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  1. How can I model a Mobius strip?

    Great cockpit view touring around a Möbius strip!
  2. How can I model a Mobius strip?

    Hi, With a Twist & a Bend deformer on a long strip of polygons you can get the 180º twist and loop it together.
  3. Flatten all balls

    A Spherify deformer will crush everything flat relative to the center along as the deformer's in the center.
  4. Black "metal flake" paint

    Hi, you can get this type of result using blackish color and in the reflection a small Mod noise in the mask. I also used the thin film shader in the reflection color slot and metal fresnel. that's layer one then a bit of blurry reflection on top with PET fresnel.
  5. HI, The PFreeze Node might work for you, it for just what you're trying to do. Here's the example in the help.
  6. Hi, you had everything there, just a little off in deployment. I changed the falloff to sphere and simply rotated that in a null. Also added a delay effector set to spring 'cause it looks cool. Radial ripple 02.c4d
  7. dynamics with effector falloff issue

    Hi, Well I couldn't see any reason it wasn't working, but defiantly nothing was happening. I cut and pasted everything into a new file, and it's working there. If you think you're going crazy because it should work but somehow it's not - try pasting into a new file. that works for a surprising amount of problems that suddenly appear. And you have no idea why! Changing Trigger to At Velocity Peak eliminates the hanging ones
  8. Compositing tag issue

    you can use the gradient on the floor with solid color in background, or the other way round, solid floor - gradient background. As Cerbera says - gradient on both aint going to work.
  9. HI, Another easy way is to use geometry for the light instead of a Light Object. You can use a transparent material for the light part. There's no shadows, but it kinda looks cool like that. the simplest way is to use separate tags on everything - leaving the settings in the render window clear. renders quick too! light S&T.c4d
  10. setting the thickness larger than 1 pixel helps, then setting the blend and self blend to average, in the render tab in the material. This kind of things has come up before here and seems really hard to totally eliminate.
  11. Hi, there are quite a lot of things in S&T that might effect that overlap, any chance you could post the file for us here?
  12. Is this possible?

    Totally possible with png image sequence, it's the preferred method instead of 'movie files'. go to the animation tab and use calculate. As the other answers say - don't try to do it all in layers one material.
  13. Hi there, Just so you know you're not insane, when I opened your file there was not a link from Surface to the landscape object, when linked up it worked fine.
  14. I think Bentraje has the best topology & edge flow. Sure there's lots of quads in the other models, but not layed out with the same efficiency. I can't get away from the 'deer in the headlights' look of Vector's jedi - needs more warrior imho. The amount of work involved with Rectro's entry is impressive! but not cartoon enough for me. I vote for Bentraje. Love the expression the outfit and overall look. Cartoon Warrior, this is the one.
  15. scaling duplicate as a skin

    The only way I've found to get a perfect offset is to use the Cloth Surface, 0 Subdivisions and adjust the offset as you want. The problem is then to make this an object and remove the original surface. But at least it will the exact same shape.