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  1. And this as well: Links in the description
  2. That is really great to hear. Thanks for posting this.
  3. Nvidia had a webinar showcasing two GV100 cards running V-Ray Next for Max doing an archviz scene. It seemed kinda fast (ish). As an attendee to the webinar I could buy the GV100 at a discount (40% off I think), but for now I will stick with my Titan X (x3) machine running Redshift.
  4. It's on his Gumroad page: https://gumroad.com/josefbsharah
  5. Sketch

    Zbrush 2018

    The ZBrush ui at first glance does seem pretty wacky, but as with any software, if you spend enough time with it, it will make sense. As someone that started as a traditional artist, I had a studio that appeared to outsiders as a total disaster. Maybe it was, but I knew where everything was. Zbrush is kinda like that too. Another nice artist's tool, (if you don't mind getting your noodle twisted around a little bit) is this one: http://polybrush.org/ I like it!
  6. If you are using CV Art Smart (from Cineversity) in C4D, it can read SVG (for print) OK. EPS export from Affinity does not work right. Paths come in wrong. PDF also does not work. And of course you can use Illustrator to convert your Affinity exported paths to .ai format.
  7. Sketch

    Zig Beta

    https://www.zigtheapp.com/ Comes up fine for me.
  8. Is this a perpetual or a subscription license ? Can the license be transferred? Is there a transfer fee?
  9. There is the PhotoMatch Plugin. Link: http://www.rodenburg-verlag.de/shop/cinema-4d-plugins/photomatch-3-6-fur-cinema-4d-13141516-mac-win-das-original/



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