how do i bake down the hi poly to the low poly.
  6. Critiq plz

    So don't use lazy ass booles and generators unless i plane on cleaning them up afterwards.. got it!!
  7. Critiq plz

    So i haven't modeled in quite a long time. SO im just looking for critq and advise. Naything helps gernade launcher.c4d
  8. compositing C4D into nuke

  9. BodyPaint

    1. villianfx


      The more i play with C4D, the more i fall in love with this program. I never did this with maya. LOL! I like maya, but I love C4D