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  1. Help! Tire Treads (yaaayyy...)

    I'm glad it worked for you, setting up the initial geometry is always the trickiest bit. Ping the file over, it's always good to see the work of others. Attached is an image of an element from a personal project so you can see how it worked for me.
  2. Cached dynamics and Rebus Renderfarm

    An FYI for anyone uploading to REBUS. After assuming that all the dynamics were cached/baked after baking at a global/project settings level. It turns out it doesn't include the IK dynamics! The solution I had to implement was the use of the point cache tag and bake the simulation, by using that tag and deleting the IK chain it rendered correctly. This is not something Rebus Farminizer covers, so beware and bake all dynamics before waisting cash and time on useless renders! Rebus were good enough to refund a percentage of renderpoints so i could re render, but there is never a refund for twenty-four hours of problem solving
  3. Help! Tire Treads (yaaayyy...)

    Hi, This is a method I use for creating tyres: 1. Create a tileable tyre tread geometry. 2. Work out the outside circumference you need your tyre to be. 3. Create a tiled/cloned tile tread to the length of the circumference value (1) 4. Create a single object out of the cloned object and add a bend deformer to it, bend accordingly 360° ish as you may need to allow for an overlap (check - keep object length) (2) 5. Current state to Geometry and bend deformer (3) 6. Add geometry to a bulge deformer to add more shape (optional)(4) 7. Current state to Geometry and Bulge deformer 8. Model the sides accordingly. (5) I hope this helps
  4. Cached dynamics and Rebus Renderfarm

    After looking at my file i noticed that all the dynamic tags showed that they were baked. The simple ik rig (an aerial that sways on the vehicle) the tags associated with this haven't changed. I'm now assuming that the Bake dynamics in the project settings don't include the IK dynamics? Can anyone confirm this please and tell me how to bake the IK dynamics. Again, i appreciate any help. thanks Tony
  5. Help! Tire Treads (yaaayyy...)

    Did you solve this?
  6. Hi, I have an issue with some files i've been uploading to rebus renderfarm. My scene contains dynamics which are cached. Before i upload i do a quick hardware render to see if everything is ok - which it is. The actual output is somewhat different! The IK dynamics (very basic) are acting erratically! Am I missing a step in what I should be doing before i upload?!? Any help would be appreciated as some files i've uploaded have worked okay and if i scratch my head any harder I may hurt myself;) (see attached) rebus_render_error.mp4 _________________________________________________ I've received some info from rebus, which has left me more confused!! I thought that when dynamics are baked in C4D it increases your file size indicating that it has stored/cached the simulation in the file (is this an internal cache?). their response was: 'there is no cache in your scene. Please make sure you set up an internal cache and send a small test job (5-10 frames) to verify the cache is working as expected.' This doesn't make sense as most of the simulation is perfect and as expected. It's the dynamics on the ik rig that's messing up!! How does c4d store it's baked simulations? Should i turn the baked ik it into keyframes before uploading? Any advice would be greatly appreciated T:)
  7. 1st Place - kingcoma

  8. 2nd Place - cerbera

    nice work:)
  9. Getting ready to watch Mograph demystified;)

  10. hey 3dKiwi

    Thanks for your suggestion. I searched for some TP tuts. There is a great intro on the greyscale gorilla site. After watching those and a bit of experimentation this is what i did:

    cheers, tonyhowell

  11. woohoo! Have just ordered R12 studio:)

  12. realising i have a lot to learn:)

  13. metalcollection

    Thanks. Just what i needed:)